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Recreational Area
Locker Room
A great place to hide traitorous shit due to the Personal Lockers no one ever checks. Also a great place to come if you're on the run from the law to slip into a disguise.
Obvious exits North to the Port Primary Hallway, south to maintenance
Purpose Holding spare apparel for the crew
Access level Public
Noteworthy contents Bags, Headsets, Jumpsuits, Shoes, Hats, Suits, Personal Lockers, mirrors for changing hairstyles
Clearance Lockers need an ID card. First come, first serve
Security level None
Style Locker room
Balance Requirements No major balance requirements
Other Notes
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Main Area

The main locker rooms contains six Personal Lockers which contain a spare Headset, and a Backpack or Satchel. There are Portable Scrubbers and Portable Pumps stored near the southern maintenance area which can be used in case of emergency. However, the Portable Pumps start out empty (but can be filled with the air around them). In the northern area contains a Water Tank, and a Fuel Tank. It also contains four colored wardrobe lockers and four vending machines. This is basically the Assistant storage in a case, as it contains two toolboxes on the table as well.

Now contains an electric razor for tiding up your hair/beard.


The locker rooms contain several vending machines, the most important of which is this one! Dress your spaceman like the special snowflake he always knew he was deep down. For more elaborate costumes you will have to visit the Theater.


There is a larger bathroom with four sinks then four airlocks leading to a small space with a toilet. You can stuff things in the toilet, then flush it which will send it down disposal into either space or disposal to be crushed. If you need to get rid of traitor items, stuff them in the toilet without flushing. Hands and clothing can be washed at the sink. At the mirror, you can change your hair and mustache style. However, you cannot change hair color.


There are three washing machines below the main table. In addition, you can find the executive suit here. You can put clothes in the washing machine and activate it by closing the lid and alt + clicking it to start washing. Any bloody clothes will be cleaned. Also, you can change the color of some items by putting in a Crayon at the same time as the item. Items that can be color changed include Jumpsuits, Caps, Gloves, and Shoes. Inserting a plain Jumpsuit with a Head's Stamp and washing them will give you the Jumpsuit of the head whose stamp you stole (though it might look a bit dodgy). Insert Ian to receive Corgi Meat!


Maintenance connects to other maintenance tunnels and also contains a sheet of reinforced glass to the left as soon as you enter the tunnel.

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