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Access: Whatever your job is
Additional Access: Whatever extra access you manage to get
Difficulty: Medium
Supervisors: The Masquerade
Duties: Drink people's blood, create Vassals, maintain the Masquerade
Guides: This is the guide

Gamemode in rotation

Bloodsuckers are undead predators out to enslave the station to their will. Though they can recognize each other, they usually act independently of one another.

You consume blood by using your Feed power. Do not be seen feeding, or the Masquerade will be broken.


I'm a bloodsucker! How do I survive my first sunrise?

Whether you arrive on the station on the shuttle or start out as a bloodsucker, you have a few things to square away first.

  • Get some materials. At minimum get at least 5 wood so you can build a coffin. A more robust base will need wood, metal, cable, and a set of tools. You can get wood from Botany or by deconstructing wooden structures.
  • Set up a base. Pick a place that you can access quickly and where you won't be disturbed. Hidden walls are a good way to get quick access, but don't be seen by security!
  • Set up your coffin. The most basic coffin only needs 5 wood, but more advanced coffins can be built in the structures tab of the crafting menu.
  • Sleep in your coffin. Drag yourself into the coffin and 'Rest' to lay down, then close the coffin on top of you. This lets you rank up, heal quickly, and survive the rays of the sun.

If you are caught outside of your coffin when the sun comes, you will quickly burn to death. In an emergency you can hide in a locker; you'll get burned, but will survive.


Bloodsuckers need blood to use their powers and stave off starvation. Remember that not all races have blood; you cannot feed at all on a Plasmaman or Skeleton. Note that sucking blood near a mortal who is not your victim risks breaking the Masquerade.

You have a few options for sating your hunger:

Aggressive Feeding

If you have someone grabbed aggressively, you can use the Feed power to start drinking their blood. This is obvious to them and everyone else, but once the feeding actually starts they'll be paralyzed and eventually put to sleep.

Stealthy Feeding

If you're standing next to someone or pulling them passively you can feed on them without them noticing. You'll continue feeding as long as your victim remains adjacent, though keep in mind you'll be briefly paralyzed after starting to feed. This is invisible to the victim, but can be noticed by everyone else!

Animal Abuse

If you're desperate you can feed on a monkey for a tiny amount of blood. You'll get much more if you humanize the victim first through genetics, though still less than if you feed on a conscious human.

Torpor, Burn Damage, and Final Death

By entering your coffin while injured or while Sol is ascendant, you will enter the deathless state of Torpor, rapidly healing damage and appearing as a corpse to most onlookers. You will also enter this state if you are damaged to the point of death but do not meet the requirements for Final Death. Even without Torpor, bloodsuckers not using the Masquerade power will naturally heal most types of damage; The exception is burn damage, which must be treated medically or by entering Torpor in your coffin.

There are only a few ways you can die permanently:

  • Taking over 250 points of burn damage, for example by dying to fire and not being extinguished after death.
  • Being staked while in Torpor, or dying to regular damage while staked.
  • Having your body destroyed through cremation or gibbing.

Bloodsucker Powers

There are 2 types of bloodsucker powers. The ones you start with and the ones you can obtain during the round.

Starter Powers

Icon Name Description Cost Cooldown
FeedPower.png Feed Draw the heartsblood of living victims in your grasp. You will break the Masquerade if seen feeding.. Blood is sucked faster if the target is passively grabbed. Additionally, the target will be put to sleep if aggressively grabbed. Feeding on a rat as non Nosferatu/Malkavian, or feeding on a human until they die, will cause you to lose Humanity. Aggressively feeding on a human while near another non Bloodsucker/Vassal will cause a Masquerade violation. 0 blood 3 seconds
MasqueradePower.png Masquerade Feign the vital signs of a mortal, and escape both casual and medical notice as the monster you truly are. Forges a near human-like identity, forging Health and Genetic analyzer results, as well as hiding pale skin and Brain traumas. Additionally, you will forge results for the Archives of the Kindred, appearing as a non Bloodsucker to Curators. All passive Bloodsucker regeneration is halted while this is active. 10 blood 5 seconds
VeilPower.png Veil of Many Faces Disguise yourself in the illusion of another identity. Hides your identity, becoming a new person until the ability is deactivated. 15 blood 10 seconds
VanishingAct.png Vanishing Act Single use power, only given when Sol is near. Teleports the user to their coffin in exchange for a considerable blood cost. If someone watches you teleport, you drop all your current belongings on the floor before teleporting. 100 blood 100 seconds

Obtainable Powers

These powers become obtainable after choosing a clan and sleeping in your coffin at the end of the day.

Icon Name Description Cost Cooldown
BrawnPower.png Brawn Single use power that deals ferocious damage to individuals, being able to even knock them unconscious at higher levels, along with being able to snap out of any restraints, lockers and grabs, punishing the grabbing individual.

At level 3, you get the ability to break closets open, additionally can both break restraints AND knock a grabber down in the same use.

At level 4, you get the ability to bash airlocks open, as long as they aren't bolted.

8 blood 9 seconds
FortitudePower.png Fortitude Constant cost power which turns the user into a concrete wall, giving brute resistance scaling with level, dismember and pierce immunity. It additionally gives stun resistance scaling with level. This comes at the cost of being unable to run while it is active.

At level 4, you gain complete stun immunity

30 blood 8 seconds
PredatoryPower.png Predatory Lunge Single use power, instantly aggressive grabs anyone with a range of three tiles if they are not wearing a Riot suit. Once Predatory Lunge is level 4, it gains the ability to knock people down if lunged from behind or while in a Cloak of Darkness. Lunging at dead beings will tear their heart out. 10 blood 10 seconds
HastePower.png Immortal Haste Single use power, dash somewhere with supernatural speed. Those nearby may be knocked away, stunned, or left empty-handed. It will severely punish anyone affected if they are using the Flow ability. 6 blood 12 seconds
CloakPower.png Cloak of Darkness Constant cost power that turns the user nearly invisible, and cannot be seen by the AI. You can only activate this in the darkness, and you cannot run while it is active. 5 blood 5 seconds
MesmerizePower.png Mesmerize Single use power, immobilizes and mutes mortals who stare into the user's eyes, this only works if the user doesn't have eye protection, and after a short timer delay.

At level 3, you will be able to use the power through items covering your face.

At level 5, you will be able to mesmerize regardless of your target's direction.

Higher levels will increase the time of the mesmerize's freeze.

30 blood 20 seconds
TrespassPower.png Trespass Single use power, a simple two tiles movement, which can let the user skip past doors, barricades, and windows, while also removing restraints. 10 blood 8 seconds

Ranking up will improve the powers you already have but not powers you haven't chosen yet, so if you want rank-related benefits from a power you should choose it early so it ranks up with you. Some powers don't benefit from ranks at all.


A cycle happens during bloodsucker rounds.

During the night, bloodsuckers may roam freely through the station, while keeping an eye in their hud that tells how much time there is until the Sun comes out. By default, Sol starts every 10 minutes, with a warning when there's 1.5 minutes left, and a second when there's 25 seconds left. The power Vanishing Act becomes available when Sol is near, and will teleport you to your base for a considerable blood cost.

During the day, bloodsuckers who are not in a coffin or locker will be burnt to death. The higher your Rank, the higher the damage from the Sun. Survive the day to receive a level point and get stronger.

The Masquerade

If you begin feeding on a human while someone is within 2 squares of you, you've risked discovery and exposed the existence of Bloodsuckers to humans! If you do this three times, you break the Masquerade:

  • Every other bloodsucker on the station gets an objective to kill you.
  • Mortals can identify your bloodsucker status and true name on sight.
  • Other bloodsuckers can steal your vassals from you.

Note that not all witnesses will cause a Masquerade break. You won't be penalized if you're witnessed by:

  • Bloodsucker vassals (even if they're not yours)
  • Other Bloodsuckers
  • Your victim
  • Mindless creatures (ie braindead humans, monkeys, and nonsentient simple animals)
  • Drones
  • Blind people and people with blurry vision
  • Monster Hunters

The Curator has access to the Archives of the Kindred, which contains the record of every Bloodsucker known to Nanotrasen. If the Curator hits you with the Archives while you're not using your Masquerade power, the Masquerade will be broken! Protect yourself by avoiding the Curator, stealing the Archives, or just using Masquerade whenever you're in public.

Humanity & Frenzy

If your supply of blood gets too low, you'll enter Frenzy and lose yourself to hunger. While Frenzied you're fast, resist stamina damage, and all your grabs are aggressive; you also begin feeding faster and get more blood from humans. However, there are downsides:

  • You cannot speak or hear, and lose the ability to manipulate complex machinery like consoles.
  • You cannot use any vampire powers except Feed and Trespass.
  • You slowly take burn damage over time.

If you're still drinking your victim's blood when they die, you lose Humanity. Humanity loss makes it easier to become Frenzied and increases the damage over time in this state, forcing you to be more aggressive about claiming victims.


The most important thing to a Bloodsucker, is sucking blood. The second most important thing is setting a good and safe base for your dark affairs.

Structures are necessary to create such a base.



The first and most important step to creating your base is a coffin. They are needed to stablish the area, level up, and to protect yourself from the burning light of the Sun. To create a coffin either use 5 wood in hand, or craft it through the Tribal crafting menu. Once your coffin is built, you can enter and close it to claim the area around as your lair. Further structures can only be built within your lair, and if you unclaim your coffin by AltClicking it, all the Bloodsucker structures will be unbolted and your lair will cease to exist. Once your basic coffin is built and your lair is claimed, new stronger coffins are unlocked in the Tribal section of the crafting menu

Coffin protection and Materials
Coffin Materials Melee Bullet Laser Explosion Radiation Fire Acid


Sheet cloth1.png1 Cloth,Planks.png 5 Wood,Metal.png1 Metal,Screwdriver tool.png Screwdriver, Welder.pngWelder 35 20 30 50 0 70 60


Rods.png1 Rod, Metal r.png5 Plasteel,Metal.png 5 Metal,Screwdriver tool.png Screwdriver, Welder.pngWelder 35 20 20 100 100 100 100


Meat.png5 Meat Slab, CableCoils.png1 Cable,Wrench.png Wrench,Welder.png Welder 70 10 10 70 0 70 60


Metal.png6 Metal,Rods.png 2 Rods 70 10 10 70 0 70 60

Persuasion Rack


The second most important structure in your lair, the persuasion rack allows you to turn innocent crew members into your vampiric slaves, the Vassals. Those can only be built in your lair, and are wrenched to the floor by clicking with your empty hand. To turn someone into a Vassal, buckle the person into the rack, and click to begin the torture. Different items take different amounts of time.

If you torture a Vassal a second time, they become your favorite Vassal. You can only have one favorite.

  • Empty hand - Slowest
  • Blunt objects - Fast
  • Sharp objects - Faster
  • Open welder - Fastest

The torture process takes 3-4 attempts.

Planks.png3 Wood, Metal.png2 Metal,CableCoils.png 2 Cable



Once wrenched down, you can turn the Candelabrum on and off. While active, the Candelabrum will cause major debuff and hallucinations to non-Bloodsucker/Vassals near it. Additionally, you can buckle someone to it to remove a mindshield implant, should they have one.

Metal.png3 Metal,Rods.png 1 Rod,Candlebox.png 1 Candle,Welder.png Welder,Wrench.png Wrench

Blood Altar


By using the altar, a Bloodsucker can get two tasks per night to get more ranks.

Rods.png5 Rods,Metal.png 2 Metal,Metal r.png 5 Plasteel, 30u Ash, Wrench.pngWrench, Welder.pngWelder,Screwdriver tool.png Screwdriver

Stake Trap


A simple trap to protect your lair. Functions like a beartrap.

Stake.png2 Stake, 1u Blood ,Planks.png 2 Wood,CableCoils.png 1 Cable


As soon as you spawn, you will have to choose a clan to be able to further level up (you can do this in the antag information panel, on top of your hud). Choosing a Clan brings both boons and disadvantages; you will also get an extra objective. Once you have chosen a clan, there is no going back!


The Lasombra worship the Abyss and can control it to an extent through rituals. They possess incredible physical resilience, but fear fire. They may be recognized by their red eyes.

Accepting the Lasombra clan immediately causes the following effects:

  • Your eyes become bright red.
  • Your heart changes to a heart of darkness, which will fully revive you if your body is in the dark for long enough even if you've been staked.
Resting Place Altar

Accepting the Lasombra clan grants you the ability to build a resting place altar from metal, rods, and cloth. This structure works the same as a normal blood altar, but you can ascend it to unlock special features exclusive to the clan. You may ascend the altar using abyssal essence, which you can harvest from reality smash locations on the station. These locations appear randomly and are invisible to mortals; you may harvest one unit of essence per location.

Once you've ascended the altar, you can use it to permanently upgrade your purchased skills for points. The first upgrade point is free, but you need to spend ranks to gain more. Accepting the Lasombra clan adds an objective to ascend 4-5 skills at the altar.

Subservient Armor

Lasombra bloodsuckers gain the ability to build Subservient Armor using metal and rods; this suit of armor looks inanimate but comes alive if a non-bloodsucker passes too close. Once awakened, it will chase and attack anything around it until subdued, including you and your thralls. As a Lasombra, however, you are immune to brute damage so this may not be a problem. When killed the armor reverts to its inanimate and unanchored form, allowing you to reuse it.

The armor may be upgraded with five sheets of silver, adding a sword and improving its melee damage output.


Also known as 'Werewolves', the Gangrel are closely linked with their inner beast, being quicker to fall into Frenzy and more powerful in its throes. The more often they survive a Frenzy, the more animalistic and dangerous they become.

Accepting the Gangrel clan immediately causes the following effects:

  • You gain the ability to transform into an animal once per night.
  • You lose a large amount of humanity, making it easier to go into a Frenzy.
  • You lose your Masquerade ability.

Accepting Gangrel grants you the ability to transform into an animal. The strength of the transformation depends on the total amount of blood you've drunk:

  1. Under 500 blood you permanently turn into a Felinid. If you're already a Felinid, you become a lizard. Either way, you punch slightly harder and gain natural 30% damage reduction.
  2. Between 500 and 1000 blood you permanently become a Gorillaperson. You get 15% damage reduction and even more robust unarmed damage.
  3. Between 1000 and 1500 blood, the power has no effect.
  4. Over 1500 blood, you become a Giant Bat. This transformation lasts for two minutes but you can turn back at will. The giant bat is less robust than a full Werewolf, but it still does heavy damage and gets powers based on your unlocked bloodsucker abilities.

Your transformation power is single use, but you can recharge it by sleeping in a coffin during the day. You can only have one use of transformation at a time.


The Tzimisce are flesh-shapers, using their mastery of anatomy to create monsters and cripple foes. They often avoid others of their kind, preferring to focus on their experiments.

The Tzimisce clan can only be played as a ghost role and cannot be selected by ordinary bloodsuckers. They begin with the Dice power, which allows them to cut muscles off of corpses or cripple limbs in combat. Tzimisce cannot use the Masquerade or Veil of Many Faces abilities, as they do not care about blending into mortal society.

Vassal Rituals

Adding muscles to a Persuasion Rack will empower it, allowing you to perform transformation rituals on the poor soul fastened within. All rituals cost blood except for Huskification, which grants a large amount of blood as you draw it all out of the victim.

Most rituals require a willing vassal, living or dead; however, a Tzimisce may revive a dead and unvassalized human at the cost of 150 blood.


Tzimisce can harvest muscles from dead humans by targeting their limbs and using the Dice power. Muscles can be combined freely into larger muscles or separated into smaller ones with a sharp object. All limbs can be Diced except for the head and the chest.

Dice can be used in combat by targeting arms and legs. The effect depends on the rank of the power:

  1. Below rank 3, deals a large amount of stamina damage to the limb, usually crippling it.
  2. Between rank 3 and 5, deals stamina and brute damage to the limb. Regardless of what you were aiming for, the victim drops items in their hands.
  3. At rank 6 and above, outright severs the targeted limb.

Note that Tzimisce bloodsuckers cannot build an altar, but they can use altars built by others.


The unified clan of death. The Hecata utilize the art of Oblivion to raise the dead, summon hostile ghosts, and communicate with their vassals from afar.

Accepting the Hecata clan immediately causes the following effects:

  • Adds an objective to necromance 4-5 people.
  • You can no longer silently feed. Feeding must be done with an aggressive grab.
  • You cannot interact with blood altars to do tasks or gain ranks.
  • You gain three abilities: Necromancy, Spirit Call and Deathly Communion.

Favoriting a vassal will turn them into a Sanguine Zombie if they weren't one already.


The prime ability of the clan. It has a hefty blood cost, but lets you quickly convert the dead into temporary zombie vassals (does not work on Monster Hunters or other Bloodsuckers). Mindshielded personnel cannot be necromanced without a persuasion rack.

Zombie vassals last 2 minutes at level 0, and up to 17 minutes at level 5 ability level (+3 minutes per level). It can also be used on dead vassals you already own in order to resurrect them permanently. The victim becomes a Sanguine Zombie, which cannot use guns, has some slowdown, takes slightly more damage, has soft crit resistance, and high punch damage.

All zombies will die when the controlling bloodsucker dies.

Spirit Call

Summons temporary wraiths which attack nearby people who aren't zombies (including vassals). They are weak and primarily good as distractions for escapes or bolstering your horde.

Deathly Communion

On a cooldown you can send messages to all your vassals, allowing you to coordinate your zombie horde.


Generic assistant2.png
Access: Whatever your job was
Additional Access: Whatever extra access your master requires you to get
Difficulty: Medium
Supervisors: Bloodsucker Master
Duties: Serve your master's will
Guides: This is the guide

So you happen to have been... persuaded into serving your new Bloodsucker master. Congrats!! This section is for you!

Your function is to act as your master's own little greytider and personal bloodbag.


Don't worry, you have access to powers too. Just not many.

Icon Name Description Cost Cooldown
PowerRecuperation.png Sanguine Recuperation Slowly regenerate Brute, Burn, and Toxin damage, by using your master's blood,

in exchange for some of your own blood and effort.

1.5 blood 10 seconds

Yes, with "just not many" I mean a single one. Sorry.

Favorite Vassal

Your master has decided you're the most special little bloodbag. This promotion grants you some benefits.

  • Favorite Vassals can't be mindshielded.
  • You acquire a new power based on your master's clan
Icon Name Clan Description Cooldown
FeedPower.png Minor Beast Form Gangrel Turn into a bat. That's it.
LesserGlare.png Lesser Glare Lasombra A lesser form of the Mesmerize power, Lesser Glare will paralyse your

target for 5 seconds.

45 seconds
ShadowWalk.png Shadow Walk Lasombra You can jaunt through doors and walls, as long as they are within darkness.
VassalMonster.png Szlachta Tzimisce Well, you don't actually get a power. You turn into this weird creature!
Spirit Call Hecata Summon angry wraiths which enact vengeance from beyond the grave on those still connected to this world. 60 seconds

Monster Hunter

Stake.png Attention!

Keep your monster hunting to Heretics, Bloodsuckers, Wizards, Changelings, and Cultists. Other antags are not within your right to hunt.

Monster Hunter
Access: Whatever your job was
Additional Access: Whatever extra access you can get
Difficulty: Medium
Duties: Hunt down bloodsuckers
Guides: This is the guide

You have come to this station to validhunt the shit out of everyone rid it of filthy monsters.

Be careful for you're still an antagonist, and security's wrath may fall upon you.


You were trained in the secret martial arts of the Monster Hunter order.

Body Slam Stake Stab Neck Snap Holy Kick
Combo Body slam- Ctrl + click your target, and attack them with combat mode on. Stake stab - Harm your opponent twice with combat mode on. Neck Snap - Ctrl + click to grab your target, then right click to disarm them and then harm them with combat mode on. Holy kick - With combat mode on, disarm your target with right click then ctrl + click them to grab them.
Normal effect Paralyzes target for 4 seconds.

Paralyzes yourself for 2.5 seconds.

Deals 15 brute damage. Puts target to sleep for 3 seconds. Deals 60 stamina damage.

Paralyzes target for 2 seconds.



Deals 15 brute damage.

Paralyzes target for 6 seconds. Paralyzes yourself for 2.5 seconds.

Deals 25 brute damage. No effect. Same as normal.
Bloodsucker effect Same as normal. Deals 20 burn damage.

and 10 brute damage.

No effect. No effect.
Heretic effect Same as normal. Same as normal. Puts target to sleep for 4 seconds.

Deals 15 brute damage.

Deals 25 burn damage.

Deals 60 stamina damage. Paralyzes target for 2 seconds.

Cultist effect Same as normal. Same as normal. Same as normal. Removes target's spells.

Deals 60 stamina damage. Paralyzes target for 2 seconds.

Wizard effect Same as normal. Same as normal. Same as normal. Mutes target.

Deals 60 stamina damage. Paralyzes target for 2 seconds.

Demon of Sin effect Same as normal. Deals 25 brute damage. No effect. Deals 25 burn damage.

Deals 60 stamina damage. Paralyzes target for 4 seconds.


Stakes are a monster hunter's best friend. All stakes can be crafted through the crafting menu, in the weapons section, however some are restricted knowledge given by your organization. They will stop bloodsuckers from sleeping in their coffins.

Stake Required tools Materials
Stake.png Stake None Planks.png 3 Wood
WoodenDucky.png Wooden Ducky Hatchet.png Hatchet Rubberducky.png 1 Rubber Ducky Stake.png 1 Stake
Hardenedstake.png Hardened Stake Welder.png Welder Rods.png1 Rod
Silverstake.png Silver Stake Welder.png Welder Hardenedstake.png 1 Hardened Stake Silverdone.png 1 Silver