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Command Area
Vault box.png
All right, you proved your point. You broke into my vault. Congratulations, you're a dead man.
Obvious exits Port Primary Hallway south
Purpose Storage for the station's most high value objects
Access level Captain
Noteworthy contents Nuclear Self Destruct System, a mysterious safe and Secret Documents
Clearance Captain
Security level Maximum
Style Vault
Balance Requirements No major balance requirements
Other Notes
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The vault is a high-security storage that hides loads of money, internals, the self destruct system, and some of Nanotrasen's Secret Documents! It's located in the port (west) wing of the station. Only the Captain and Head of Personnel have access, even though the door starts bolted. It's a safe spot to hide if you want to be a coward. Just remember it can be vented and you can suffocate if the AI is turned.

Roboticists and the Research Director both want to get in for the gold inside, and the Death squad may want to activate the Self Destruct system inside in case of emergency.

During Blob, the nuke is also used to achieve a neutral victory if the blob grows too large.

Everyone else will probably be interested in the Bank Machine. Hit it with money to deposit points into cargo, or click a button to turn cargo points into money! Money you can take! Be warned though, if you take too much you'll set off an alert, leading to a visit from your friendly security team.

Other than that, it's a favourite hive for Aliens

Other station vault layouts [Click to Expand]


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Vault pubby.png

Jobstemp.png Locations on Boxstation (YogBox)
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