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Access: Everywhere
Additional Access: None
Difficulty: Ghastly!
Supervisors: None
Duties: Complain about the antags being boring, be dead, observe the round.
Guides: This is the guide
Quote: i ded plz restart

How Did I Become A Ghost?

There are two main ways to become a ghost: observe the round or die. You can observe the round from the title screen by choosing observe, which will teleport you to a set location (above the Bridge on BoxStation). If you die you can leave your body by simply moving (WASD or arrow keys), which places you into ghost form.

You can manually become a ghost using the OOC tab and then selecting ghost. This make your character catatonic and place you into ghost form. There is an admin version of this which can be only be accessed by administration staff, by going to the Admin tab and then selecting Aghost. Unlike normal ghosting, the admin version has no confirmation and allows you to reenter your body at any time.

There are other ways to become a ghost, such as by using a Scrying Orb or Wabbajack altars, but these methods are rarely seen.


Note: If you return to the living via cloning, or your brain was removed whilst you are dead, you do not remember anything about your death.
If you do not want to be revived, then go to the ghost tab and select Do Not Resuscitate.
There are two main ways to revive: defibrillation or cloning. Defibrillation is done by using a Defib.png defibrillator (defib), which will shock your body back to life. Cloning is done by making a clone of your original body using a Scanner.gifCloningcomp.pngClone.gifcloning machine (cloner). You need to be inside your body, not in ghost form, to get scanned by the cloner. You will get an alert if someone is trying to clone you. Once you begin cloning you can ghost around all you like as it will force you back into your body when the cloning cycle is complete.

There are other ways of revival such as pod cloning, MMI, staff of healing, zombies and soulstones.

Ghost Roles

Note: If you respawn as one of these, you remember nothing about your previous life.
If your body has been destroyed or you had none to begin with, fear not! There are plenty of ways to get back into the round. The best way to get back into the round is to choose a ghost spawner from option on your ghost HUD. Failing that, you can wait for a random event or a Positronic Brain or Drone to be made.

It's possible to become a possessed blade (Chaplain nullrod), a cult construct or any animal from a sentience potion. Failing this, you can pray to become an animal. A God in a good mood may just make you Ian!

Role Location Race Description Useful Information
Abductor Abductor Spaceship,


Abductor Abductors are technologically advanced alien society set on cataloging all species in the system. Unfortunately for their subjects their methods are quite invasive. Abductor
Ashwalker Egg Ashwalker Nest,


Lizardperson You are an ash walker. Your tribe worships the Necropolis.The wastes are sacred ground, its monsters a blessed bounty. You have seen lights in the distance... they foreshadow the arrival of outsiders that seek to tear apart the Necropolis and its domain. Fresh sacrifices for your nest. Ashwalkers



Bartender Sleeper Beach Biodome,


Human You are a space bartender! Time to mix drinks and change lives. Smoking space drugs makes it easier to understand your patrons' odd dialect. Guide to Drinks
Beach Bum Sleeper Beach Biodome,


Human You're, like, totally a dudebro, bruh. Ch'yea. You came here, like, on spring break, hopin' to pick up some bangin' hot chicks, y'knaw?
Blob Station Blob Blob is a random event where a large blob infests the station and starts destroying everything its path, including hull, fixtures and creatures. The crew must destroy the blob to prevent it from destroying a pre-determined amount of the station, currently 400 tiles. Once the blob reaches critical mass, the blob has a minute or so to absolutely devour the station with its now insane spread rate and infinite resources. Only thing to do as crew at that point is to launch yourself to lavaland in a escape pod. Blob
Broken Rejuvenation Pod Animal Hospital,


Human You are a space doctor! What...? Where are you? Where are the others? This is still the animal hospital - you should know, you've been an intern here for weeks but everyone's gone. One of the cats scratched you just a few minutes ago. That's why you were in the pod - to heal the scratch. The scabs are still fresh; you see them right now. So where is everyone? Where did they go? What happened to the hospital? And is that smoke you smell? You need to find someone else. Maybe they can tell you what happened. Lavaland
Drone Shell Station Maintenance Drone A shell of a maintenance drone, an expendable robot built to perform station repairs. Construction


Eldritch Horror Station Eldritch Horror The Eldritch Horror is an antagonist that either spawns as a midround or as a summon by a Traitor Curator. The Horror's skill set is primarily geared towards evasion and stealth with some combat capabilities. Most of a horror's time is going to be spent stalking and entering hosts to complete their objectives either by consuming souls or following the commands of their master. Once a midround horror completes their objectives, they can continue to consume souls or hide out until the end of the round. Eldritch Horror
Free Golem Free Golem Ship,




You are a Free Golem. Your family worships The Liberator. In his infinite and divine wisdom, he set your clan free to travel the stars with a single declaration: "Yeah go do whatever." Though you are bound to the one who created you, it is customary in your society to repeat those same words to newborn golems, so that no golem may ever be forced to serve again. Lavaland

Guide to Mining



Free Miner Free Miner Ship,


Human You are a free miner, making a living mining the asteroids that were left behind when Nanotrasen moved from asteroid mining to lavaland. Try to make a profit and show those corporates who the real miners are! Space Ruins

Guide to Mining

Fugitive Station Human Fugitives are a team attempting to avoid capture from a select security force. They will arrive in the station's maintenance area with 10 minutes to prepare. Once their 10 minutes have passed, the security team will arrive on the station with only one task: Bring the fugitives back, dead or alive. Fugitive
Lifeguard Sleeper Beach Biodome,


Human You are a spunky lifeguard! It's up to you to make sure nobody drowns or gets eaten by sharks and stuff.
Malfunction Cryostasis Sleeper Makeshift Shelter,


Human You've been stranded in this godless prison of a planet for longer than you can remember. Each day you barely scrape by, and between the terrible conditions of your makeshift shelter, the hostile creatures, and the ash drakes swooping down from the cloudless skies, all you can wish for is the feel of soft grass between your toes and the fresh air of Earth. These thoughts are dispelled by yet another recollection of how you got here... you were always joked about by your friends for "not playing with a full deck", as they so kindly put it. It seems that they were right when you, on a tour at one of Nanotrasen's state-of-the-art research facilities, were in one of the escape pods alone and saw the red button. It was big and shiny, and it caught your eye. You pressed it, and after a terrifying and fast ride for days, you landed here. You've had time to wisen up since then, and you think that your old friends wouldn't be laughing now. Guide to Mining


Guide to Plants

Morph Station Morph A morph is a unique lifeform. They can be created in a few ways - naturally through an event, through a bolt of change, or through Gluttony's Blessing. You have very few ways to interact with the world as you are unable to pick up or use any item. However, you have several unique abilities to help you. Morph
Nightmare Station Nightmare Nightmares come into existence via random events and are glass cannons in that they can sabotage the station and deal massive amounts of damage with their armblade but are vulnerable to stuns and sources of light. They have some very strong powers allowing them to traverse walls and easily escape most situations. Nightmare
Old Cryogenics Pod Ancient Space Station,


Human You are an engineer working for Nanotrasen, stationed onboard a state of the art research station. You are an engineer working for Nanotrasen,

stationed onboard a state of the art research station.



Guide to Plants

Positronic Brain Mostly the robotics lab Cyborg A cube of shining metal, four inches to a side and covered in shallow grooves. Cyborg
Revenant Station Revenant Revenants are ghosts that have been infused with strange alien energies and brought partially back into the mortal plane. They are invisible to the naked eye but can still be influenced by magical or holy means. Revenant
Sentient Disease Station Disease You are a sentient virus, extremely adaptable and resistant to mutations, which has somehow gotten established on this particular Nanotrasen brand space station. Sentient Disease
Slaughter Demon Station Demon The slaughter demon is a demon straight from hell born to slaughter! Slaughter Demon
Space Bartender Sleeper The Rampant Golem and the Yellow Hound,


Human You got this place from your old man, a bar in the middle of nowhere. Or at least, until NanoTrasen decided to move in. Time to mix drinks and change lives. Guide to Drinks
Space Dragon Space, Outside the Station Space Dragon It appears a lifeform with magical traces is approaching the station, please stand-by.
Space Ninja Station Human If you're reading this, congratulations! Fortune has decided to turn you into a 26th century agent worthy of the title "ninja". You spawn in a suit of cyberpunk-esque ninja gear which provides your powers, and you have your trusty energy katana on your belt. You should use the emergency oxygen tank in your suit storage as internals, not the C02 jetpack on your back. You have between four and six objectives. You are not required to follow them, yet your NINJA HONOR demands you try. Space Ninja
Space Pirate Pirate Ship,


Human or Skeleton So, those station-lubbers don't wanna give us our cut huh? Well, I guess we'll just go over there and take it! Pirate
Syndicate Bioweapon Scientist Syndicate Lava Base,


Human You are a syndicate science technician, employed in a top secret research facility developing biological weapons. Unfortunately, your hated enemy, Nanotrasen, has begun mining in this sector. Continue your research as best you can, and try to keep a low profile. Guide to Chemistry


Syndicate Comms Agent Syndicate Lava Base,


Human You are a syndicate comms agent, employed in a top secret research facility developing biological weapons. Unfortunately, your hated enemy, Nanotrasen, has begun mining in this sector. Monitor enemy activity as best you can, and try to keep a low profile. Use the communication equipment to provide support to any field agents, and sow disinformation to throw Nanotrasen off your trail. Do not let the base fall into enemy hands! Radio Channels
Xenomorph Larva Station Xenomorph Aliens, also known as Xenomorphs to differentiate them from the general term, are extraterrestrial lifeforms that use other living beings as a host during their life cycle. With black carapaces and wicked sharp claws, powerful night vision and the ability to see people through walls, xenomorphs are extremely dangerous. Xenos
Zombie Station Zombie Rotted remains of former humans, brought almost all the way back to life. Zombie

Ghost HUD


Every ghost, no matter how they became one, gets a special ghost HUD. The buttons are (from left to right): Jump to mob, orbit, reenter corpse, teleport, ghost role spawners, language menu and pAI candidate.

Jump to mob brings up a list of mobs, both alive and dead, where selecting one teleports you to them.
Orbit brings up a list of mobs, both alive and dead, where selecting one teleports you to them and orbits them.
Reenter corpse places you back in your body. This cannot be used if your body is catatonic, destroyed in some way (gibbed, dusted) or you had no body to begin with.
Teleport brings up a list of areas, where selecting one teleports you to it.
Ghost role spawners brings up a list of ghost role spawners. You can read about them, jump to them or spawn as them.
Language menu brings up a list of known languages.
pAI candidate allows you to fill out a form for a pAI personality, which can be read by anyone living who uses a pAI.

Interaction With The Dead

All other ghosts can see and hear you. To talk to other ghosts, type as you normally would. Instead of getting transferred to the living chat, it will go to dead chat instead. Dead chat is considered to be both OOC and IC, so you can discuss round events as much as you'd like. Use dead chat to release your salt, not OOC chat!

Interaction With The Living

Ghosts normally cannot interact or be seen by the living. Special circumstances will change this.

Spirit board.pngA spirit board is an item found in the Chapel, occasionally used by the Chaplain. The chaplain will ask a question and it is your job to reply to them. By interacting with the spirit board, you can select a single letter to be seen by whoever is using the board. Use this to spell out your answer. Take note that multiple ghosts can use the board at once, so discuss beforehand and select one ghost to relay the message.

Spectral blade.pngThe spectral blade is an item that can be gained from killing an Ashdrake. When a living player uses it, ghosts will get an orbit alert. Ghosts orbiting the blade and any pointing they do will become visible to the living, but they cannot be heard still.

At the end of the round all ghosts become visible to the living.

G-G-G-Ghosts! event is an admin-only event that allows ghosts to be seen by the living. They still cannot hear you, but they can see you. You will get the message "You suddenly feel extremely obvious..." if this event becomes active.

Possessing G-G-G-Ghosts! event is an admin-only event that gives ghosts the power to flicker lights. This is available in the ghost tab by selecting Boo! near a light. You will get the message "You suddenly feel a welling of new spooky powers... if this event becomes active.

Useful Text Settings

There are several verbs for you to use so you can filter the living people, from the preferences or ghost tab.

  • Toggle Darkness: Toggle through darkness settings.
  • Toggle Inquisitiveness: Examine by clicking.
  • Show/Hide GhostEars: Hear everyone's speech.
  • Show/Hide GhostPDA: See everyone's PDA messages.
  • Show/Hide GhostSight: See everyone's emotes.
  • Show/Hide GhostWhispers: Hear everyone's whispers.

Ghost Customisation

You can change your ghost appearance by donating to BYOND. Go to the ghost tab, then Ghost Customization to choose a new look, color and orbit.

Choose Ghosts of Others to change how you view other ghosts.

Jobs on Yogstation


Command Captain · Head of Personnel · Head of Security · Chief Engineer · Chief Medical Officer · Research Director
Security Head of Security · Security Officer · Warden · Detective · Lawyer
Engineering Chief Engineer · Station Engineer · Atmospheric Technician · Network Admin
Science Research Director · Scientist · Roboticist · Geneticist
Medical Chief Medical Officer · Medical Doctor · Chemist · Geneticist · Virologist · Paramedic · Psychiatrist · Mining Medic
Supply Head of Personnel · Quartermaster · Cargo Technician · Shaft Miner · Mining Medic
Service Janitor · Bartender · Cook · Botanist · Lawyer
Civilian Assistant · Tourist · Clown · Mime · Artist · Chaplain · Curator · Clerk
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