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Research Area
Research Division
This department is the entire reason the station exists. Ironically, it's the one second most likely to destroy it, after engineering.
Obvious exits Starboard Primary Hallway north, Xenobiology maintenance west, Toxins maintenance east, Testing Lab maintenance south, Genetics-Science antechamber west, Robotics Mech Bay north
Purpose Research and development
Access level Science, R&D Lab, Robotics, Toxins, Xenobiology, Research Director's Office, Security Post
Noteworthy contents Protolathe, Slimes, Tank Transfer Valves, Exosuit Fabricators, R&D Console
Clearance Captain, Research Director, Scientist, Geneticist (hall only), Roboticist, Departmental Security Officer (hall only)
Security level Medium
Style Laboratory, Office, Server room, Factory
Balance Requirements No major balance requirements
Other Notes
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A.K.A. "R&D", "Research", "Science", "Toxins", "The Plasma Fire", "The Big Hole in the Station". Located south of the Escape Shuttle Hallway, Science access is required to enter the main hallway.


The Research Department consists of the following facilities:

Under the authority of the Research Director, the Research Division is usually one of the first things to erupt in flames, if not blow up outright.

Other Areas

Research Division also comes with a couple of storage areas, a supervisor's office, and other areas not available to regular Scientists.

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