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Tourist.png Tourist.png
Alternative Titles: Visitor, Traveler, Siteseer, Fisher
Access: None
Additional Access: None
Difficulty: None
Supervisors: Anyone
Duties: Take pictures of everything, get murdered in arrivals, never to be found again.
Guides: New Players, Starter guide, Frequently Asked Questions, General items, Basic construction
Quote: Which way is the bathroom?

Tourists are one of the Yogstation exclusive jobs. Tourists are just like assistants, but they have cooler suits (And probably something to do, too).

Tourism 101

So, you've won a ticket to Nanotrasen's secret and safe station, which would be horrible for a happy vacation. You came aboard expecting cool stuff to happen. Well wait no more! Go ahead and take photos of every goddamned thing! Or probably get eaten.

As a tourist, you don't really have anything to do. Just go ahead and take pictures, don't forget to grab some paper too. Bring exotic souvenirs back home. Join assistant's gang or head to HoP to get a job!

Daily Traitor

As a traitor Tourist, you have more chance to stay under the radar, like an assistant. As you have not much access, your best choice to gain access anywhere would be an e-mag or a full toolbelt alongside insulated gloves.
A changeling tourist is also hard, so you better plan ahead and get your target while they are weak. Be an opportunist and keep a close eye on your targets/meals.

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