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Access: Wherever your job has access to
Additional Access: Wherever you can gain illicit access to
Difficulty: Medium
Supervisors: The Syndicate
Duties: Kill people, steal shit, fuck school
Guides: Syndicate Items, Murder

Gamemode in rotation

An unpaid debt. A score to be settled. Maybe you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Whatever the reasons, the Syndicate has selected you to infiltrate Space Station 13. Your objective is whatever the hell they tell you to do, you're not the one calling the shots here, friend. Time to put on your big boy pants, read up on your objectives and do whatever it takes. Or don't. It's up to you.

The Basics

After you've familiarized yourself with robusting, it’s time to start sowing discord and chaos. The first thing to note as the traitor are your objectives. They are always kept in the Notes command, and it’s a good idea to check that when a round starts because some early game spam can push your objectives off of the chat!

Your Objectives

For whatever reason you've decided to sell out the people you live and work with, most likely for personal gain. You will be given a number of dangerous goals by your new Syndicate employer which you must complete. Objectives can be seen on the "status" tab, and will turn green once complete. Should you complete your objectives and still want more to do, pray to the gods for additional objectives.

Grand Theft

Congratulations, this objective is either incredibly easy or impossibly difficult. Time to loot shit! You're tasked with stealing things like the Medal of Captaincy, Captain's Antique Laser, an RCD or even the goddamned AI. Generally your best bet is breaking into wherever the item is or robusting whoever has the access for his ID.

See the list of High-risk items for things you might be tasked to steal.


If you're lucky (you won't be), someone or something will off your target for you. In that case, congratulations! Sit back, lay low and avoid the tsunami of chaos until you make it to Centcom on the escape shuttle. Wanna tip the scales in your favor? Good on ya. There's a whole smorgasbord of ways to murder someone. You can read up on that below.

Your target MUST be dead when the shuttle docks at Centcom. Don't forget that your station has experimental cloning technology that may or may not be working, so check whether your objective allows for their revival.


A variation of Assassination where simply preventing them from escaping will also count as a success. Gives you a little more freedom in how you want to approach it. Nine times outta ten this means killing them, but you don't have to! Be creative!


Another variation of Assassination, except your target will always be an AI. A little tougher than your typical target, as the AI is usually installed in a well-fortified location. It's also not as straight-forward as simply uploading a law to have it kill itself, as someone can easily just walk into the AI core and restore it back to full health.


Good job, you dirty traitor you! Whatever your other objectives were, you have now successfully completed them! Now, the difficult part, getting off of the station in either the Escape Shuttle or an Escape pod. There are two main ways to go about this task, dynamic and stealth. Dynamic players are going to want to cause the damage to get the shuttle called. Stealthy players are going to want to hang back and let the station tear itself to pieces. Most players will need to combine these two ways to succeed, regardless of the escape alone modifier on the escape objective. The more people on the shuttle, the greater chance some MAD BOMBER will kill you or some dude will robust you for no reason or some horrible admin related fatality will occur. How you do this is up to you, but remember that one emag or 3 different Heads of Staff IDs will reduce the timer to 10 seconds until departure.

Keep in mind that the Shuttle Brig (area of the main shuttle marked with red flooring) is designed to transport prisoners to Centcom security. You will fail this objective if you are inside when the shuttle docks at Centcom.


FUCK. The Syndicate wants you to hijack the Escape Shuttle by escaping alone, or with NT loyalists in the shuttle brig. This is going to be so much more difficult. There are two basic ways to approach this problem. The first is to simply robust anyone who tries to board the shuttle. It seems easy at first, but once you're dealing with a tide of panicked crew trying to escape the singulo/changelings/malfunctioning AI the problem becomes exponentially more difficult. Your second option is to seal off the escape shuttle. Build walls in front of the windows, hack the shuttle airlocks to drop the bolts and find some way to make the rest of the shuttle inhospitable. A combination of both of these approaches can be sufficient 90% of the time. Don't forget that you can emag the shuttle's console (or swipe it with three different Heads of Staff IDs) to force the shuttle to launch after a quick 10 second countdown.

Critically, an emag used on the shuttle's communications console will force the shuttle to launch before the standard three minutes have elapsed.

If all goes well, give yourself a pat on the back, you did it! If not, try to figure out where it all went wrong and improve on that. Escaping alone can be nearly impossible depending on the crew and station's condition. Sometimes it was not meant to be, but regardless, the only way to keep better is to have fun and continue practicing!

Escaping by yourself or only other traitors will count as a successful hijack.

Sole Survivor

Just like hijack, but you need to escape alone! Don’t allow any syndicate members, traitor or otherwise, onboard the emergency shuttle with you.


Exactly what the objective says. Die a glorious death. The key word is "glorious" - you can't just off yourself via suicide command, you disgrace to the Syndicate.


You won't get this objective through normal means as it requires admin intervention to get it. Adminhelp if you want it, you never know what they will say!

You need to ensure another antag completes their objectives. You will greentext if they do.

Destroy Machinery

You will get an objective with machinery listed and an area of the station. Ensure the original copy of the machinery is destroyed.

Minor Objectives

If you don't have hijack or martyr, you will have a chance of getting a minor objective to complete. These objectives will vary in difficulty, from something as small as taking a photo to something as big as deleting your security record.

Optional Objectives

Optional objectives are completed by default, so there is no need to go out of your way to do them. They provide you with fun ideas on what to do, such as kidnapping a crew member or creating fake crime scenes.

Your Tools

Alright, you know your objective! Time to accomplish that goal! The Syndicate treats you much better than Centcom. You have 20 Telecrystals built into your PDA, pen, headset or implant itching to be spent on traitory goods. To access your uplink from the PDA, go to the IC tab in the actual BYOND window and click on the Notes tab. Get the code from the Notes window and enter it into your PDA ringtone. If your uplink is on a pen, you'll find the degrees to twist the pen in the Notes tab. If your uplink is on your headset, you will find the frequency to tune to in order to access the headset. Implant uplink can be accessed at any time by pressing the action button at the top of your screen but will have only 16 TC. REMEMBER TO LOCK THE UPLINK! Check Syndicate Items, for a more detailed description on the goods. But don't go racing off to order those items ASAP, since people are more clustered in the beginning of rounds; the AI is probably wondering how it switches cameras, and the Captain is off huffing paint somewhere. Although it can be useful to get items early, holding off until you need the item also has merit, so 6 crystals don't get wasted on an emag when you find the captain's spare ID on that assistant you just killed.

Some tools are roundstart job specific, so you may want to change up your plans or try something fun when you get the chance. Fry and eat human corpses with a chef only body deep frier, or use the Modified Syringe Gun to make shitters deaf, dumb, and blind from 3 tiles away, or go for the ever popular 20+ TC stuffed toolbox approach. It's not always about the greentext (though that would certainly be nice to get), and your only limit is your creativity.

Another thing to note is that you can dispense raw telecrystals in groups of 1, 5 and 20. Raw telecrystals can be reinserted into an active uplink by just smacking it up against it. This is only useful for interacting with fellow traitors, and some items like Romerol can only be purchased with more than 20 telecrystals. You can either ask them nicely for telecrystals, or rob them while they have their uplink open. Should there be any admins around, you can exchange your raw telecrystals in hand for special things that can't be normally bought from an uplink (such as a bluespace locker) through prayer or through Ahelping them. Bear in mind there is no actual system in place for this, so trades are up to the discretion of whatever admin responds, so don't push your luck and try to trade 20 TC for an AA roundstart everytime.

Illicit Access

Gaining entry to areas above your clearance is an important skill. Sometimes you're looking to loot stuff. Sometimes security or another traitor is chasing you and you need to escape them. Sometimes the AI has gone mad and has locked you in a room filling with deadly neurotoxin. A collection of ways to break into places can be found here. A great, but not subtle tool to break into places is a Cryptographic Sequencer.


Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers is a variant of Traitor where you are bound to work with another random person on the station. Together you and some random traitor will work together to pull off any of the regular traitor objectives. It should be noted that you will not receive an uplink but instead will have:

  1. The recipes located in the makeshift weapon book
  2. A communication implant that allows direct communication with your blood brother
  3. Anything else the station can offer you

Blood Brother is a generally loathed variant as you'll usually be tasked with someone worse than you (they will generally be a burden, forcing you to carry them) or someone better than you (while this does mean you'll get your ass carried, this makes you the burden on the team dynamic). A common routine for Blood Brothers is to divide and conquer, having person A to objective A and person B do objective B. While having a lackey (or being one) is good in some circumstances, people generally don't like working with anyone outside of their favorite metabuddy and you will usually find yourself at each other's throats.

IF YOUR BLOOD BROTHER IS CATATONIC OR SSD ahelp the situation over to an admin (or don't and do a standard 0tc traitor run without the liability of a 2 hour assistant on your back) and they'll pair you with another BB pair, give you another BB, or consider making you a standalone traitor. Should the gods not heed your call (or are absent) resume your objectives and make sure to report it on the forums. If your catatonic/SSD BB is still alive, stuff them somewhere safe so that they won't get murdered and pray they live to see the end of the shift. Cloning won't accept your dead catatonic/SSD buddy's brain, so you're best bet for reviving a dead BB (besides defibbing them or doing numerous surgeries) is to transplant their brain into that of a healthy individual and drag them onto the emergency shuttle.

Internal Affairs Agent

Internal Affairs is another variant of traitor where you are given an objective to assassinate other Syndicate agents on the station. In this mode you are tasked to kill those who would be safe allies, so don't expect to make many friends because sooner or later they will be tasked with killing you and vice versa.

Internal Affairs Agents start the round with an objective to assassinate another agent and a 20TC uplink. If you successfully assassinate an agent, pick up the syndicate button they leave behind to be granted a random syndicate item. You're given a pin pointer in the top right of your screen that points to the location of your target. If your target has left the Z-level, is in a blue space locker or a blue space body bag, the tracker will appear with a black blinking question mark.

After every other agent is dead, you will be given the objective of martyrdom or hijack.


Get Creative

Alright, here's the situation. Let's say that your objectives are to kill someone, and to escape alive. Very simple, and they give you a lot of leeway in terms of the method of assassination. This means you could kill your target in a multitude of interesting and different ways! Here are a few examples:

  • Challenge your target to a duel.
  • Kill them in an incredibly silly way, or using unlikely objects.
  • Be like Jigsaw, and give them a challenge in which failure ends in death.
  • Frame them as a traitor, by putting traitor items in plain sight and switching your fingerprints for theirs in the security database.
  • You can subvert a borg to do your dirty work by using an Emag on it.

And many more! Please note that even if you have things like steal or escape alone objectives, you can still make things fun! Try holding a hostage, or buying the escape shuttle.

Use a Gimmick

Gimmicks can be the most fun you will have as an antagonist. Everything from tying your victims to a conveyor belt leading into the crusher and donning a Snidely Whiplash costume, to putting on a suit and tie, getting the admins to turn you into a skeleton, and building a disposals coaster into space (THE RIDE NEVER ENDS), to playing a murderer who hatches murder plots based on the victim's job (roboticist killed by a rogue cyborg, engineer thrown into the singularity, assistant toolboxed to death, etc.) can be fun for all parties involved.

Don't Murderbone

Murderboning is no fun. No matter how great it might seem gunning down everyone you see, you've got to remember something. Every human you see walking around is being controlled by a real person. They probably sat down after a hard day doing whatever it is they do and said to themselves “Huh, I want to play Space Station 13. It's a fun game!” You probably did the exact same thing before you logged on. For each little pixel character you shoot in this game of 2D spessmens, you are removing a person – just like you – from doing something they find enjoyable. This is what makes SS13 different from other games. If you die in an FPS, you pop back into existence no different from before you died. In SS13, unless the body is recovered you die permanently. So please, think of who you're killing before you go on a thermal/noslip/esword frenzy. Bear in mind that, while scummy and heavily discouraged, it is not against the rules to do such a thing when given proper objectives (i.e Hijack).

Ask The Admins

Despite popular opinion, the admins are not just here to ban people and press buttons. They're here to help make the round interesting – just like you! Therefore, if you want to do a gimmick that you cannot pull off with the tools available, feel free to ask the admins if you can buy something using leftover TC. Some ideas: CentCom announcements, identity changes, surgery tools, and building materials. Another thing – if your objectives are boring, easy, or you've already completed them, you can ask for more. It's a good alternative to simply killing everything in sight if you can't think of something to do.

More Tips

ID tips
[Toggle List]
  • Having a spare ID always helps. Assistants are a dime a dozen, so it's not a bad idea to pin one on your shirt before you go about any dirty business so your real identity is not compromised. Throw some acid on your face and acquire a voice changer from your uplink, and no one will ever be able to discover who you are! That is, unless they take your DNA or fingerprint. If you don't have that, then just wear a mask and run around as Unknown, using your ID to access the doors that you need. Knowing the access each job has makes certain IDs more valuable than others.
  • There's an ID console near arrivals. If you get all-access, you can use this to make extra IDs to stash somewhere for when Security inevitably take your original ID.
  • An agent card, which can be used to make you untraceable by the AI, can also scan other IDs to copy their access, producing no special message for spectators: you can do it pretty much anywhere in full view of everyone. Have fun standing in the HoP's line by queuing up behind someone with large amounts of access and copying that access while the ID is placed on the table. As scanning two cards with an agent card gives the agent card the permissions of both, you can create a ghetto Captain's ID with a few low level IDs.
  • Have an agent ID and a voice-changer mask? Why not use it to make that guy you murdered blame somebody else!
  • Nobody checks the lockers in the locker room. Like, ever. And you need a fairly high level of ID to open lockers that are already registered to a specific person, so no worries about Joe Schmoe Assistant running in and stealing your hand teleporter.
  • You should hide off cameras when impersonating someone with a non-Agent ID, as the AI can track you.
Emag tips
[Toggle List]
  • Emagging welded/bolted doors causes them to close permanently. Use this to your advantage when 'reserving' an escape shuttle for yourself or when hiding a powersink.
  • Emag any Janiborg you can for their infinite lube reserves. They are also very effective thieves due to being able to pick up items with their trash bag. Emag one, tell it to bring you an AI Upload board and a module of your choice.
  • An emagged Medibot will start to inject anyone standing close to it with Toxin. Good to combo with an emagged Beepsky who will stun anyone next to it.
  • Emagging a comms console with captain access allows you to contact the syndicate. If the Gods are feeling kind you can use this to demand new objectives, and the Gods will often give you more telecrystals to help you achieve them.
  • If you have perma access try to slip a fully loaded toolbox in the perma bathroom or hide an emag inside of the back of the toilet to escape later when you inevitably get sent there.
  • If you're looking to hijack a shuttle and have spare space in your inventory, the fastest way to lock people out long enough to emag it without warning is to drop two reinforced tables in one airlock passage just before it docks after bolt-nolight-emagging the other airlock passage(s). Results may vary in places with more than 2-3 doors.
  • The surest way to escape alone is preventing anyone from boarding and emagging the console. Murderboning rarely works, and subverting the AI relies on the AI being competent - inconsistent and risky.
  • A strategy to win Cuban Pete, which can be played on a emagged arcade machine (note that if you die, you die for real):
      • If your magic is less than 5, charge.
      • If your health is less than Pete's, and your turtle value is less than 3, heal. Otherwise, attack.
      • Healing increases your turtle value by 1.
      • Attacking or charging your magic reduces your turtle value by 1.
      • Pete will attack you for more damage if your turtle value is greater than 3.
      • This technique gives you a win/loss ratio of about 1.7 on average. If your health is ever below 7, restart the game (screwdriver the arcade machine to restart).
      • Once you get Pete to low health, be aware that he can steal your magic. This can result in your death easily, such as if you heal at 5 magic using up 3, and then he steals 2, bringing you to 0 and gibbing you.
Bomb and IED tips
[Toggle List]
  • You can make an improvised explosive (IED) with basic materials (a soft drink can, igniter, a welding fuel tank, and some cable coil). It can gib dead people if exploded on their body, and the explosion doesn't expose blown tiles to space. It also destroys dead borg's bodies so you can get the MMI.
  • One very important note about IED's blast radius is that it can destroy an APC one tile away.
  • You can use an IED on a reinforced wall to skip most of the disassembling steps.
  • You only need maint access to make single tank bombs. Get a large air tank, any igniter assembly, a wrench and a welder. Remove the air in the air tank with an air pump, then add some plasma and oxygen from the incinerator room (may need some pipe re-wrenching depending on the map), add a hot gas, then attach the igniter assembly and weld a hole in the bomb.
  • You can destroy canisters by attacking them. Using a welder also lights the plasma from canisters on fire after it escapes. Very useful for traitoring. It's stupidly easy to escape alone just by releasing some plasma at escape a few minutes before the shuttle arrives. Fire will destroy canisters the same way but, instead of releasing plasma, it'll explode like a small bomb. So if you're trying to make an inferno, let the canister empty then light it, so you don't put your own fire out with vacuum.
  • Having a bomb in your backpack and setting it off while in a sleeper will blow up everything and the sleeper, but leave you perfectly unharmed.
  • Reverse pickpocketing doesn't produce a message for people you try it on (unless it fails). You can reverse pickpocket mini-bombs onto people. You can start the timer on the mini-bomb after you start shoving it into their pockets.
  • You can change the timer on C4 to be extremely high, it tops out at 60000 seconds (16.7 hours). Scare the ba-jesus out of someone by planting irremovable C4 that will probably never detonate, or hang a live explosive on your wall for a stylish conversation piece.
  • Light switches can be used to sabotage a room if you inject plasma into the light bulbs. Also works if there is a power outage.
  • If you inject a good power cell with plasma, it'll explode and create a hole in space when it is used for anything.
  • If so dip a cigar in plasma, the person who lights it will be gibbed (normal cigs won't do as much damage).
EMP tips
[Toggle List]
  • You can force the AI to call the shuttle by throwing an EMP grenade near it's core, which has a 15% chance to force a shuttle call. Or, if your objectives allow for it, release the tesla which usually makes a bee-line for the AI (if you haven't given it prior prompting via a beacon).
  • EMPing a cloning pod turns the clone into a slurry of blood and meat chunks. Useful if you've got access to ground iron and uranium and really need the guy getting cloned to not get cloned.
  • EMPs silence headsets and turns off suit sensors until they are manually turned back on.
  • EMPs knock out electricity in a wide area and messes up a lot of machinery in a lot of ways (one way being emag effects). It is a very versatile component to combat cyborgs or cybernetic enhancement users, such as Preternis, as it will automatically shut them down in a fight.
  • You can take out a combat mech with just an axe if you circle it well enough. Since they turn around slowly and must face you to fire, they can't do much. The only issue is getting close enough. If you intend to give someone else a combat mech, stick on a bunch of mech beacons and build yourself an exosuit computer. If they start to rampage, EMP all the beacons and ruin their mech.
Security tips
[Toggle List]
  • You can delete your fingerprints from the security records. It's better to re-forge them or swap them with someone else's however.
  • Simply changing your hairstyle can be enough to throw security off your trail if they only caught a glimpse of you. Especially if you have hair that really stands out.
  • Are you a traitorous sort lucky enough to have HoP-level access? CLOSE THE POSITIONS. An understaffed security team is a poor security team.
  • If you ever need a place to hide something while sec is on your tail, make a false wall into a secret spot and put the stuff into that area to get later when the heat has died down. All you need to worry about is someone with meson goggles finding your weapons or contraband.
  • On Boxstation, you can free people from perma without using space by going through the interrogation room and thus emagging the doors holding your kin.
  • Pulse rifles can break tables, racks, girders, and pretty much anything else besides airlocks, provided you aim at it with your mouse.
  • Fake mustaches conceal your identity just as well as a gas mask.
  • No security officer expects freedom implants.
  • Every PDA holds a pen by default. Remove it and store your sleepy pen/e-daggers there.
  • Latex gloves don't stop you from leaving your fingerprints everywhere. They leave partial prints.
  • You can uncuff yourself while in a disposal unit.
  • Grenades can be activated from a backpack with mousetraps. Great for when a snobby security officer ask you for a search.
  • Store dead bodies on the Toxins Test Site. Nobody will ever find them. Hopefully.
  • You can shoot a window with a laser (click the window), rather than through the window. Doing this is faster than almost every other method, comparable in speed to deconstruction.
  • Bullets pass through windows, but not grilles. Lasers and disablers pass through windows and grilles. Electrodes are blocked by both windows and grilles.
  • Sec Borgs are always stunned by flashes, but the amount of time they're stunned varies.
  • Targeting the eyes with a flashlight and attacking someone with it will cause their screen to flash white for a moment. This works on cyborgs as well, and can be used to blind and seriously inconvenience them if you don't have access to a flash.
  • The AI cannot examine anything except things it can see in its chamber. It can take pictures of you to see what's in your hand however.
Chameleon projector tips
[Toggle List]
  • The chameleon projector can be used to dodge shots, just run with it in your hand and spam it to have bolts go over you.
  • A hilariously effective use of the chameleon projector is something slippery, like the clown's PDA or a banana peel. WILD CLOWN MATERIALIZES.
  • You can't drag items that have people with cham projectors on, giving you a way to check an item without immediately sending the cloaker into a panic.
  • Floorbots won't try to collect people disguised as floor tiles or metal.
  • Pretending to be an item in space gives you perfect movement, but you'll still die of exposure if you're not prepared.
  • If you ghost, your catatonic body will remain cloaked.
  • You can cloak as things in the holodeck and use them elsewhere on the station, no one ever suspects the beachball.
  • You can wrench apart a table or rack and rebuild it under you and disguise for a more convincing ploy.
  • Cloaked people are immune to the mass driver.
  • Hiding as an item in a doorway will let the door close harmlessly on you, giving total concealment.
  • Buy an uplink implant. If you get brigged buy a projector and inspire the wild goose chase of the century as you hide there. If sec is being incompetent they'll probably assume there's a cult about due to the lack of evidence of any escape route besides a straight up teleport.
  • You can steal flashes from mounted flashers by using wirecutters. This will disable the flasher until a replacement flash is installed. One being located at HoP-Line and Sec checkpoints.
Other traitor gadgets tips
[Toggle List]
  • No-Slip shoes are the most cost effective thing you can possibly buy, and probably the most powerful thing you can purchase.
  • Energy Swords and circular saws can be used to make sawed-off shotguns. Energy Swords can also cut cakes, cut pizzas and light cigars.
  • The Suspicious Toolbox does fifteen damage instead of ten.
  • Spraying someone who's smoking a cigarette or cigar with welding fuel or alcohol will set them on fire. The same applies to lit welders. Especially awesome since, unlike other methods for setting someone on fire, spraying does not show in the chatbox and it can be done from quite a few tiles away, or with unexpected items like pepper spray. It works with an active E-sword too, as a poor antag found out.
  • Hardsuits can carry a Jetpack in their Suit Slot. This way you can carry it around without anyone seeing, but it still needs to be on your back to work.
  • Black gloves are fireproof. That means you can take whatever lights you want without getting burnt. They also half the damage you take from electric shocks.
  • When you buy the suspicious fedora for 3 TC, make sure to activate its hidden ability by using your action button or clicking on the sprite. This will change the sprite giving your hat blades and when thrown at someone will now inflict 40 brute damage! If you want your hat to return to its normal look, do the same actions stated above again.
  • The Suspicious Cards have sharp edges and can be thrown at people, causing some nasty bleeding. Another perk is that these cards are only classified as contraband and are one of the few items to fully bypass the Syndicate Weapons Law while still being very deadly.
  • The Energy Dagger, along with the Suspicious Fedora, both have enough throwing damage to open lockers and break reinforced glass alike! The Energy Dagger also has a 100% chance of embedding into whoever it is thrown at!
  • Energy Swords have a chance to deflect projectiles, but only when the user is facing the projectiles initial direction while having the energy sword activated.
  • While using the Reverse-Card, it is best not to immediately use the weapon you have gained with it, because the gadget will automatically teleport into the opponent's hand and work the same as it did for you.
  • Telecrystals can be crushed in hand to teleport 3 to 6 tiles in the direction you are facing, useful for getting in or out of places quickly and without traces.
Murder methods tips
[Toggle List]
  • Your murder objectives will specify the species of your target, use that to take advantage of their weaknesses for an easier kill.
  • The entirety of Disposals can easily be routed into space in certain maint areas, and you need only stun and drag people to a disposal bin to instantly kill them. Disposals can be a very potent weapon if used correctly, and there are plenty of other ways. You just need to find them.
  • If you grab someone and use them on a open toilet you can drown them via swirly, though it will take creativity. If it is closed, it slams the affected person into the toilet seat.
  • Putting a tracking beacon in space makes the hand teleporter an instantly lethal weapon instead of a convenience.
  • Lockers do not protect from space and atmosphere unless welded. So stun-locker-weld-space is a valid strategy.
  • Shoving a corpse into a locker, body bag, or buckling to a chair/roller bed then dragging that object about leaves no blood trail. Also having the light-step trait allows you to walk in blood without leaving a trail.
  • Spaced bodies can husk, but it's not terribly quick. Burned bodies husk much better.
  • Strapping a man to a chair while throwing floor tiles at him is a surprisingly quick death on his part.
  • Shooting syringes of black slime toxin will turn the person into a slime. Combine this with that one icy reagent or a docility potion and bam, you just murdered someone.
  • Suit Storage Units can hold any type of space suit, even hardsuits. You can hide bodies in them and nobody will ever think of checking there. You can even hack them to burn somebody to a crisp.
Bag and pocket mechanics
[Toggle List]
  • When you take something from your bag or put something in it, it creates a message that everyone around you gets. How far this message goes depends on the size of your item. If the item can't be placed into a box, then when you put it in your bag it'll show to everyone that can see you. If the item can be placed into a box, then when you put it in your bag it'll only show to people who are directly next to you. This also means that only the people next to you can see what you put into your box, as the box uses the same code as the bag. There are also a few exceptions, like the e-bow, that don't show any message at all.
  • You can strip someone's pockets without a message appearing if they don't move during it, otherwise they'll get a message that says their pockets are being touched.
  • After gaining a bag of holding from R&D, you can cut it in half with a Scalpel or Circular Saw. This allows you and someone else to carry one half each, effectively making you and whoever has the other half share an inventory, which is very effective for a pair of blood brothers.
Objective tips
[Toggle List]
  • Some objectives can be done by just asking crew nicely instead of murdering them all.
  • If your objective is to steal the nuke disk, steal the pinpointer as well. This allows you to track the exact location of the nuke disk no matter where it is.
  • You don't need to steal the blueprints located in the chief engineer's office to complete your objective. You can instead take a picture of it and it will count as successfully stealing it.
  • "Steal plasma" is the easiest objective; grab an emergency O2 tank or an air tank, stuff it in a public scrubber until it's empty. Go to Atmospherics, attach an air pump or a canister to a connector, send plasma to pure, set pure to ports, stuff the tank into the pump or can, set pressure to the max, open, wait, close (or turn off for a pump), remove, win/die because you used it for internals.
  • If tasked with stealing the medal of captaincy, you do not necessarily have to take one from the captain. There is an extra one in the captain's room located in the medal box on the table below where his gun case would be.
  • The secret documents can be located inside a file cabinet in a vault along with a nuclear core, and you only need a photo of the documents for the objective to count as complete. The syndicate lavaland base and some ruins also contain documents that can be used to fulfill this objective.
  • If tasked with stealing the captain's jetpack, a bag of holding can fully conceal it.
Antagonists on Yogstation


Individual Antagonists Traitor, Internal Affairs, Changeling, Vampire, Wizard
Team Antagonists Blood Brothers, Nuclear Operative, Blood Cult, Clockwork Cult, Gangster, Heretic, Darkspawn
Mid-Round Antagonists Abductor, Xenomorph, Revenant, Space Ninja, Holoparasite, Swarmers, Blob, Obsessed, Eldritch Horror
Rare Antagonists Devil