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Psychiatrist.png Psychiatrist.png
Access: Medbay, Psychiatrist's Office
Additional Access: N/A
Difficulty: Easy
Supervisors: Chief Medical Officer
Duties: Treat people of their mental woes, drink water from your cooler.
Guides: No additional guides.
Quote: TBA

The Psychiatrist is the individual aboard the station involved with mental disorders, and the diagnosing, preventing, and treatment thereof. This role is almost entirely roleplay based, and necessitates quick problem solving, intuition, and good listening skills. Considering that the psychiatrist is the mental health expert aboard a station full of: criminally insane murderers, officers with unbelievably strong power complexes, and general station populace without a shred of empathy, by all expectations, their office should be brimming with people coming to consult. Unfortunately most of this behavior is entirely normalized and most individuals don't feel the need to spend time sitting and chatting with a professional when instead they can be hunting down threats to the station. This is why you must be as proactive as possible with your care and attention to the mental health of the station. When you begin a shift as a Psychiatrist, you will spawn in the station's Medbay, and if you join late, you will spawn on the Arrivals Shuttle.

Mnimum requirements: Attempt to diagnose mental disorders and treat them through the power of communication, or extremely addictive prescription drugs.



As a Psychiatrist, your primary function is to deduce mental imbalances in your patients. Seeing as the station more often than not is manned by silent sociopathic murderers, you have your work cut out for you. Many cases rely on either your patient coming to you with their problems, or you identifying issues through careful observation. If the Captain approaches you, raving about how his pet fox refuses to speak to him, you have a client. If you see the Botanist burst into tears when they catch sight of a banana, you have a client. If you notice an Assistant shambling through the hallways carrying a bloodied fire axe, with a listless and empty light in his eyes, you have a client. Standard operating procedure in these cases is to invite the person to speak with you in the privacy of your office. If they decline this, you can attempt to hold a discussion with them wherever they may be, but be mindful of what is said in public places. If they either accompany you to your office or respond to your inquiries, the next step is to get to the bottom of their issues, and determine a treatment method. Some individuals aboard the station have brains which are not functioning properly, and have accumulated damage or traumas. This avenue can be explored and mapped by scanning the individual with a Health Analyzer, which will give a readout of any physical aberrations of the mind. If a patient is found to have mental trauma or damage to their brain, it is your responsibility to bring them to the station's Medbay (presuming you aren't there already) and deliver them to the hands of the station's Medical Doctors, who will be able to mend their brains and cure their traumas. If there are no physical problems with their brain, then the issue is rooted in the patient's mentality, and will require different treatment than a scalpel to the grey matter. If mental deficiencies of a non-physical nature are discovered, you are highly advised to access the patient's medical records and update them to reflect this, for their protection and for yours.


Psychiatrists are trained medical professionals, and unlike their partner profession of psychology, much of their treatment comes down to prescribing the right medication to aid in mental recovery. Medications that impact the mind are, in most cases, very hazardous if abused, so proper care must be exercised in the prescribing of powerfully addictive narcotics. Additionally, some carry side-effects, and tremendously low addiction or overdose thresholds, that must be considered before prescribing. Coordination with the station's Chemist is highly advised, as they will be the ones preparing your prescriptions, and they will know exactly how much people should take in a single dose without risk.

Some prescriptions for common mental ailments are as follows.

  • If a patient is feeling fearful or anxious, a pill-bottle of Psicodine can provide a temporary reversion to a neutral set of mind with very minor side effects.
  • If a patient is feeling deeply depressed, then Happiness may be prescribed in tiny dosages, and will make them ecstatically numb for a short time, but if overdosed or addicted, patients will suffer massive penalties to their health and mental state.
  • If a patient is feeling tired, Aranesp will have them feeling full of energy, at the cost of making breathing difficult.


  • As a Psychiatrist, you have access to medical records for all employees aboard the station.
  • Pill bottles can hold a number of pills condensed into a single tiny inventory space. They are invaluable for saving space and holding various treatment methods on your person.
  • The station's medical department has a single straightjacket, which can be used to restrain unruly patients that would otherwise pose a hazard to themself and others.
  • As a Psychiatrist, you are a professional of the mind, and are not trained in treatment of most other maladies that walk in the front doors of the Medbay - leave these cases to the Medical Doctors.
  • The Psychiatrist's office windows have shutters that can be toggled close to give privacy to you and your patient.
  • Inside the locker in your office are a number of pill bottles containing powerful starter drugs. Make sure these are not stolen or abused.
  • Your office has a tape recorder in it, which can be helpful for taking records of which patients you have treated and how their treatment was resolved.

The master of the mind

Being a Traitor Psychiatrist provides a difficult but rewarding opportunity. The Psychiatrist Traitor has access to the Hypnoflash, a very powerful and versatile tool that allows you to impart a hypnotic command to an individual. This can be utilized to great effect with smart commands. Your office is a very good place to conduct illicit activities, as the shutters on your windows can be closed, and very few people bother to poke their heads inside to check on you. With the straightjacket and muzzle at your disposal via the medical department, you can bind and gag an individual, leaving them at your mercy. With enough strong-arming, you may be able to convince the station's other Medical personnel that your traitor target poses a threat due to mental instability, and that he must be brought in to treat, thereby getting your target delivered to you. Medical records can be tampered with to great effect. Changing your target's Mental Status from Nominal to Insane will cause Officer Beepsky to detain them on sight for being a threat to the station.

Tips for Traitoring

  • Try to get access to Chemistry if possible. Create pills of poison and label them as typical prescription medications.
  • You can hide items in the medical department linen box.

To Conclude

You are a man of the mind. You exist to offer counseling and hard drugs to a station full of mentally deranged lunatics. Your job will seem impossible at times, but with determination and counseling sessions of your own, you will be able to make a change for the better amongst your fellow crewmembers. Either that or you can throw drugs around in the hallways and gain lots of friends through your drug pushing.

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