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Manfred Hayden, Atmospheric Technician says:
"Hey, you should probably read the Guide to Atmospherics!"
Atmospherics Area
This is atmospherics, Atmospheric Technicians work here. This is where all air on station is stored and redistributed. Most systems are automatic, with only a few that need looking after.
Obvious exits Hallway west, maintenance north, engineering break room west
Purpose Handles the various gases in the station
Access level
Noteworthy contents pipes, computers, ect
Clearance Captain, Atmospheric Technician, Chief Engineer
Security level
Balance Requirements
Other Notes
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Yonder Atmosia

The city of pipes and air, a peaceful place often left to its automatic work. Yet, some people do come here for other reasons, like to dump bodies, charge a bomb's O2 tank, plant a power sink, get O2 for jet packs, steal CO2 canisters to manually flood the station, bunker down in a revolution, start a cult, build a computer forest, flood the station with harmful gasses or set up the secondary Singularity Engine.

Jobstemp.png Locations on Boxstation (YogBox)
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