White Ship

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White Ship
Abandoned spaceship.
Purpose: Scavenging and mining.
Key items: Mining equipment.
Workers: None
Access: Anyone willing to explore space
Exits: Space

The White Ship is a somewhat intact, abandoned ship that can spawn randomly in deep space. The ship is self illuminated and self powered. The ship has a GPS inside, which can be tracked by another GPS to make locating the white ship easier. This can be used for good, such as exploration, or for bad, such as a mobile base for certain hostile forces. It can be used as an alternative evacuation point; when the Emergency Shuttle departs, the white ship will fly itself to Central Command, so ending the round in it counts as evacuation. You will often find miners aboard this ship, so don't be afraid if the ship is already occupied.

The ship, once found, can be moved around several fixed points:

  • Deep Space
  • Station Arrivals Dock
  • Lavaland
  • Derelict (if present)

The ship is split into two parts: Mining and Living.



The Bridge is located in the east area of the ship. This room is where the Captain of the ship sits. There is an exit to the west that leads to the main part of the ship.

The Bridge contains:

Cargo Bay

Cargo Bay is located in the north-east corner of the ship. This room is where everything that doesn't have a place is stored. There are two exits: North to space and south to the main part of the ship.

Cargo Bay contains:

  • Orebox.png Ore boxes
  • Emergencylocker.png An emergency closet
  • O2crate.png Medicine crate
  • Oxykit.png Oxygen treatment kit
  • GrayCrate.png Emergency supplies crate

Engineering Bay

Engineering is located south of the ship. This room's purpose is to build and repair mechs to make mining easier. There is an exit to the north leading to the main part of the ship.

Engineering contains:

E.V.A. Equipment

E.V.A. is where the miners on this ship will spend a lot of their time when they're not out looting the station mining, it is located north-west of the main room.

E.V.A. contains:

  • Metal.png Glass.png Building materials
  • Suit Storage Unit.png Two suit storage units
  • Tank dispenser.png Tank dispenser
  • Canister.png o2 canister
  • Mining vendor default.png Free miner ship equipment vendor


Medbay is located south-east of the ship. This room is where hurt crew get healed from various injuries. There is an exit north which leads to the main part of the ship.

Medbay contains:

  • Sleeper.gif Sleeper
  • Blood Pack.png Blood packs and IV Drip.png IV
  • OpTable.gif Surgery tools
  • Medikit.png First-aid kit
  • Defib.png Defibrillator



Hydroponics is located west of the kitchen. This room is where food is grown for the cooks. There is an exit north which leads to the main part of the ship.

Hydroponics contains:

  • Vendseeds.gif A seed vendor
  • Biogenerator.gif Biogenerator
  • Hydrotray.png Hydroponics trays


The kitchen is located south-west of the ship. This room is where the cook makes food so that the crew doesn't go hungry. There is an exit north which leads to the main part of the ship.

The kitchen contains:

  • Processor.gif Food processor
  • Microwaveo.png Microwave
  • Juicer.png Food grinder
  • Begg.png Eggs
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