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Security Area
The Armory
This is where the spare energy guns and laser guns are kept. The armory is one of the most secure rooms on the station, second only to the AI Core in protection. The armory is also a common target for traitors looking to arm themselves, with the most vulnerable area being the north wall, which is accessible from space.

People who break into the armory are usually given harsh sentences, ranging from a long time in the brig to permabrigging or execution.

Obvious exits Warden's Office south, Security Offices southwest
Purpose Stores various valuable and dangerous pieces of equipment.
Access level Armory
Noteworthy contents Guns and armour.
Clearance Captain, Head of Security, Warden
Security level Maximum
Style Storage
Balance Requirements
Other Notes
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The armory is located in the middle of the security sector, separated by windoors from the warden's office. Includes a sectioned area for dangerous contraband items. Requires Armory access to enter.

Inventory includes


  • Three energy guns
  • Three laser guns
  • One ion rifle
  • Two Riot Shotguns
  • Eight additional Shotgun Shells
  • A box of Tear Gas Grenades
  • A box of Flashbang Grenades


  • Three sets of riot gear
  • Two Security Space Suits
  • A reflector vest
  • A bulletproof vest
  • An EOD suit
  • A security bio suit

Miscellaneous Items

  • Three mobile blockades
  • Three portable flashers and a wrench to secure them
  • Evidence bags and handcuffs
  • Six gas masks
  • Three weapon charging stations
  • A pepper spray dispenser
  • Boxes of tracking and chemical implants
  • A lockbox of loyalty implants
  • Disarmed Syndicate bomb (used for training in disarming a live bomb)

The armory is unsurprisingly a prime target for traitors and nuclear operatives, and it is the job of the Warden to watch over it. Breaking in or trespassing is justification for permanent incarceration or even summary execution if the violator proves to be dangerous.

Gaining Entry

If you're looking to gain entry to the armory for no reason in particular, you're going to have a very tough time if you aren't the Warden, Captain, or Head of Security. It is possible to get the warden's permission to gain entry if you're a security officer, but for any other class you're probably going to have to break in. Because the armory is at the very back of the security department, hacking every door you encounter isn't a likely option as you will probably be caught and swiftly robusted.

In order to safely gain entry without being detected, you're going to have to exploit the sole weakness that the armory's location has: only one layer of reinforced wall separates it from space. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Prepare yourself for space travel: acquire internals and a space/hard suit. If you don't have access to either of those, get a space heater and tug it along with you. In addition, grab a toolbelt.
  2. Exit the station discreetly through the Escape Shuttle Hallway airlocks.
  3. Cling to the wall and keep going up, until you near the holodeck. Take a left. Pass the Head of Security's office (or steal his locker) and keep on going left until you find a warning sign and a security camera, which you may want to disable.
  4. Deconstruct one of the reinforced walls next to the three-panel walkway. This process may require two welding tools in the event you used your first previously. Note that using an RCD will not work on these walls.
  5. Once you have removed the wall, take your tools and remove the windows and/or rack that may be in your way.
  6. Loot the armory to your heart's content.

The holodeck is a good place to stash your plunder if you're looking to make multiple rounds due to its proximity and lack of use.

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