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Supply Area
The place where currency can be exchanged for goods and GUNS!
Obvious exits Maintenance north and south-east, Primary Hallway east.
Purpose Provide the station with raw materials and access to outside trading routes.
Access level Cargo Office, Cargo Bay, Quartermaster, Mining.
Noteworthy contents Cargo Bay, Cargo Office, Mining Dock, Quartermaster's Office, Delivery Office, Warehouse
Clearance The Foyer console can be used by anyone. Entrance to the office is for cargo techs and mining personnel, and each of these have exclusive access to the shuttle bay and mining dock respectively.
Security level Medium
Style Warehouse/Cargo Bay
Balance Requirements
Other Notes
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The Supplies Department consists of the following facilities:

Supplies is a small department with two main job openings: Cargo Technician and Miner. The technicians run the supply shuttle, which gives them access to Nanotrasen's trading services, and the miners harvest minerals and other natural resources on any accessible body off-station. While they are both tecnically overseen by the Quartermaster, the miner's isolation forces a strict radio-only contact between these two branches of the department during most of the shift.

Supplies may be a small department, but its special position as middleman of the station between Nanotrasen trade routes and the general off-station world makes it very strategically important. It is often broken into when left unsupervised, and can often be a pivotal element for gamemodes such as cult, revolution, nuclear emergency, blob and more.

Office and Foyer

This is where the bulk of Supplies' interaction with the crew happens. Here civilians and assistants alike can place orders for any and all item that can come to mind! If it is available, the techs will be happy to give it to you, unless you are not permitted by law to handle whatever comes out of those magical crates: Space OSHA is a bitch!

Docks and Warehouse

The docks are where the two shuttles Supplies has control over, dock. The bay for the bigger supplies shuttle is equipped with a conveyor belt for maximum efficency. The warehouse is a place to store excess materials and crates, but it is rarely used because of thieving maintenance owls.

Delivery Office

This is where cargo can send tagged packages and crates around the station. It is also where all station trash is dumped before going to Waste Disposals, to give broken Quartermasters a chance of scavanging useful materials such as glass or metal objects.

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