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Before you PR any change to a map, you need to use the Map Merger tools.

This is required for a few reasons:

  1. It rewrites the map to minimize differences between different versions of the map (DreamMakers map editor rewrites a lot of the tile keys). This makes the git diff between different map changes much smaller.
  2. Maintainers can actually verify the changes you are making are what you say they are by simply viewing the diff (for small changes at least).
  3. The less changes there are in any given map diff, the easier it is for git to merge it without running into unexpected conflicts, which in most cases you have to either manually resolve or require you to remap your changes.

If you have difficulty using these tools, ask for help in #mapping.

Using mapmerger

1. Install Python 3.7 It can be found here. Future versions of Python may or may not work, the following guide was tested with Python 3.7.
2. PATH Python This step is mostly applicable to windows users, you must make sure to add python to your path. There will be an option for this when you install python.
3. Prepare Maps Run "Prepare Maps.bat" in the \tools\mapmerge2 directory.
4. Edit your map Make your changes to the map here. Remember to save them and compile!
5. Clean map Run "mapmerge.bat" in the \tools\mapmerge2 directory. Scroll through the list and type the appropriate map number(s).
7. Check differences Use your git application of choice to look at the differences between revisions of your code and commit the result.
8. Commit Your map is now ready to be committed.
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