AI Satellite

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Command Area
AI Satellite
A well protected off-station satellite.
Obvious exits Central Primary Hallway South
Purpose Houses the AI.
Access level AI Upload
Noteworthy contents AI
Clearance Captain, Head of Personnel, Research Director
Security level Maximum
Balance Requirements
Other Notes
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AI Satellite

Located to the south-east of engineering, and disconnected to the station. This contains the AI's physical core, along with a selection of wall mounted radios to allow it to communicate with the station. The chamber is designed to support up to three functional AIs. Additional AIs will spawn in the slots at the sides.

The satellite contains an wide array of defensive technology to protect the AI from intruders. The first line of defence is the fact that the satellite is housed off station, requiring people to enter either via the transit tube, teleporter or via space. The satellite exterior is protected with a wall of grilles, reinforced windows, reinforced walls and over watching security cameras. The main foyer is defended by Officer Pingsky, a Securitron, and two turrets. The AI Core itself is protected by a double Rwall on the outside, along with four centrally controlled turrets, wall mounted flashers and four liquid dispensers which knock over anyone who steps in the liquid produced. Suffice it to say, breaching the AI Core is a difficult task.

There are three main methods to gain entry to the satellite, the primary method is a transit tube running from engineering to the satellite foyer, the second method is by using the station's teleporter. The final method is to make a quick EVA and enter via the two external airlocks, do note the airlocks are access restricted and not all access.

Satellite Rooms

The satellite is divided into six separate areas.


The main entrance, connects to the AI Core proper, external walkway and the teleporter room.

Teleporter Room

Housing a secondary teleport system, only the RD and Captain have access. Has a internal shutter to allow people to freely enter and leave.

External Walkway

Connects the Foyer to the Sat Maintenance as well as two external airlocks. Also servers as a barrier against external forces

Satellite Maintenance

Contains the satellites primary source of power, oxygen tanks, backup power generator, a recharging station and emergency repair tools.

AI Core

The main feature of the Satellite, houses the AI.

This satellite is one of the most secure areas on station. Breaking into or trespassing in here is justification for permanent incarceration. Both AIs and security are advised to keep a close eye on the satellite By default, AI Satellite is only accessible by the HoP, RD and the Captain.

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