Captain's Quarters

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Command Area
Captain's Quarters
The boss man's office and bedroom. If you're in here, you better have a good reason.
Obvious exits Teleporter south, Bridge north
Purpose Protecting the Captain and their valuables
Access level Captain
Noteworthy contents Nuke disk, Antique laser gun, Captain's spare ID card
Clearance Captain, Cyborg, AI
Security level High
Style Office/Quarters
Balance Requirements No major balance requirements
Other Notes
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This is the Captain's roomy private office, for when the pressures of command get too great. It is located in the command sector, with the Bridge to the north (so the Captain can stride manfully onto the Bridge in a crisis) and to Teleporter Control to the south (for when he needs to run away like a little girl). It is only right that the Captain himself spawns here. Naturally, Captain-level access is required to use this room.

This room contains the Nuclear Authentication Disk (so the Syndicate can blow up the station), a storage unit with a special space suit and jetpack (so the Captain can disappear into space), the Captain's Spare ID (so certain individuals can gain all-access and spread their joy through the station) and a hand teleporter (so the Captain can run away when the station has gone to hell). The Captain's Antique Laser Gun is also stored in a high-security display case here, and a box of medals, including the much-coveted Medal of Captaincy, is on the desk for nobody to ever earn.

The Captain's private quarters is attached to the office just behind his desk. This contains a comfortable bed for the Captain to sleep on, as well as a locker with some armor, an energy gun, parade outfit and an extra jumpsuit. Of course, the Captain is not expected to use the same filthy facilities as the rest of the commoners, so a personal restroom is provided for aliens to make a hive inside his exclusive use.

In the office is an ID computer and a communications console, which is vital for calling the shuttle once the Bridge and AI have exploded. This panoply of equipment, coupled with the fact that the Captain's Quarters are a back door onto the Bridge, means that traitors will be constantly trying to get in. Breaking in or trespassing here will usually land you a life sentence.

Fortunately, your desk actually makes pretty good cover against invaders. The consoles will block most projectiles, and you can move your locker around for some more versatile protection.

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