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Age Restriction



Chief Medical Officer


Paramedic's Staging Area, Medbay, Maintenance


Find injured people and heal them, find dead people and bring them to cloning, or use a defibrillator. Revive if possible


Guide to Healthcare


The Paramedic

The Paramedic is a vital part of Medbay and can change the fate of several players throughout the round. As Paramedic, you have the following tasks:

  • Remind people to max suit sensors, especially heads of staff and the captain.
  • Check crew monitor for dead people, or those near death ( critical )
  • Heal everyone you see ( spam bruise packs )

Items of the Job

  • Roller Bed - Used to drag bodies to Medbay without pissing off the janitor.
  • GPS - Used to track your own coordinates. Useful for comparing your own location to that of the victim.
  • Medical HUD - Used to see a person's health. Useful for determining if someone is dead or in crit
  • First Aid Kits - Comes in regular kits or toxin kits. Contains healing items to do your job with.
  • Medical Belt - Found in the medical cabinets. Used to hold healing items without having to carry around a first aid kit.
  • Defibrillator - Also found in the medical cabinets. Used to bring the recently-dead back to life provided their ghost is still in the corpse. Does not work if the body is badly damaged or has been dead for too long