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Currently not implemented on the server(30/10/2018)

Welcome to Telescience, the room where you teleport things/people/bombs you aren't supposed to have into places said things/people/bombs aren't supposed to be, or use it for legitimate purposes.

Whatcha have and watcha need

The Telescience Lab.
  • 5 Global Positioning System.gif GPS (kinda useless. Good for R&D)
  • 5 Telescience Beacon
  • 1 Screwdriver tool.png Screwdriver, Multitool.png Multitool, Wrench.png Wrench, Crowbar.png Crowbar
  • 1 Teleporter Control Console.gif Telepad Control Console
  • 1 Telescience.gif Telepad
  • 1 Stack of paper for your talismans notes complete with a folder and pen

Holy Shit, I Will be the Ruler of Space and Time!

Not yet. To set up you have to

  1. Open the Telepad's server panel with the screwdriver and load up it's buffer with the multitool.
  2. Load up the buffer into the Telepad Control Console with said Multitool.

That was easy wasn't it? Don't forget to close the Telepad!

The nice image you see on the right is what you'll operate to finally rule space and time.

Each beacon has a random identifier which you can rename through the computer to your liking or using a pen directly. The idea is to Send and Recieve to and from the beacon. The nice X and Y you see there are the cardinal points, duh, and the center is the beacon.

If you send someting it will always get whatever is on top of the telepad into the beacon, considering cardinal points. Say, you send a banana peel X: -3, you teleport it 3 tiles to the left of wherever the beacon is. If you recieve something is will always land on top of the telepad. Say, you recieve a prisoner that's 2 tiles on top of the beacon. You need X:0 Y:2. You get the idea


Advanced Slightly Traitorious Telescience

  • Get a pAI. It can use the console and save you in a pinch. Plus is fun for the other player
  • Learn the station layout so you get that sweet locker in a few tries
  • The Advanced Telescience Beacon is better
  • The room has all the tools to move the machine and computer
  • Hire an assistant and turn him into an space explorer
  • Achieve an inhumane level of cooperation and give a beacon to a miner, build ORM in the lab and you are everyone's best friend.