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Generic wizard.png
Access: None
Additional Access: Wherever you can teleport to
Difficulty: Very Hard
Supervisors: Space Wizard Federation
Duties: Welcome the crew to DIE.
Guides: This is the guide
Quote: Enough talk, weakling. EI NATH!
Wizard's Ship
The Wizard's Ship

Gamemode in rotation

Crew members of SS13, I offer you my sincerest greetings. My name is of no matter, but if you must call me something, you may call me The Quarter Wizard. I would like to inform you that I am the noble leader of the Wizards Federation.

You may be wondering, "Why, why mighty Quarter Wizard, why do you send wizards to the station to destroy us all?"

Well, denizen of the station, it's quite simple really: One or more of your crew has angered our magical Federation, and now you will all pay the price.

If you're lucky enough to only have certain members of the crew anger us, like that geneticist who once claimed that us magical folk are merely "products of genetics research", then you're more than likely to survive, assuming you give our wizard the means to escape early on. If not, well... Not even I, the mighty Quarter Wizard can guarantee your safety. We train our wizards to be masters of many spells, so there is no saying how exactly you will succumb to our mighty wizards.

But, for you lesser beings, I have archived a list of our most common spells, so as to assist you simpletons in identifying just how skilled and varied our wizards can be. Wizhat.PNG

Dress to Kill

If you are a Wizard, then remember to keep your gear on. Not only are they the latest in wizarding fashion, they are also a powerful magical amplifier. That's the Wizard's Hood, Robes, and Sandals. If you lose those, you are in a boatload of trouble.

Do everything in your power to keep your skirt on. Hurl spells, throw rocks, shout hurtful names at them. Whatever you do, don't let them touch the clothes.


You start on board a Wizard Ship. You have 10 spell points to spend.

Use the Wizard's Ship you start in to familiarize yourself with the spells before you teleport onto the station. You can even re-learn the spells as often as you'd like as long as you're here. Take your time. No need to jump in right away.

Additionally, you can remotely view the station using your camera consoles. Looking for a good entry point is crucial to beginning your one-man invasion in style.


You can take any of your spells multiple times to upgrade them, generally giving them a lower cooldown.

Spells and Artifacts


Spells and items geared towards debilitating and destroying. You can reduce the cooldown by spending more points on the spell.

Items are not bound to you and can be stolen. Additionally they cannot typically be returned once purchased.

Icon Name Description Cost Robed? Cooldown (seconds)
Fireballspell.png Fireball This spell fires an explosive fireball at a target. 2 6/5/4/3/2
Defaultspell.png Spell Cards Blazing hot rapid-fire homing cards. Send your foes to the shadow realm with their mystical power! 2 5/4/3/2/1
Rodspell.png Rod Form Take on the form of an immovable rod, destroying all in your path. Purchasing this spell multiple times will also increase the rod's damage and travel range. 2 30/25/20/15/10
Blindspell.png Blind This spell temporarily blinds a single target. 1 30/23.7/17.5/11.2/5
Mutatespell.png Mutate This spell causes you to turn into a hulk and gain laser vision for a short while. 2 40/37.5/35/32.5/30
Fleshtostone.png Flesh to Stone This spell charges your hand with the power to turn victims into inert statues for a long period of time. 2 60/40/30/20
Teslablast.png Tesla Blast Charge up a tesla arc and release it at a random nearby target! You can move freely while it charges. The arc jumps between targets and can knock them down if they don't have shock protection. 2 20/15.7/11.5/7.2/3
Defaultspell.png Lightning Bolt Fire a lightning bolt at your foes! It will jump between targets, but can't knock them down. Insulated gloves can protect people from the blast. 2 10/8.2/6.5/4.7/3
Lessersummonguns.png Lesser Summon Guns Why reload when you have infinite guns? Summons an unending stream of bolt action rifles that deal little damage, but will knock targets down. Requires both hands free to use. Learning this spell makes you unable to learn Arcane Barrage. 3 75/56.5/38/19.5/1
Arrow magic.png Summon Magic Arrows A spell that summons a homing arrow in the user's hand, ready to be shot out of a bow. It quickly becomes dull after hitting something. Can be quickly cast by pressing the 'quick-equip' key on an empty hand. You can also throw them!</nowiki> 1
Arcanebarrage.png Arcane Barrage Fire a torrent of arcane energy at your foes with this (powerful) spell. Deals much more damage than Lesser Summon Guns, but won't knock targets down. Requires both hands free to use. Learning this spell makes you unable to learn Lesser Summon Gun. 3 75/56.5/38/19.5/1
Curseoftheyard.png Curse of the Barnyard This spell dooms an unlucky soul to possess the speech and facial attributes of a barnyard animal. 2 15/12/9/6/3
Staff change.png Staff of Change Allows the wizard to randomly change anyone and anything into an alien, slime, lizardman, cyborg, Syndicate cyborg, monkey, or more! Although it has limited uses, it recharges its magic over time. 2
Staff of chaos.png Staff of Chaos Shoots random bolts of magic equal to any of the other wands (including wand of nothing). 2
Spellblade.gif Spellblade A sword capable of firing blasts of energy which rip targets limb from limb. 2
Breakbow.gif Break Bow An incredibly versatile bow that can be handled while retaining significant agility. Can be split into two blades which can be swung at the same time, as well as thrown and returned like boomerangs. Also comes with a quiver of unlimited arrows. 2
GrayCrate.png Rune Crate A wizard specialized in runecrafting is offering two chests full of runes! The problem is, he mixed up the contents of them so you won't know what you will get! Can include:

Icycle-rune.gifIcicle Rune: This obsidian rune has the ability to shoot icicles out of it. You do not want to hit yourself with it.
Mutation-rune.gifMutation Rune: This rune has the ability to mutate the target. Be careful, you don't want to mutate right?
Bullet-rune.gifBullet Rune: This obsidian rune has the ability to shoot bullets out of it. I have yet to meet one that can outsmart them.
Toxic-rune.gifToxic Rune: This obsidian rune has the ability to shoot syringes with toxins inside. You do not want to inject yourself with it.
Tentacle-rune.gifTentacle Rune: This obsidian rune has the ability to shoot tentacles out of it. Gross.
Heal-rune.gifHealing Rune: This obsidian rune has the ability to shoot healing bolts out of it. You want to hit yourself with it.
Fire-rune.gifFire Rune: This obsidian rune has the ability to shoot fire out of it. You do not want to hit yourself with it.
Honk-rune.gifBanana Rune: This obsidian rune has the ability to shoot banana peels out of it. Honk.
Chaos-rune.gifChaos Rune: This obsidian rune has the ability to shoot every runic spell out of it. You can't be sure what will come out of this.
Bomb-rune.gifBomb Rune: This obsidian rune has the ability to shoot bombs out of it. There is a sticky note on the back which reads 'Does not work on inanimate objects'.
Resize-rune.gifResizement Rune: This obsidian rune has the ability to change the target's size. You can't seem to find an accuracy setting.

Mjollnirr.gif Mjolnir The mighty hammer of Thor. Striking your foes with it will send them flying away from you, and can be thrown to achieve the same effect. 3
SingularityHammer.gif Singularity Hammer A hammer that creates a powerful gravitational field around its target, pulling everything towards it on hit. 2
Slip spell.png Slip Causes the floor within three tiles to become slippery. 2 30/25/20/15/10
Demonic chainsaw.png Demonic Chainsaw A demon with the form of a chainsaw that lets you steal the life of your foes as you tear through them. 3


Spells and items geared towards improving your survivability or reducing foes' ability to attack. You can reduce the cooldown by spending more points on the spell.

Items are not bound to you and can be stolen. Additionally they cannot typically be returned once purchased.

Icon Name Description Cost Robed? Cooldown
Magicmissilespell.png Magic Missile This spell fires several, slow moving, magic projectiles at nearby targets. 2 20/16.5/13/9.5/6
Empspell.png Disable Tech This spell disables all weapons, cameras and most other technology in range. 1 40/35/30/25/20
Repulsespell.png Repulse This spell throws everything around the user away. 2 40/33.7/27.5/21.2/15
Defaultspell.png Thrown Lightning Forged from eldrich energies, a packet of pure power, known as a spell packet will appear in your hand, that when thrown will stun the target. 2 1
Stoptimespell.png Stop Time This spell stops time for everyone except for you, allowing you to move freely while your enemies and even projectiles are frozen. 2 50/40/30/20/10
Smokespell.png Smoke This spell spawns a cloud of choking smoke at your location. 1 12/9.5/7/4.5/2
Forcewallspell.png Force Wall Create a magical barrier that only you can pass through. 1 10/8.7/7.5/6.2/5
Bindsoulspell.png Bind Soul A dark necromantic pact that can forever bind your soul to an item of your choosing. So long as both your body and the item remain intact and on the same plane you can revive from death, though the time between reincarnations grows steadily with use, along with the weakness that the new skeleton body will experience upon 'birth'. Note that becoming a lich destroys all internal organs except the brain. 4 1
Defaultspell.png Spacetime Distortion Entangle the strings of space-time in an area around you, randomizing the layout and making proper movement impossible. The strings vibrate... 1 30
Thetrapsspell.gif The Traps! Summon a number of traps around you. They will damage and enrage any enemies that step on them. 1 25/20/15/10/5
Staffofhealing.png Staff of Healing Shoots bolts that can fully heal the living and raise the dead. 1
Lockerstaff.png Staff of the Locker A staff that shoots lockers. It eats anyone it hits on its way, leaving a welded locker with your victims behind. 2
Soulstone Belt.png Wand Assortment A belt that comes of one of each useful wand, generated with the highest number of shots possible; they will not, however, regenerate their shots. Includes:

Wand of healing.gif Wand of Healing: This wand uses healing magics to heal the living and revive the dead. Takes 7 seconds to use on yourself. Rarely utilized within the Wizard Federation, for some reason.
Wand of polymorph.gif Wand of Polymorph: For when you just need a change. Be careful if using on yourself, as many potential forms lack arms to wield the wand!
Wand of teleportation.gif Wand of Teleportation: Will rip up and scatter anyone or anything caught in its path. Unlike teleportation spells employed by the wizard, this wand makes no qualms about depositing teleportees in space, fires, or the center of a black hole.
Wand of door creation.png Wand of Door Creation: For when you need an easy way out. Point at a solid wall and fire -- who needs ID cards in this day and age?
Wand of fireball.gif Wand of Fireball: Useful for burning those you don't like and everyone else too. Point away from face.

Wizardsuit.png Mastercrafted Armor Set Functions the same as normal wizard robes, plus being space-worthy and armored. Now you can cast spells in space and low temperature places! Additionally provides anti-magic protection, though this may interfere with magic you cast on yourself (i.e Mutate or wands). 1
Battlemagesuit.png Battlemage Armour An ensorceled suit of armour, protected by a powerful shield. The shield can completely negate sixteen attacks before being permanently depleted. It is not protected against the void of space. 2
Ranger cloak.png Ranger Cloak A cape that makes the wearer quickly invisible while standing still, permitting them to dodge ranged attacks. Moving or dodging projectiles reduces the effect. 2
Electricity2.gif Battlemage Armour Charges A powerful defensive rune, it will grant eight additional charges to a suit of battlemage armour. 1
Spells cauterize.png Cauterize Replace all brute/burn damage with burn damage, taken over time. Higher levels increases time taken to return back to original damage level. 2 80/75


Spells and items geared towards improving your ability to move. It is a good idea to take at least one. You can reduce the cooldown by spending more points on the spell.

Items are not bound to you and can be stolen. Additionally they cannot typically be returned once purchased.

Icon Name Description Cost Robed? Cooldown
Mindswapspell.png Mind Transfer This spell allows the user to switch bodies with a target. Cannot be purchased from the spellbook, only available to robeless apprentices. N/A 60/50
Blinkspell.png Blink This spell randomly teleports you a short distance. 2 2/1.6
Defaultspell.png Teleport This spell teleports you to an area of your selection. 2 60/50
Jauntspell.png Ethereal Jaunt This spell turns your form ethereal, temporarily making you invisible and able to pass through walls. 2 30/25
Knockspell.png Knock This spell opens nearby doors and closets. 1 10/8/6/4
Staff of door creation.png Staff of Door Creation Turns any wall into a door and opens unbolted doors. 1
Wizard whistle.png Warp Whistle A strange whistle that will transport you to a distant safe place on the station. There is a window of vulnerability at the beginning of every use. 1


Spells and items geared towards bringing in outside forces to aid you or improving upon your other items and abilities. You can reduce the cooldown by spending more points on the spell.

Items are not bound to you and can be stolen. Additionally they cannot typically be returned once purchased.

Icon Name Description Cost Robed? Cooldown
Bg spell.png Instant Summons This spell can be used to recall a previously marked item to your hand from anywhere in the universe. 1 10
Defaultspell.png Charge This spell can be used to recharge a variety of things in your hands, from magical artifacts to electrical components. A creative wizard can even use it to grant magical power to a fellow magic user. 1 60/55/50
Shapechage spell.png Shapechange Take on the shape of another for a time to use their natural abilities. Once you've made your choice it cannot be changed. 1 20/16.2/12.5
Soultap spell.png Soul Tap Fuel your spells using your own soul! 1 1
Changeling.gif Mimicry Temporarily disguises you as a random crewmember on the station, changing your appearance and voice to theirs. Purchasing this spell multiple times will make the disguise last longer. 1 30/27.5/25
Staff of animation.png Staff of Animation An arcane staff capable of shooting bolts of eldritch energy which cause inanimate objects to come to life. This magic doesn't affect machines. 2
Soulstone.png Six Soul Stone Shards and the spell Artificer Soul Stone Shards are ancient tools capable of capturing and harnessing the spirits of the dead and dying. The spell Artificer allows you to create arcane machines for the captured souls to pilot. 2
Necrostone.gif A Necromantic Stone A Necromantic stone is able to resurrect three dead individuals as skeletal thralls for you to command. 2
Scroll.png Contract of Apprenticeship A magical contract binding an apprentice wizard to your service, using it will summon them to your side. 2
Syndi cards.png Guardian Deck A deck of guardian tarot cards, capable of binding a personal guardian to your body. There are multiple types of guardian available, but all of them will transfer some amount of damage to you. It would be wise to avoid buying these with anything capable of causing you to swap bodies with others. 2
Bloodvial.gif Bottle of Blood A bottle of magically infused blood, the smell of which will attract extradimensional beings (slaughter demons) when broken. Be careful though, the kinds of creatures summoned by blood magic are indiscriminate in their killing, and you yourself may become a victim. 2
Bloodvial.gif Bottle of Tickles A bottle of magically infused fun, the smell of which will attract adorable extradimensional beings when broken. These beings are similar to slaughter demons, but they do not permamently kill their victims, instead putting them in an extradimensional hugspace, to be released on the demon's death. Chaotic, but not ultimately damaging. The crew's reaction to the other hand could be very destructive. 1


These powerful spells change the very fabric of reality. Not always in your favour.

Name Description Cost
Summon Ghosts Spook the crew out by making them see dead people. Be warned, ghosts are capricious and occasionally vindicative, and some will use their incredibly minor abilities to frustrate you. 0
Summon Portal Storm Terrorize the crew with a portal storm! Whatever crawls out of these portals will be a threat not just to the crew, but you as well! 1
Curse of Madness Curses the station, warping the minds of everyone inside, causing lasting traumas. Warning: this spell can affect you if not cast from a safe distance. 4

Faithful Apprentice

You can select an artifact contract from your spellbook which will allow you to solicit the assistance of a helpful apprentice wizard. Using this contract will select a ghost who has the wizard role enabled and spawn them as your assistant. If no ghosts are available when the contact is used, it will remain usable until one is found. If you do keep yours around note that contracts can be used by non-wizards too. If you change your mind, you can click on your spellbook with an unused contract to refund your spent spell point. When you use the contract you are able to choose from four sets of two spells for the apprentice to learn.

Destruction: Fireball + Magic Missile

Bluespace Manipulation: Jaunt + Teleport

Robeless: Knock + Mindswap

Healing: Forcewall + Charge/Staff of Healing

Once they have chosen a name, the spawned apprentice is given a set of blue robes, a single-use teleport scroll and an objective to keep you alive.

Remember that your survival is paramount! The round doesn't end if your apprentice dies, but do try to keep him alive.

The AI and You!

NOTICE: THE WIZ IS HUMAN (unless he is a lizard wizard or a Skeleton)

Usually, when you go on your long space adventure, you come across an AI.

The AI will either be nice to you and attempt to protect you from the evil crew, or it will track you the whole time, and attempt to trap you! (Luckily, you have been trained by the greatest!) If this happens, go into the AI core, and see how he can track you while it's dead.

If you're feeling nice and don't mind being stunned a few times, you can always pop into the upload! When you get inside, take a Freeform module, pop out, and make nice law explaining how you are practically god of the station, and return to the upload, and of course, upload it!

After that, the AI will be very nice to you, and serve you, his master.

Suggested Starting Loadouts

Your first time playing as a Wizard can be disorientating and very hard, but also demanding. Just figuring out what spells to take is half the gamemode onto itself, the other half is utilising those spells. As such this section will detail some basic, but robust, starting Wizard loadouts.

You only get five spells to chose, meaning your spell loadout will be limited. So don't overspecialize.


  • Magic Missile
  • Ethereal Jaunt
  • Blink
  • Knock

A basic, but robust setup. Gives you good offensive and defensive capabilities that favor hit and run attacks.

Using Ethereal Jaunt to launch an ambush, then using Magic Missiles to grant you an effective area stun attack. Blink and Knock offer an effective fallback to escaping a bad situation or if you screw up.


  • Magic Missile
  • Disable Technology
  • Mutate
  • Fireball
  • Blink

Heavily oriented around attacking and killing the crew, you suffer from very little defensive spells, thus relying on being robust enough to kill anyone before they become a threat.

This loadout focuses on Magic Missiles and Mutate in order to kill, as well as Fireball to help deliver the coup de grâce. Disable Technology is effective in sapping all energy from Security Officers weapons while Blink offers a small defensive spell to get out of a bad spot.


  • Magic Missile
  • Teleport
  • Ethereal Jaunt
  • Blink
  • Smoke OR offensive spell

This loadout focuses on survivability almost exclusively. You're going to have to rely on stealing station weapons in order to kill people, however you yourself will be really hard to kill as you have a large array of defensive and retreat spells to use.



No Robes

  • Fireball
  • Knock
  • Mind Swap
  • 2x Free Robeless Spells

A dangerous and advanced loadout, this set up relies on stealth, evasion and confusion to get the job done. However this can prove effective in avoiding getting shot and pulling of outrageous tasks.

If you're discovered you will have few defensive or offensive abilities to employ, Fireball is your only main offensive spell, taking either Blind or Smoke can help in avoiding targets and Forcefield can help keep away pursuers.

These loadouts are meant as a general guide on a simple loadout to use. We highly recommend you experiment with any spell combination when you can.


  • While knocked down, you can still change your "facing" direction by clicking on a tile or at-tempting to move. This means you can aim fireball while knocked down.
  • Someone in the "Unconcious" state can be instantly Soul Sharded, regardless of health. Anyone under 50% HP can be KO'd by a briefcase with 100% reliability. See that assistant that burned himself to shit on the door? Briefcase bonk, shard.
  • If you use the scroll of teleportation, put it in your pocket and leave the teleportation win-dow open, when you select "Okay" on the window, you'll still teleport, even if it's not in your hands. You can also do this while stunned. So if your escapade as Gas-Mask Wizardtington the "Greyshirt" with a stolen ID ends up getting you tased, you can SCRYAR NILA INCINERATOR 3 times before they'll be able to cuff you, instead of throwing out a panic fireball and hoping he gets KO'd. This is far more useful to a robeless wizard than a robed wizard...as the robed one will likely just cast teleport/blink/jaunt if he ever gets stunned.
  • Suicide bombing is a very easy way to kill a wizard. Welderbombings can also knock the wizard out if he's not very good.
  • You can label constructs, so please please please steal a hand labeler as a wizard so that your artificers actually know which juggernaut to heal.
  • The Staff of Animation can animate holographic objects. They retain their 'force' and do not disappear when they leave the holodeck/the holodeck is shut off. So you can load up the thunder dome simulation over and over for infinite E-sword buddies.
  • Wizard EMP shocks doors, so you should not better use doors as wizard, after you use EMP skill. Also the staff of animation is even more OP then veil render, just use it on knifes, hatchets and other items of big robustness. Combine this with EMPing security guys, which approach you and mutating in hulk, when you see guys with syringe guns (however, if chemist is not mainstream and deploys lexorin or unstable mutagen, you would get outrobusted) for greater effects.
  • The wizard's Knock spell opens bolted doors too.
  • The staff of change works on AIs.
  • Fire balling someone with anti magic will stun and blind you.
  • Trying to use disintegrate on someone with anti-magic will decapitate your arm and do nothing to the victim.
  • You can not jaunt over tiles that were sprayed with holy water.
  • If you're going to use the rod form it is almost required that you bring some form of space immunity, may that be necromancy or a gem encrusted hardsuit, because at some point it will land you in space.

...Now, fearless follower of the Wizards Space Federation..

I have but one question for you, now that I revealed all this knowledge to you,

Will you be ready?

With Love,

The QuarterWizard

Antagonists on Yogstation


Individual Antagonists Traitor, Internal Affairs, Changeling, Vampire, Wizard
Team Antagonists Blood Brothers, Nuclear Operative, Blood Cult, Clockwork Cult, Gangster, Heretic, Darkspawn
Mid-Round Antagonists Abductor, Xenomorph, Revenant, Space Ninja, Holoparasite, Swarmers, Blob, Obsessed, Eldritch Horror
Rare Antagonists Devil