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Kocмичecкaя Cтaнция 13
Ах ты не умный парень.
Слава космической станции 13!
Purpose: Scavenging.
Key items: Intellicard, EMP grenade, two red space suits, one red space helmet, syndicate toolboxes, pAI, spare parts for the singularity engine
Workers: None
Access: Anyone willing to explore space
Exits: Space

Kocмичecкaя Cтaнция 13 (lit. "Space Station 13") was a highly secret plasma mining and research station allegedly launched by the Third Soviet Union in 2544, and destroyed two years later in a bombing by the Syndicate, ultimately becoming a derelict vessel. Nanotrasen officials have denied knowing anything about KC13 or the bombing. Contrary to the Nanotrasen story, KC13 was most likely a predecessor to the modern Space Station 13, as both stations contain near-identical technology and a similar layout.

The "KC13" sign in one of the Derelict's hallways.

Most of the Derelict is only slightly more hospitable than space itself. Most of the station has proper atmosphere, but is freezing due to multiple hull breaches and is not survivable without a space suit. Note that if you wish to explore the Derelict it will usually require hacking the doors, as while they will respond to IDs from the main station, the access levels on KC13 were slightly different than on SS13 (one notable example is that the Med-Sci wing doors are only openable by the Research Director, CMO, or Captain by default). Power can be restored to the Derelict by restoring either of its two solar panels, which require exactly two lengths of wire each.

Arrival Center

The arrival center is located in the south-east area of the station and was designed to be the main entrance to the station. This is where crew members would exit the arrival shuttle and begin their shift. There are four exits from this room: A windoor north-west leading to the Primary Hallway, an airlock south-west leading to the Primary Hallway (originally led to toxins), double airlocks east leading to space (originally an arrivals docking bay) and double airlocks south leading to space (originally an airlock to escape).

The arrival center contains:

  • Wardrobes
  • PortablePump.png Portable air pump and PortableScrubber.png scrubber
  • Emergency closets

Control Room

The control room is located in the east area of the station and takes the place of the Bridge on this station. This is where the command staff meet up to discuss how to deal with matters on the station. There is one exit from this room besides smashing the windows out to space: A windoor west leading to Control Room Access.

The control room contains:

Control Room Access

The control room access is located north-east of the station and acts like a hallway to the Control Room. This is where circuit boards are stored, just like in secure storage. This are two main exits from this room: North to solar control and east to control room. This area is made up of a few sections: Main hallway, tech storage, E.V.A. and secure storage.

Tech storage contains:

  • Ytoolbox.png Electrical toolbox
  • Generic drone.png Drone shell
  • Powercell.png Power cell
  • Flash.gif Flash
  • Matter bin, cable coil, airlock electronics

E.V.A contains:

  • Swathelmet.png SWAT helmet
  • Baton.png Police baton

Secure storage contains:

  • Cable coil, micro-manipulator, capacitor
  • SMES board, power control module
  • Power cell.png High-capacity power cells

Computer Core

The computer core room is located north of the station. This room functions as an even-more-secure secure storage. There is one exit out of this room: An airlock to space in the north-west corner.

The computer core room contains:

  • Turret.PNG Turrets - a lot of them
  • Atmospheric Alert Console.png Atmospheric alert console
  • Icard.png Intellicard
  • SMES board, solar control board, autolathe board
  • Microwave board
  • Cryotube board
  • Protolathe board, circuit imprinter board
  • RD console board


Atmospherics is located south of the station. It is the room causing breathable air to go throughout the station. There is one exit out of this room: North to the primary hallway.

Atmospherics contains:

  • PortablePump.pngPortable air pump
  • Canister.png Canister
  • Air pressure tanks

Singularity Engine

This is located in the center of the station. Originally it was the main source of power and held a singularity engine. There are two exits: North to the gravity room, south to the medical room.

The singularity engine room contains:

  • Canister.png Plasma canister
  • Syndicatetools.png Suspicious toolbox
  • Black space helmet
  • Generic drone.png Drone shell
  • Box of replacement lights

Gravity Generator

The gravity generator room is located to the north of the station. Originally it was the room responsible for keeping gravity on the station. There is one main exit: South to the singularity engine room.

The gravity generator room contains:

  • Radiation suit closet
  • Matter bins, APC frame, micro-manipulator
  • Gravity generator

Solar Panel North

Solar panel room is located north of the station. It is one of the two solar panel areas and will be your main source of power now. There are four exits: North, east and west to space and south to the control room access.

The solar panel room contains:

Solar Panel South

Solar panel room is located south of the station. It is one of the two solar panel areas and will be your main source of power now. There are two exits: North to the secondary hallway and south to space.

The solar panel room contains:


Medbay is located to the west of the station. It is the room responsible for healing injured crew members. There are four exits out of this room: North to the singularity engine room, east to space (originally Genetics), south to the Primary Hallway and west to the morgue.

Medbay contains:

  • Sleeper.gif Sleepers
  • Various medicine
  • Medibot assembly


The chapel is located west of the station. More information on the chapel can be found here. There are two exits out of the chapel: North-east to the morgue and south-east to the Primary Hallway.

The chapel contains:

  • Coffin
  • Mass driver

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