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Jobs on Yogstation


Command Captain · Head of Personnel · Head of Security · Chief Engineer · Chief Medical Officer · Research Director
Security Head of Security · Security Officer · Warden · Detective · Lawyer
Engineering Chief Engineer · Station Engineer · Atmospheric Technician · Signal Technician
Science Research Director · Scientist · Roboticist · Geneticist
Medical Chief Medical Officer · Medical Doctor · Chemist · Geneticist · Virologist · Paramedic · Psychiatrist · Mining Medic
Supply Head of Personnel · Quartermaster · Cargo Technician · Shaft Miner · Mining Medic
Service Janitor · Bartender · Cook · Botanist · Lawyer
Civilian Assistant · Tourist · Clown · Mime · Artist · Chaplain · Curator · Clerk
Non-Human AI · Cyborg · Positronic Brain · Drone · Personal AI · Construct · Golem · Ghost
Special Centcom Official · Death Squad Officer · Emergency Response Officer · Ian · HONK Squad Officer
Races Humans · Lizardpeople · Plasmaman · Phytosian · Preternis · Mothpeople · Ethereals · Polysmorph · Miscellaneous

Jobstemp.png Locations on Yogstation
General Recreational Medical Supply Science Engineering Security Command Upkeep Outside

Antagtemp.png Game Modes on Yogstation
Sword.gif Doubleagent.gif

Traitor, Internal Affairs and Blood Brothers






Nuclear Emergency




Gang War


Blood Cult

Clockwork slab.gif

Clockwork Cult





Malf AI.gif


Heretic forbidden book.png



Other Modes

The Yogstation Library Guidestemp.png
Starter Medical Engineering Science Security Antagonists Other Development

Code 1XX - Minor 2XX - Medium 3XX - Major 4XX - Capital
01 Resisting Arrest Assault Assault, Deadly Weapon Murder
02 Pickpocketing Assault, Officer Assault, Sexual
03 Drug Distribution Manslaughter Attempted Murder
04 Possession, Drugs Possession, Weapons Possession, Restricted Weapons
05 Possession, Explosives
06 Indecent Exposure Rioting Inciting a Riot Mutiny
07 Vandalism Workplace Hazard Sabotage Grand Sabotage
08 Petty Theft Theft Grand Theft
09 Trespass Major Trespass
10 Breaking and Entry B&E Restricted
11 Insubordination Dereliction Enemy of the Corp