Server Room

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Science Area
Server Room
The cold server room.
Obvious exits Research Division north
Purpose For holding the station servers safe and cool
Access level
Noteworthy contents Vital Mainframes, Message Console
Clearance Captain, Research Director, Scientists
Security level High
Style Server storage
Balance Requirements No major balance requirements
Other Notes
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This small room holds vital mainframes that stores all acquired data from the R&D lab. The computers here also determine what technologies R&D is able to make, and as such is a common if oft-forgotten target of malfunctioning AIs.

Usually, only the RD can use this room. Do not enter the server room without insulation and internals. You will not be able to escape the air current and you will freeze/suffocate to death. The atmosphere is uninhabitable as it is kept at an extremely cool temperature to keep the servers running.

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