Operating Theatre

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Medical Area
Operating Theatre.png
Operating Theatre
The place to bring pregnant people.
Obvious exits East to the Medbay Recovery Room, west to maintenance west
Purpose Not defined
Access level
Noteworthy contents Circular saw, surgical drill, scalpel and other surgical tools
Clearance Captain, Chief Medical Officer, Medical Doctor
Security level Medium
Style Hospital
Balance Requirements
Other Notes
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Actual surgeries are rare and so the OR is most useful as an impromptu armory - a skilfully-aimed scalpel or circular saw can hold back the grey tide for a while. In the unusual case that somebody does need an operation, there's an Operating Table and associated Operating Computer. Use of the contents of the Anesthetic locker is recommended but not entirely mandatory. There are also assorted other surgical tools that have no real use outside the room. Remember - if you're going to try surgery, make sure you know how!! Requires Surgery access to enter.

Next to the theatre is a small observation room, where those who can stomach the gore can observe. There's also a recovery room to the right filled with beds and (for hopeless cases) a straightjacket and muzzle.

Jobstemp.png Locations on Boxstation (YogBox)
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