Mining Medic's Office

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Mining Medic's Office
The shaft miner's favorite loot room.
Purpose: To heal and watch over the miners.
Key items: Sleeper, ATV, consoles
Workers: Mining Medic
Access: Captain, Head of Personnel, Mining Medic
Exits: West to the Mining Station

This is where the Mining Medic spends most of their shift. It is located in the western part of the mining base and contains everything the medic will need to treat their miners.

This room is split into four sections.

The office section contains:

  • Atv.png An ATV
  • Crew monitoring console
  • Camera console

The surgery section is located in the north-west corner and contains:

The treatment section is located in the south-east corner and contains:

  • Sleeper.gif A sleeper
  • Blood Pack.png IV Drip.png Blood packs and an IV drip
  • Roller Bed.pngTwo roller beds
  • Mining medic's locker

The morgue is located above the treatment section and contains:

  • Morguetray.pngThree morgue trays
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