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The Final Frontier.
Purpose: A cold, horrible place full of vacuum and a few locations floating around.
Key items: Vacuum, dark matter.
Workers: None
Access: Everyone
Exits: Space Station 13, Abandoned Satellite, Derelict, Mining Station

Naturally deadly to all, except Cyborgs and Aliens, it houses many mysteries, and many asteroids.
Any part of the station exposed to space, and not behind an airlock, solid wall, secured window, firelock, holobarrier or fan will quickly lose breathable air.

Generally, unless you are in a proper space suit with functioning internals, you will freeze to death in the airless, bone chilling void, unless you happen to be hit by a stray meteor, or Space Dust.

Your Gear

You'll need a space suit to protect yourself against the pressure and cold of space, and a mask with oxygen so that you can breathe. It's recommended to bring a spare oxygen tank if you plan to be in space for a while, as if your first one runs out you won't survive very long. You can choose anything you want to help you navigate in space, but a Kinetic Accelerator is a good choice as it lacks ammo. Rods are useful to take so you can stop in space whenever you'd like to. Magboots are not required, but they will make your travels a lot easier. By having them on, you sacrifice speed for the ability to ignore space wind and any lack of gravity. If all else fails, you can fight against zero gravity by chucking things in a direction, as you'll be propelled in the opposite direction. This effect occurs regardless of what the object is, whether it be a full medkit or a single card from a pack of cards.

Other items that may prove useful to you:

  • BlueToolbox.pngToolbox: Useful if you come across an unpowered space ruin, or one in which you lack access to.
  • Medikit.pngMedkit: In case of injuries from space hazards, medical equipment will allow you to treat yourself.
  • Global Positioning System.gifGPS: Allows you to track your location, or search for other GPS devices.


  • It is well known that space is not a safe place. Without a source of breathable air, you will quickly pass out before you can accomplish anything, so set up internals. If you see someone passed out in a de-pressurized zone, you can help by dragging them somewhere safer and giving them some Salbutamol, Epinephrine or CPR to treat oxygen deprivation.
  • Space is really cold. Your jumpsuit is not enough to safeguard you from this hazard and you will eventually become critical if you spend too much time outside. While freezing, you move at a slower pace and you might not be able to get to safety in time. It might be a good idea to announce your situation over the radio and have someone come get you if you're not sure you'll make it. Leporazine is the drug of choice for keeping you warm, but coffee or tea help somewhat. Morphine is also an excellent choice for aspiring astronauts as it helps you move in bulky space suits and reduces the slowing effects of the cold.
  • Low pressure is your first sign that the air is too thin to breathe. The low pressure of space will deal brute damage if your body is exposed to it.
  • All sorts of creatures reside in space, such as space carps or, more rarely, space dragons. They will attack you if they see you, so be prepared to fight or in worse case, run.
  • Occasionally, meteors will be found in space near to the station. If hit, you'll be hurt or even knocked out.
  • Syndicate scum and other sorts of bad people have a close relationship with space. They can often be found hovering around outside the station in stolen space suits. They will shoot you if they catch you out there. While the station engineers do their best to keep the horror that is The Great Outdoors separate from the rest of the station, traitors will seek to acquaint you with this region in a variety of ways. Don't let them.

Help! I've Been Spaced!

Alright, calm down. The situation may not be as hopeless as it seems. Too many newbies have died when they could have been saved but gave in to despair. If you have any of the aforementioned items your chances of survival are greatly increased. Cyborgs may have it a lot easier because they are innately immune to cold and vacuum, along with every module having some form of space travel. However, since cyborgs cannot throw things, they can have a harder time maneuvering their way back to the station without an Ion Thrusters upgrade.

Your first priority is to activate internals if they weren't already. If you know where the station is and have a fire extinguisher, use it. If you don't, try throwing some items to propel yourself back to safety. If you were thrown out an airlock by a traitor, now's the time to let people know of your situation and where it happened. Generally they will have stripped you of all your protective gear so your time will be limited, but if they left you anything to throw you may at least have your body discovered. It might be a pain in the ass to retrieve it, but security will probably want you revived to interview you. Maximizing your suit sensors increases this possibility dramatically. Even if you don't survive, you may be avenged by blowing their cover over the radio, but this doesn't always work. Remember you can cling to the hull of the station and walk around.

If you have any metal rods, you can place them on a space tile to create a lattice, which you will automatically grip, stopping you from drifting in space.

Take note that space is random. You won't generally be in space forever - if you die your body will probably hit something eventually. Paranoid traitors may try to give you some spin when they space you for this reason since you're more likely to hit an asteroid or ruin instead. If the space is just right, your corpse may loop around and land on the other side of the station, or it might hit something and bounce off, slowly returning to the station.

Sometimes you just don't have any idea where the main station is. This tends to happen after blinking or walking into a portal set as a trap. If you have the equipment necessary to survive in space for an extended period of time, rejoice! Just set yourself on a diagonal vector and you'll encounter some form of civilization eventually. Besides the main station, there are some randomized ruins and places in space that might contain a teleporter or a bunch of deadly critters. If you're not seeing any stations and you're getting impatient, you may try changing direction. If and when you make it back, it'll make a fine story to tell everyone at the bar, assuming the whole place hasn't gone down the shitter while you were away.

Remember, space is heavily randomized, meaning ruins that appear in one round may not appear at all, or they will appear in different places. Unless you specifically know where you're going, chances are where you end up can be almost anywhere. Just don't stray too far from the station and this should not be a problem.

Ghetto Space Suit

Located in many maintenance tunnels throughout the station and in other places, gas masks, fire suits and hard hats, extinguishers and oxygen tanks can all be found in fire safety closets. Wearing the fire suit and fire hat will protect you from the low pressure of space, and using internals will protect you from suffocating, but you'll still freeze in the cold temperature of space; using coffee or leporazine will warm you a little.

To propel yourself, just aim the fire extinguisher in the opposite direction you want to go in and voila! Extinguishers last surprisingly long when used this way and don't cut into your air supply like a jetpack does, but the downside is that it's far slower and much less maneuverable. Still, it should be good for simple work around the station. Guns and sprayers can also be used to maneuver in space. Kinetic accelerators are a great choice as they don't run out of power or ammo.

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