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Outside/Supply Area
A whole new world~
Obvious exits Mining Shuttle
Purpose Mining, Looting.
Access level Lavaland
Noteworthy contents Monsters, loot, other monsters, and a Necropolis.
Clearance Captain, Head of Personnel, Quartermaster, and Shaft Miner
Security level None
Style Derelict Satellite
Balance Requirements Early in Development
Other Notes Mentioned above, not finished. Expect changes and reworks.
Jobstemp.png Locations on yogstation

"Hey, this isn't the asteroid!"

Lavaland is the new primary workplace for Shaft Miners, not to be confused with another dangerous plasma rich area. After exhausting all the hostile wildlife minerals on the asteroid, Nanotrasen scoured space around the station for a new source for that sweet, sweet Plasma. Unluckily for you, they found a young planet almost completely covered in lava and a host of deadly creatures. Did we mention the ash storms? There are ash storms as well. Don't forget to grab a bluespace shelter capsule. You're definitely gonna want one of those. Welcome to Lavaland.

To learn more on lavaland, see Miner


Lavaland is full of natural hazards. Ash Storms are the most prominent hazard, these storms occur on a regular basis and will deal constant and heavy burn damage to anyone unfortunate enough to be exposed to the storm, fortunately you will get a warning moments prior to a ash storm's arrival, giving you time to seek shelter.

Lava presents itself as the next most common hazard, walking into lava will deal massive burn damage to you. Even worse, the wildlife are immune to lava and can wade freely into it. However lava is very obvious and thus easy to avoid.

The final threat are chasms, these are rare but extremely deadly and hard to spot. Walking into one will instantly kill you as you fall to your death! Watch your step.

Sentient Life

Lavaland is surprisingly full of other sentient lifeforms, of varying hostility.

Ashwalker Clan


There are two type of Ashwalkers:

  • Generic Walkeregg.png - this is your normal ashwalker, and they're probably not wearing a roman helmet. This sort of ashwalker is unintelligent, and usually barbaric. They can't operate heavy machinery, and can't speak or understand humans.
  • Chieftain Heroegg.png - this is your commander in chief ashwalker, they're usually wearing a roman helmet. They are able to operate machinery, and speak both human and ashwalker.

A tribe of hostile Lizardmen that worship the nercopolis. They don't need to breathe but they can't use guns. They are also immune to ash storms.

Ashwalkers are also forced to obey their leader - the Chieftain who is the commander of the ashwalkers.

On the occasion that the Chieftain dies, the nercopolis tendril will take time to reflect on their collection by weeping and crying. After 30 or so seconds it will pop out a HERO egg. To speed up the process you can also sacrifice the dead chieftain's body.

They carry mythril Mythril.png - one of the richest minerals on lavaland - which helps them craft their most powerful tools and weapons.

Name Cost Icon Description
Sinew Tent 3 pieces of bone, 2 sinew, 6 sandstone, and 1 mythril Ashwalkertent.png A mostly useless deployable spring-loaded tent. Practically, the ghetto version of a survival pod. Doesn't come with walls however. Sandstone can be gathered from the basalt of lavaland or the sand pile in the ashwalker ruin. Only really useful for hermits, since they start with mythril and lack ash storm immunity.
Pathfinder Cloak Kasa: 2 pieces of bone, 2 pieces of sinew, 1 block of mythril) Pathfindercloak.png An extremely useless fashionable cloak that protects people from ash storms in combination with pathfinders treads and kasa, but ash walkers are already immune to ash storms while also being the only ones with easy access to mythril. Only really useful for hermits, since they start with mythril and lack ash storm immunity.
Chitin Plate 5 pieces of bone, 2 pieces of weaver chitin, 3 pieces of sinew, 1 block of mythril, 1 piece of bone Chitenplate.png An incredibly robust plate of armor that makes an ashwalker incredibly durable! Protects the bearer against 65% of melee, 35% of bullet damage, 15% of laser damage, 10% of energy damage, and 35% of bomb damage
Chitin Gauntlets 3 pieces of bone, 1 piece of weaver chitin, 1 piece of sinew, 1 block of mythril, and a bracer Chitingloves.png Robust gloves that protect the user's arms.
Chitin Boots 1 piece of bone, 1 piece of weaver chitin, 1 piece of sinew, 1 piece of mythril Chitintreads.png Robust shoes for kicking the rolled over heads of miners, podpeople, golems, and anyone else that stands in your way.
Heartprotector 1 piece of bone, 1 piece of sinew, and one block of mythril Heartprot.png Slightly robust armor. It's probably better than your standard paper armor. Basically a security jumpsuit but way cooler.



Lifebringers: A peaceful group of podmen who live in a seed vault with advanced hydroponics equipment.


Adamantine Golem.png

Golems: A band of neutral Golems who arrived by ship who live by their creed, of doing whatever. They usually stick by themselves, and smash to pieces anyone that messes with them - whether it be ashwalker or miner.

Golems main job is to try and get enough points to purchase liberators legacy, a box containing a full set of R&D circuit boards buildable with the help of the autolathe. From here, golems can set up a teleporter and get on board the station with ease.

This opens up many possibilities for interesting role playing scenarios including sending golem ambassadors to negotiate integration into the main stations main inhabitants. It could also lead to all out war with an especially foolish crew or a crafty traitor.


Prisoners: Hardcore prisoners of Nanotrasen that survived a crash landing onto the planet. They'll do whatever it takes to survive.


Stranded hermits: A citizen of the United Earth Government turned into the bumbling hermit of the lavaland. They carry around an old space suit that helped them survive from day 1, and has kept up with the competition usually by hiding. They have a few blocks of mythril for crafting and trading. It might come in handy.

Beach bums: Humans who live in the shelter of a beach biodome.

Traveling Bard

Have you ever heard that lovely strum in the great beyond? It is no hallucination, my friend.

Cosmic Ashwalker

An ashwalker with abductor gear that was experimented on by aliens. Your new job is to find your old nest and make your way home.

Syndicate Scientists

A group of nerds, affiliated with the syndicate, who conduct tests on the most dangerous species in all known existence within a facility on the most dangerous planet in all known existence.

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