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Command Area
Teleporter small.png
Teleporter Room
The teleporter sounds cooler than it really is.
Obvious exits Hallway east, Captain's Quarters north, the teleporter
Purpose To facilitate teleportation.
Access level Teleporter
Noteworthy contents The teleporter, a Hand Teleporter, Shield Generators
Clearance Captain, Research Director
Security level Medium
Balance Requirements
Other Notes
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Located in the Bridge, south of the Captains Quarters, the Teleporter houses one of the two Hand Teleporters on the station. It also provides a back door into the Captains Quarters and any location with a Tracking Beacon.

Unless you calibrate the teleporter, or science actually upgrades it for once, it has a chance of malfunctioning, turning you into a fly person. Gross.

At the start of the shift, the following Tracking Beacons are available:

The teleporter room stores some Shield Generators (ID-locked to Teleporter), for whatever purpose you can think of. Shield generation would be a good place to start.

This is a secure area, and only the Captain and Research Director are authorized to enter. In practice it is pretty much broken into every round, whether by traitors looking to steal the Hand Teleporter or chucklefucks trying to backdoor into the Captain's Quarters.

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