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Humanoid Species

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Born in a series of experiments conducted by Central Command known informally as the Omicron Project, Preternis represent a breakthrough in neurolink interfaces between man and machine. Originally of standard human ilk, most of their vital organs and brain have been either replaced or augmented with cybernetic components, affording them vastly improved lifespans - to the point of quasi-immortality.

Some of the oldest Androids have approached nearly four hundred years alive, appearing as new as the day they emerged from the surgical ward of the Docks.

Most striking of all is perhaps their ocular augmentations, glowing ominously from their positronic internal reactors within, giving their eyes an almost otherworldly glint. It is said that no Android ever fears the dark, so great is their capacity to see where none else may.

Half man, half machine, these enigmatic creatures represent a new step forward in both silicon and carbon evolution. However, neither side likes what the future entails. Androids elicit scorn and distrust from silicon and human alike, neither one nor the other in actuality, sitting upon a threshold that few dare to tread.

Dark Vision

Preternis can see all tiles directly adjacent to them in total darkness, and significantly farther than a human in low light, unless they are starving. This effect will be blocked by any form of eyewear. However, their sensitive eyes are vulnerable to flashes and other unshielded bright lights, such as from welding without proper equiptment. Emagging a preternis will cause significant brain damage, and emagging them a second time will cause their ocular implants to overload and flash random colors.

Damage Immunities

Preternis are also extremely resilient to radiation, though radiation storms will still cause them significant harm.

Damage Weakness

Preternis are extra susceptible to brute damage, as well as cold and heat from the environment, and begin taking damage from extreme temperatures much sooner than other races. They also take 50% more damage from electric shocks.

EMPs will severely damage and stun preternis.

Disease Resistance

Preternis have a natural resistance to disease, requiring only a small amount of protection from infections. However, if a virus does manage to infect a preternis, it will become airborne.


Preternis start with semi-robotic limbs. While they lack the durability of fully robotic limbs, they can have brute damage repaired by applying a welder, burn damage repaired by applying cable coils, and brain damage repaired by using a screwdriver on their head. For all of these, the user must be on help intent. Due to their weak eyes, a preternis will need eye protection in order to heal themselves with a welder.

Impants and Organs

Preternis can insert cybernetic implants without surgery by using them in their hand and holding still for ten seconds. However, they cannot accept many unique organic organs, such as xenomorph organs and legion cores, even with surgery.


Preternis receive only one fifth the normal amount of nutrition from food. Instead, they consume electricity from power cells, APCs, SMESs, Mechs, and cyborgs by alt-clicking on them. Cyborgs may be somewhat angry if a preternis drains its cell without permission, and consuming power from an APC multiple times has the capacity to completely drain it. Wearing gloves will slow the process down, and wearing insulated gloves prevents it completely.

Preternis will also gain some nutrition from being electrocuted by doors, but due to the increased shock damage they take, this is usually not advisable.


Preternis bodies will automatically purge any chemical that has been in their body for more than fourty seconds. While this protects them from extremely large doses of poison, it also means that they cannot take large amounts of healing medicine at once. Some chemicals also have special effects.

  • Oil will slowly heal burn damage. Welding fuel will do the same at half the rate.
  • Telsium will act as stimulants to preternis, draining hunger but granting speed and high stun resist. However, it will also make the preternis even more susceptible to electric shocks.


Preternis can speak verbally with other preternis and silicons in binary with :d. They can also hear heavily garbled speech when a cyborg uses binary chat right next to them.