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Polysmorphs are a optional playable race. You can make a polysmorph character in the character panel, and change aspects of its appearance such as teeth, dorsal tubes and domes. Polysmorphs attack with their claws to slash and hack people, though this does not deal any additional damage. They also tend to hiss when talking. In addition, they have digitigrade legs and spawn with footwraps.

Polysmorphs have sulphuric acid as their blood, and take almost no damage from acid. They also take lower damage from cold, but take more damage from heat and fire.

Note that as a polysmorph, the AI does not consider you human and is not obligated to listen to you and an Asimov AI will often respond lethally should they find you harming a human, however this also means the AI can allow you to put yourself into harm's way in a positive manner, such as opening a airlock exposed to space to save someone. Also, certain crew members will show you depths of racism previously reserved for the clown.



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