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Disclaimer: This page cannot be used as an argument for in game actions.
Generic chaplain.png Chaplain.png
Alternative Titles: Priest, Preacher, Cleric, Exorcist, Vicar
Access: Chapel Office, Crematorium, Morgue, Theater, Service Hall
Additional Access: N/A
Difficulty: Easy
Supervisors: Head of Personnel
Duties: Aid security against supernatural threats, preach the word of [insert deity], hold funerals, and more.
Guides: No external guides
Minimum Age: 18
Quote: Have you heard the word of our lord and savior, Carp'Sie?

As a chaplain you would ideally proselytize whatever crazy religion you've made up for that round over your headset. However, besides your office, the hellish crematorium next to it, the theater backstage, and the rarely used morgue, you have no access.

Bare minimum requirements: Know how to deal with the various supernatural threats that afflict the station, and have something to do when there aren't any.

Holy Artifacts

In your possession are several important items with various utility If you can keep it in your possession, you should.

Holy Book

Arguably the most important tool in your arsenal is your bible. It may be named differently depending on your religion, but for the sake of this page, it will be referred to as a bible. Certain religion names will give you a custom bible name. For example, setting your religion to Hinduism will name it "The Vedas", while setting it to Christianity will name it "The Holy Bible". Otherwise, it is simply titled "The Holy Book of [Religion]".

When you interact with it directly, you will be first prompted to select a skin from ones available. They are purely cosmetic, so feel free to choose whichever you like the most. After this, you will be able to access the inside storage compartment of the bible, which holds a bottle of whiskey. You can put almost anything else in there, however.

Hitting somebody in the head with your bible will heal 20 points of brute and burn damage overall (robotic limbs are refused to be healed) while dealing 5 points of brain damage to them, up to a total of 60 brain damage. However, this can change depending on your selected sect: see Altar of Gods below. Note that the bible can't be used by non-chaplains, sizzling in their hands if they try to do so. However, they can still access the contents of the bible itself.

Holy Book Name Variations
Book Name Religion Name
The Holy Bible

The Dead Sea Scrolls

The Sutras Buddhism
The Tenets of Servicia

Happy, Full, Clean. Live it and give it

Space Dionysus

Space Bacchus



The Holy Joke Book

Just a Prank

Hymns to the Honkmother






The Book of Lorgar Chaos
The Necronomicon Cthulhu
The Vedas Hinduism
The Avesta Zoroastrism
Guys Gone Wild

Coming Out of the Closet

Uplifting Primer Imperium
Quran Islam
The Torah Judaism
Fluorescent Incandescence Lampism
Woodys Got Wood: The Aftermath

War of the Cocks

Sweet Bro and Hella Jef: Expanded Edition

F.A.T.A.L. Rulebook














Going Bananas

Bananas Out for Harambe





The Book of Mormon Mormonism
The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster Pastafarianism
The Holy Piby Rastafarism


The Unholy Bible Satanism
Principle of Relativity

Quantum Enigma: Physics Encounters Consciousness

Programming the Universe

Quantum Physics and Theology

String Theory for Dummies

How To: Build Your Own Warp Drive

The Mysteries of Bluespace

Playing God: Collector's Edition

The Biography of L. Ron Hubbard


Book of SubGenius Subgenius
Toolbox Manifesto

iGlove Assistants



Fanfiction Compendium

Japanese for Dummies

The Manganomicon

Establishing Your O.T.P



Blood of the Geometer Cult of the Geometer
Radioactive Bible

Fusion Bible

Atmosian Bible

The Holy Book of Darth Beet Beetism
Space Jesus Space Christianity
Enchanted Bible Space Magicks
The Gondola Manifesto Gondola
The Bone Lord The Bone Lord
420Verses Church of Aesthetic
The Word of Lord Singuloth The Cult of Lord Singuloth
The Coming Storm Prethoryn Scourge Clan
End of the Cycle Cult of the Shroud
Antmans Diary Fellowship of Thanos
4th Wall Break Metaism
Station Repair Drone User Manual Alletoidian
A Tenders Tale Nugget
The Holy Flame The Holy Flame

Holy Flame


Marjes Guide to Robustness Egotism

Null Rod

The second most important tool in your arsenal, the null rod can be a fair variety of weaponry that makes you immune against direct Nar'Sian and Ratvarian magic, and certain Wizard spells as well as heretic mansus. However, it usually can't stop a sword.

Null Rod Variations
Weapon Damage Notes
Null Rod
18 brute
10 brute (thrown)
The classic and default.
Can fit in the belt slot.
God Hand
18 burn
Can't be thrown
It cannot be put down.
Chainsaw Hand
18 brute
Can't be thrown
It is sharp. It cannot be put down.
Tentacle.pngArm blade.png
Unholy and Dark Blessing
18 brute
Can't be thrown
They are sharp. They cannot be put down.
Holy Claymore
Dark Blade
Sacred Chainsaw Sword
Hanzo Steel
18 brute
10 brute (thrown)
They are sharp. They can only be worn on the back or on the belt. They have 30 block chance, but 0 against projectiles.
Force Weapon
18 brute
10 brute (thrown)
It is sharp and can be worn on the back or the belt. Acts as a strong light source.
Dark Energy Sword
Light Energy Sword
18 brute
10 brute (thrown)
Unlike normal energy swords, these cannot be retracted. They inherit the stats of the holy claymore (sharpness, only back/belt storage, and 30 block chance except against projectiles).
Corvo 1.png
Folding Sword
18 brute (unfolded)
10 brute (thrown)
Can be folded, reducing its size and concealing it when held. Fits in the belt slot.
Blue Holy Staff
5 brute
10 brute (thrown)
Grants the user a shield that blocks 2 shots every 20 seconds.
High-Frequency Blade
Dormant Spellblade
18 brute
10 brute (thrown)
They only fit on the back. They have 35 armor penetration. They are sharp.
Possessed Blade
18 brute
10 brute (thrown)
Can summon a ghost into it to rename the item and talk. Hitting the blade with your bible will exorcise it, allowing a new ghost to possess the blade. When thrown, will turn into a flying mob that turns back into the sword when killed. Whoever summons a ghost into the sword can slowly recall the sword back to them.
18 brain damage
10 brain damage (thrown)
It has 35 armor penetration.
Relic War Hammer
18 brute
10 brute (thrown)
It can only fit on the belt and requires two hands to use, but pushes people back on hit (not a throw- it can't impact people against objects).
Clown Dagger
18 brute
10 brute (thrown)
It is sharp and will be slipped on when on the ground.
Holy Whip
16 brute
10 brute (thrown)
It can only fit on the belt. It deals double damage against vampires and has a four-tile range.
Atheist's Fedora
0 brute
30 brute (thrown)
It is a tiny item and can also be worn on the head. It is sharp.
Carp plush.png
Carp-Sie Plushie
15 brute
10 brute (thrown)
It is a tiny item. Attacking yourself will made wild space carp non-hostile.
Monk's Staff
18 stamina
10 stamina (thrown)
It is considered non-lethal and can only fit on the back. It has a block chance of 40, but 0 against projectiles.
Arrhythmic Knife
18 brute
10 brute (thrown)
It cannot be put anywhere. It is sharp. It will cause your speed to randomly and wildly fluctuate while held.
Pharoah sceptre.png
Egyptian Staff
18 brute
10 brute (thrown)
It is a normal item.
Ratvarian spear.png
Bronze Spear
16 brute
16 brute (thrown)
It can fit in the belt. It has 35 armor penetration. It is sharp.
Servo Skull.png
Servitor Skull
7 brute
15 brute (thrown)
Can be worn on the neck slot to provide a medical and diagnostic hud.
Golden Crucifix
0 brute
0 brute (thrown)
It can fit in the belt and is small-sized, like the normal null rod. When used in hand, will target a cone in front of the user to deal tick damage to any mobs inside of it so long as you stand still. Standard mobs take about 5 burn and 15 stamina per second. Unholy creatures, or those otherwise tainted by unholiness, will take about 10 burn and 10 stamina per second.
Fairy Boots
The wearer starts with a slowdown, but gains speed the further they walk. Also gives you a fancy trail when you are sped up.
Aspergillum and Aspersorium
An everfilling bucket of holy water. Works as a fire extinguisher but instead using holy water. Does not bless tiles the water touches.
Blades of the Apostate
12 brute each
Can't be thrown
A belt holding a pair of blades. Alt-click to unsheathe them, drawing both swords at once. Attacking uses both swords at once, inflicting double the damage. Dropping or throwing them will automatically bring them back to the belt.

Armaments Beacon

The armaments beacon can be found in the ChapDrobe. When you use it, you will be presented with six options:

  • Profane Scholar Kit – A student robe and cage to be worn on the head. Renders you more vulnerable to damage, but grants you more movement speed.
  • Stone Sentinel Kit – A set of Ancient Armor. Offers very good melee armor and okay armor in every other category, but slows you down a little more than a riot suit would.
  • Witchhunter Kit – A witch hunter robe and hat. Offers moderate melee armor and mediocre armor in every other category. Only slightly slows you down.
  • Templar Kit – A single set of crusader armor. Offers pretty good melee armor and good bomb armor, but mediocre in every other category. Slows you down about at the rate a riot suit would.
  • Followers of the Chaplain Kit – A leader hoodie and four follower hoodies. The follower hoodies barely have armor in every category, while the leader hoodie is slightly better, especially with melee armor. Does not slow you down.
  • Founder Kit of the Black Templars – A moderately armored Black Templar Chaplain suit and three slightly lighter armored Black Templar Follower suits. Better against rads, fire, and acid than any other set from the beacon. Slows you down a little less than a riot suit would. While the suits are technically hardsuits, they do not grant protection from bright lights or vacuum.

Altar of Gods

Attacking it with your bible will allow you to choose a sect. Currently, there are six: (Favor represents how much/what type of materials you need for 1 Favor.)

Name Description Bless Favor Rituals
Puritanism (Default) Nothing at all!
Nothing at all!
Nothing at all!
See Holy Book. None. None.
Technophile A sect oriented around technology. Heals 20 points of brute and burn, but only for silicons and robotic limbs. It also charges. 1.5 kJ (power cell) 50 Favor = Creates a bot

200 Favor = Get an implant

350 Favor = Android conversion

Cult of St. Credit A cult oriented around money. Heals 60 points of brute and burn, but charges whoever is being healed 10 credits and won't heal if they don't have enough. It also plays a cash register sound effect each time it heals. 1 credit (holochip) 100 Favor = Fancy clothing

10,000 Favor = Capitalist golem conversion

Children of Kudzu A sect dedicated to plants. See Holy Book. A grown crop 400 Favor = Turns someone into wooden golem
Gathering of the Old Gods A sect dedicated to the Old Gods. See Holy Book. Meat 50 Favor = Creates a knife

150 Favor = Creates a piece of ruinous metal

2,000 Favor = Turns someone into a ruinous metal golem

Ever-Burning Candle A sect dedicated to candles. Heals 40 points of burn A burning corpse 200 Favor = 5 candles that never melt

1,000 = Make a piece of clothing fireproof

Cult of the Honkmother A sect dedicated to the clown goddess, the Honkmother. Heals only clowns. Bananas 50 Favor = Creates a banana cream pie

150 Favor = Summons a Honkbot

1000 Favor = Creates a sheet of bananium

Holy Light A sect dedicated to healing. Heals twice as much as a normal bible but with a 12 second cooldown.

Heals all limb types. Costs favor to heal.

Each point of damage healed with your bible generates 1 favor point.

You get a 100% increase (200% in the chapel) to healing when the holy light bible is used on you, this additional healing is turned into favor.

150 Favor = Creates a one-use autosurgeon that implants a medhud

250 Favor = Summons a medbot

400 Favor = Creates a better version of rod of asclepius called Rod of White

650 Favor = Fully heals a buckled mob. If dead, revives them with 75 clone damage.

Becoming a Prophet

Every chaplain needs their own religion. While you can use one that already exists, whether it's something real like Christianity or Zoroastrianism or one unique to SS13 like Ratvarianism or the Cult of the Honkmother, sometimes it's fun to come up with your own.

Below are some questions to consider. They are by no means wholly-encompassing, but thinking about these should give you a solid base for further development and hold up to questioning; perhaps write these answers down somewhere, if you want to keep them consistent.

  • What is your religion's name?
  • What is your religion's deity (or deities)?
  • How did your religion come to be? Did it have a particular founder?
  • Is there a particular or set of holy texts that serve as the foundation of your religion?
  • How big is your religion?
  • Is your religion organized? Does it have a leader?
  • How do "normal" people relate to the divine? What are they expected to do?
  • How do the clergy relate to the divine? What are they expected to do? Are there multiple types, each expected to fill their own roles?
  • How do people join the religion? What do they need to do or have to join?


Individual chaplains are free to invent their own specific rituals, but there are some matters shared across all types of chaplain, such as:

  • Funerals – You have a stock of coffins, burial garments, a mass driver, and a crematorium. To properly "bury" someone, strip them of all of their equipment (save for their ID), set those off to the side or return it to the departed's former department, dress them in the burial garments, and put them in a coffin. From here, you may hold a proper funeral in the chapel (be sure to announce it over the radio in advance) and have someone (or a few people) perform an eulogy, after which you should either use the mass driver to launch the coffin into space or cremate the body and put the resulting ashes in an urn from the ChapDrobe.
  • Psychological care – While this is intended to be the role of the Psychiatrist, one might not be on the station or some may prefer your help. This can include counseling, pharmaceutical remedies (consult the chemist), and confessions. For confessions specifically, you and the confessor enter separate rooms and switch on the radio terminals. Most crew members rarely. if ever submit to psychological care of their own initiative; offer to help when someone looks troubled. Prisoners are most often in need of attention.
  • Church Services – Give sermons and sing hymns. You can create a hymnal by writing a YouTube link or even the song code on a piece of paper and ask the Curator to print and bind spare copies. Note that the chapel, on most maps, isn't a high-traffic area, so announce it over the radio in advance.
  • Proselytizing – Most crew members are godless heathens; acquiring followers for your god(s) is your first priority. When you convince someone to join the church, you can perform a ritual of initiation, which can be anything from reciting an oath to drinking something to even public humiliation. Note that for more extreme rituals, you should check with your god(s) to see if you can perform them without facing their wrath.

Ringing Up the Gods

The Pray command, like an Adminhelp, contacts all of the currently-online admins. However, it is treated as IC, and should be worded differently as a result. More specifically, avoid asking for specific items or equipment. For example, "can i have an rcd", even with proper punctuation and capitalization, would be ignored at best and result in a smiting at worst. However, changing it into "Oh, Space Father who art in Space Heaven, please grant me a way to escape/construct things." will be more likely to give a result, even if it may not be what you wanted.

You vs the Forces of Evil

Even as the most divine person on the station, remember: you are a civilian, not a Security Officer. As such, most "mundane" threats such as Syndicate spies, disgruntled employees, or warring gangs aren't matters you should involve yourself in. However, for supernatural threats, you're suddenly the expert.

Note that for almost all supernatural threats, a large stock of holy water will be useful, as the flask provided in the chapel only contains 100 units and religious supply crates from cargo contain only a single flask each. Luckily, the process of making holy water is much simpler than in reality: just attack a container containing water with a bible and it will be blessed, turning all the water inside into holy water.

In addition, holy water can be used to bless tiles, denying dark spirits from teleporting onto them. You can tell if a tile is blessed if it glows yellow after a short delay. Generally, you should only bless areas likely to be attacked, such as the Bridge or AI Satellite/Core.


In spite of how they may otherwise differ, fighting against blood and clockwork cultists tends to be fairly similar. Although you could wait for them to become a real problem and attack with security, it's generally better to stop the problem before it starts. That is, to have security arrest cultists, deconvert them using holy water, and optionally implant them with a mindshield to prevent re-conversion.

Your null rod does 45 extra damage against the constructs of blood cults. It can also be used to cleanse their runes.


Vampires are creatures of the night that will attempt to suck the blood of your fellow crew. Deducing that you have vampires can be tricky at times, but there are tells to be aware of, such as dead bats in the hallways and/or multiple bloodless bodies in medical. When the threat is confirmed, you should contact Security immediately and begin blessing everywhere that you can with Holy Water, as this will interfere with the Vampire's mobility tool, Jaunt. Personal eye protection and ear protection are also highly recommended, as a vampire's main offensive ability is to petrify and knock you out by making eye contact. When you have successfully apprehended a vampire, try not to kill them but knock them unconscious. If you kill them, they will have a chance to revive and flee. Your first priority with a vampire is to drag them into your Chapel (this can also be used as a deduction tool on suspected vampires) as soon as possible, as they will light aflame and turn to ash when they step foot on sanctified ground, making them unrevivable. Don't feel too bad about doing this, as vampires cannot safely be arrested or contained as long as they can jaunt.


Wizards are chaotic spellcasters with a variety of tools to turn the tides in their favor. Your null rod will protect from a majority of their magic, so you are a valuable asset against these masterful murdering mages. Wizards are extremely dangerous to take in alive, so coordinate with Security against the threat, and attempt to kill them through whatever means you have available. They may return through a variety of methods, however, and you must be prepared for every possibility with these dastardly foes. Some wizards may claim that they are friendly, and will attempt to make peace, though they are still Wizards at the core and should be dealt with by the joint effort of yourself and Security.


Heretics are dangerous opponents to fight depending on when in the shift you find them. The longer the shift goes on, the more dangerous and powerful these heretics will get, until they ascend and become nigh indestructible. If tears in reality are sighted, contact security for assistance, and have them start searching any potential suspects you see as well as people near transmutation runes. They will usually have their codex and heart on them, and if they have crafted one, a powerful blade that you must take caution with. Heretics can pick one of three paths to go down: ash, flesh, and rust.

Ash heretics have access to a short ranged jaunt, an ashen blade that will set you on fire and deal stamina damage if you are hit, and the ability to drain your life if you are on fire. If an ash heretic ascends, have a fire extinguisher on hand or stay close to showers. Long ranged lethal weapons are advised as you will be set on fire at closer ranges, and you must either bait out or run away from their room melting abilities.

Flesh heretics can revive corpses into loyal, mute servants or dangerous ghouls (as long as the body isn't mindshielded), make a weak monster called a Raw Prophet that has increased seeing range and x-ray, create a shapeshifting creature called a Stalker that inherits the stats and properties of what it transforms into, and use a flesh blade that causes profuse bleeding. Try to kill a flesh heretics servants before going after them, as you will be surrounded and murdered otherwise.

Rust heretics spread their rust across the station in a variety of ways, slowly healing on rusted tiles, and can destroy most structures as well as armor that you are wearing. Rust heretic blades inject you with poisonous eldritch water, and have unlimited smoke grenades. When a rust heretic ascends, they will heal incredibly quickly on rust tiles as well as having self spreading rust. Rust heretics are weak to stuns and as such can usually easily be stunned and killed while you get the chance to do damage.

And More

If your god(s) hate you enough, you may also encounter a Revenant, an undead ghost creature that wants your souls. Again, your null rod is incredibly robust against these creatures. Use holy water to prevent their movement and check places with corpses to see it harvesting souls. When it's dead, don't forget to disperse the ashes.


  • Your bible doesn't just store bottles of booze. It can actually hold a great deal of things, from decks of cards to food to even certain null rods.
  • Due to the Mass Driver working on just about anything that can fit on top of it, some may want to use it to quickly reach distant ruins.
  • Your incinerator will not work without power and can be destroyed. Also make sure whoever you burn does not have important items because those will be destroyed too.
  • Hitting a water tank with your bible converts the entire tank's water into holy water.
  • While it is true that with a null rod you are immune to most magic it can also counter some types of magic and instead force the spell on the person who cast it.
  • During any cult or heretic round you can use your book to get rid of ritual markings.
  • Your null rod gives you magic resistance, not you. If you lose it, you will lose your combat affinity against the paranormal and, if lost and put into the wrong hands of a certain book club, it could spell the doom of everyone.

The Inquisition

As a traitor, your curse of being ignored by everyone becomes a valuable asset. The chapel is a relatively secluded part of the station, and odds are the AI won't be keeping an eye on it. You have a null rod, which gives you a leg up - you don't have to purchase a weapon unless you want to. Also don't forget that your bible is a useful storage compartment that won't attract suspicion (but does frequently get searched). You can drag around bodies, as well as both space and cremate bodies without looking suspicious: it's your job, after all.

Also remember that the morgue tray in the crematorium can store bodies, items and even whole crates (such as the syndicate surplus crate). It's not a bad place to hide stuff (especially if the camera suffers from an "accident"), but keep in mind the light on the tray turns orange if anything other than a body is inside of it.

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