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Genus: Homo Sapiens Sapiens
Homeworld: Earth
Central Authority: Sol Interplanetary Coalition
Allowed Command Roles: All
Guides: No external guides

Humans are the dominant species which makes up the Sol Interplanetary Coalition, a unifying body formed between various powers of the Sol System to represent humanity's (not-so) unified forward unto the stars. Making up most of the corporate infrastructure of Nanotrasen, humans are the most common species to be found on Space Station 13 and in the areas surrounding it. Enjoying full rights as citizens and employees under the Company, humans represent innovation, determination, and ambition among the stars. They are made up of the best and the worst, the skilled and the foolish, the inspired and the apathetic.

It is their expansion and internal conflict that set the stage for the tragedy of Space Station 13.


Human is the default species that can be chosen for play in the character creation menu. Customization options include hair, beard, eye color, skin color, hair color, beard color, and hair gradient.

As the primary species located within the SIC and within Nanotrasen offices, humans enjoy full access to any command role present aboard the station. They are the only species able to be Captain or Head of Personnel. In addition, they enjoy full rights and protections under one of the standard AI lawsets, Asimov.

It should be noted that most enemies of Nanotrasen are comprised of human beings. Conflict may occur with an Asimov AI even in the highly dangerous situation of a hostile boarding party.

Racial Benefits

  • None

Racial Drawbacks

  • None


  • Likes junk food, fried foods, and grilled foods
  • Dislikes raw or gross food, such as mice, organs, or undercooked meats

Unique Mechanics

  • None



For human history, see the timeline.

Naming Conventions

Human naming conventions are largely the same as they are in our world. While a variety of new cultures have been established in the wake of the Great Embarkment and the widespread distance and rapidly decreasing density of human population relative to their volume populated, these cultures still find their roots in old Earth traditions, and so names can often find roots or similarities to identities we are familiar with.


As human culture is largely descended from past tradition and wildly variable with the introduction of broadcast media, culture, for the most part, is highly similar to how our Earth possesses a wide variety of cultures with varying values, practices, and beliefs. However, it should be noted that distance tends to cause splits in religion, language, and all other things that encompass culture. As a result, effectively any developments you could think of in any existing traditions could have probably happened in the roughly 500 years to the present time of 2517 Sol in the setting of Space Station 13.

Things that should be noted are the development of cybernetics, the discovery of sapient, alien life, a real, honest-to-god uncovering of magic and real beings and demons beyond our plane. No doubt each of these are circumstances that would drastically shape the pre-existing notions of several ideologies and philosophical schema. Whether the reaction be outright denial or a loving embrace of all the new, terrifying things that science fiction offers, humanity is known for its wide spread of beliefs and its hardened tenacity to express itself.

Lifespan and Health

Humans in the world of Space Station 13 are notably more resilient than we are, due to vastly improved physical therapy, drug treatment, and access to supreme medical technology. The average age is just shy of 100 years, and the longest living human has been recorded at 193 years and counting, though mental faculties can quickly devolve regardless of a doctor's best efforts.

Their diet is largely diverse, though they tend to gravitate toward fatty or greasy foods. Those more concerned with long-term health will consume such foods with caution.

The average height of a human male is about 5'8", while women are around 5'6". Humans that grow up in space tend to be taller, especially in environments that lack artificial gravity, though this can spur on a number of other development problems, such as low bone density, weak cardiovascular muscle, and malformed structures.

Roleplay Traits

  • Widely various; prideful, quiet, cruel, amiable: humans can be a confounding mixture of various characteristics, often contradictory
  • Not necessarily prone to xenophobia; some humans are relatively liberal on the matter, though Nanotrasen shies away from hiring those with reactionary tendencies
  • Can be excessively all-important regarding their own species, others can actively condemn their actions and expansion
  • Often ignorant or otherwise non-understanding of specific blights that other species suffer, despite potential outward acceptance or support
  • Highly familiar with space and spacefaring due to their rapid innovation and invention
  • Generally adaptive and more prone to unnatural tenacity relative to other species
  • Most likely to be mistrusting of artificial intelligence due to significant cultural exposure and commentary, even if a lawset favors them
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