Chief Engineer's Office

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Engineering Area
CE Office.png
Obvious exits North to Atmospherics and Aft Primary Hallway, south to Engineering
Purpose For the Chief Engineer to oversee the engineering department and control the secure storage
Access level CE Office
Noteworthy contents Atmospherics Alert Console, Station Alert Console, CE's advanced RIG-suit, magboots, the CE's stamp, the CE's locker, with the station blueprints inside
Clearance Captain, Chief Engineer
Security level High
Style Engineering
Balance Requirements
Other Notes
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The personal hidey-hole of the Chief Engineer. Requires CE Office access. Contains the CE's advanced RIG, magboots, the CE's stamp, batteries, some medicine, some tools, and the CE's locker, with the station blueprints inside. People will try to break in to obtain these as well as the advanced hardsuit and magboots if the CE is not wearing them. Also home to Poly, the Chief Engineer's pet parrot and eventually his nest of items he collected while you were away.

The three buttons in this office controls the blast doors used to lock down the entrance to Engineering, Secure Storage and Atmospherics front and side entrances. The office also has a handy Station Alert computer, which you can use to help direct your Station Engineers and Atmospheric Technicians to where they need to be.

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