White Ship

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Outside Area
White Ship.png
White Ship
Abandoned spaceship
Obvious exits Teleporter, north, south, east, west
Purpose Scavenging
Access level None
Noteworthy contents Two medical hardsuits, antique laser gun
Clearance Anyone willing to explore space
Security level None
Style Shuttle
Balance Requirements No major balance requirements
Other Notes
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The White Ship is a somewhat intact, abandoned ship that can spawn randomly in deep space. You can find two medical hardsuits in there, along with a retro laser gun in the bridge, which works like a normal laser gun with a larger magazine. It also has a working sleeper and mass driver; the ship is self illuminated and self powered.

The ship, once found, can be moved around several fixed points:

  • Deep Space
  • Station Arrivals Dock
  • Lavaland
  • Derelict (if present)

The ship also has a GPS inside, which can be tracked by another GPS to make locating the white ship easier.

Of course this can be used for good, such as exploration, or for bad, such as a mobile base for certain hostile forces. It can be used as an alternative evacuation point; when the Emergency Shuttle departs, the white ship will fly itself to Central Command, so ending the round in it counts as evacuation.

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