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 This is a work in progress, please be aware of that and be sure to help out if you want! 

Security Guide

Security is the part of the station that keeps the peace. It keeps the rules and it stops the ship being invaded by aliens. They are the part of the crew that should be organised, fair, calm and brave.But about 89% are not, these are SHITcurity, this guide focuses on how NOT to be the 89%.

A tour of SEC

Below is the brig, where you will no doubt be spending most of your time, to the top is the perma brig (prison where traitors go, you wont get let out)

The brig.png

Below is Sec's office, also the HOS' office


and Finally... The perma brig


Gearing up

Now you know where the donut machine is, its time to roll out!, before you do though,make sure you have the correct gear. You will eventually look like this: Ideal sec setup.png

Go to a security locker and open it.

Get Security HUDglasses and put them on.

Take your Emergency Oxygen Tank from your internals box and put it in your pocket.

Take your ID Card and put it inside your PDA, then put your PDA into the ID-slot.

Get your Security Belt and put it on.

Take your Stun Baton from your backpack, put it inside the Security Belt.

Take your Flash, put it inside the Security Belt.

Get a Flashbang, put it inside the Security Belt.

Get a Pepperspray, put it inside the Security Belt.

Take your Handcuffs from your Exosuit-slot and put them in your pocket.

Get a Taser, put it on your Exosuit-slot.

Ready to roll!

Anti Shitcurity tipps

To avoid being Those guys Make sure that when you bring prisoners in to be searched, bucklecuff them search them, put it in a backpack and confiscate any contraband (stuff they aren't alowwed eg. magboots+assistant) and give the loot to the warden (DO NOT STEAL IT FOR YOURSELF). Do not forget about captives, always keep an eye on them, even if the warden is there, he can somettimes be engrossed and not notice a breakout.

If in doubt, ask the HOS, if unsure of space law always see your superviser, never lawyers.In the end, Hos reports to cap and CAP may decide what is lawful and what isn't.

Finally,you Are NOT BATMAN

NEVER KILL unless you have a VERY good reason, ALWAYS seek the HOS or CAPTAIN first, only captain can decide a man's fate...

How to bust out of sec

This next bit is purely for referance of how people MIGHT escape from sec, do not use this to powergame and remove all escape

Uncuff yourself

take the light from the side of the room

Bash the windows

alternatively your handcuffs may work if they are human cuffs ( iron)

On patrol

When patrolling think about the places that are most likely of interest to criminals eg. EVA . Always check the radio to see if you are needed elsewhere. You have an attachement on your PDA that allows you to call beepsky, if you are in a tough spot and possibly about to die, RUN,call beepsky and hide,theres no shame in living, we all like to live.If someone is acting wierdly, don't be afraid to bring em in and search them, you may even find a traitor. Additionally,if someone pushes you over, you have the right to arrest them for assualt on an officer.

Dealing with pests

In your adventures you WILL come across these pests be aware of how to deal with them

Chaplain.png Chaplains are very annoying, sometimes. They have been known to robust people repeatedly with the null rod and preach their religion in wierd ways.They will most likely resist you to the very end.

Clown.png Clowns, the bane of security (or not) they will usually come to sec and harass you with laser tag guns, the way to deal with them is to simply, HONK, 60% of the time when pranked, a simple HONK has been shown to end abuse thereafter. Always watch the floors around these guys, as if they slip you, you will be robbed, stunned cuffed and paraded around the station as a trophy.

Nuclear Operative 2.png The fear of Nanotrasen, if you meet one of these guys, you are dead unless you are smart, accept you cannot fight them, don't be a hero, run away hide,and tase them repeatedly then ask for help, if they have a shield, just run,or if you are incredibly robust, disarm them and whack them a bit then run away with thier shield, then repeat and use thier shield to your benefit.

Changeling2.gif If you meet someone who may be a ling, don't metagame, just watch them closely and if they do anything non human, fry em, if they get back up immediately after being stunned, fry em if they grow extra limbs, Deep fry em.

Robust Deputies

If your security force is understaffed FEAR NOT! you can call upon the patriotism of your fellow crew to help, you can make them deputies. To make one, find a willing person, loyalty implant them, give them a baton and a deputy armband (found in hos' office)), You can now eat donuts once more!. It is advised to give them a toolbox. An example of a deputy chaplain:

Deputy sec officer example.png