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Access: Wherever your job has access to
Additional Access: Wherever you can break into or teleport to.
Difficulty: HARD
Supervisors: Yourself, probably.
Duties: Study influences, sacrifice targets, internally scream as your time schedule becomes smaller and smaller
Guides: This is the guide.

Gamemode in rotation

"The Nightwatcher. The Priest. The Vermin Duke. Three who saw their lives drawn into the Mansus, and rose higher for it. The ethereal plane always shifts and changes, working to find new influences, new students. Now, like us, you are aware. Mortality is a shell you wish to cleanse. Open the book, and learn how."

So you're a heretic? Well, get ready for some magic and battle. Grab those influences, make some sacrifices, and ascend as an immortal Long.


You are a nasty little bookworm in search of truth and power, and you have arrived on a station ripe with opportunities. The ultimate goal of a heretic, aside from completing their standard traitor objectives, is to gain power points to unlock their abilities.

You can increase your power in two ways: harvesting magic energies from the eldritch influences around the station, or by sacrificing targeted crew members to feed your research. To aid this task, you start with two items and two spells:

  • Heretic forbidden book.png The Codex Cicatrix, used to draw runes.
  • Heart.png The Living Heart, used to transmute and find your targets.
  • Mansus grasp.gif Mansus Grasp, a modular spell that, without upgrades, lets you touch a target to cause knockdown and light burn damage on a 15 second cooldown. As you grow in power, your grasp will gain additional effects.
  • Ashen shift.gif Ashen Shift, A very short-range jaunt that can help you escape from bad situations or navigate past obstacles.

All of these items and spells are critical to your ascension, so don't lose them, and keep them and yourself well hidden from security! Should you lose these occult items, you can transmute new ones using your victims, and items around the station.

  • In order to transmute a new Codex Cicatrix, you'll need human flesh, a pair of eyes, a bible, and a pen.
  • Transmuting a new Living Heart requires a new heart, a splatter of blood, and a poppy flower.

Reality fracture.gif Influences are the easy way to gain power points. Whenever there are heretics aboard Space Station 13, influences will randomly spawn across the station after sometime into the shift. Initially, influences flicker with bursts of energy similar to electricity, have randomized names, and can only be seen by heretics. To harvest an influence, simply hit it with your codex and remain still for a few seconds. After being harvested, the influence will lose it's electric-like bursts, gain a yellow glow with a rainbow border originating from the middle, change their name to pierced reality.

Reality fracture harvested.gif An already harvested influence. Notice the glow.

Sacrificing - Some members of the crew are worth more points than others when sacrificed. Other heretics are worth 4 points in total, and command & security members are worth a total of 3. Regular crew will give 2 points per sacrifice.

Once you have some power points, it's time to research! Simply use your antag information HUD icon to open the research menu and spend your points on abilities., Your first selection will be to commit to a lore (also known as a path). Your lore determines what special abilities your Mansus grasp and Heretic blade may have. In addition, it ultimately decides the ascension you will be able to achieve. When you choose your path, you will immediately gain your associated Heretic blade. Otherwise, you are free to gain any research within the tiers; you need three of a tier before you're able to claim your lore-specific upgrade and unlock the next tier of research.

Eventually, you'll need to start using proper magics. By hitting any empty tile with your codex, you'll begin to draw a transmutation rune, which takes several seconds. These runes are green and take up a 3x3 area, and while they can go under other objects, it's best to keep them clear for transmutation purposes. You can only have one at a time. You can remove runes by hitting them with your codex again, and freely use other heretics' runes. To transmute, simply click the rune with an empty hand while the appropriate object(s) are on top of it, making sure that nothing else is in the way. You can only have one transmutation rune active at once, so creating a new one will destroy the old one.

Heretic blade.png The Heretic Blade will be your first unlocked research. It can be created by transmuting a common knife with a secondary ingredient based on your path, and serves as a powerful melee weapon. As with the Mansus Grasp, your blade will be upgraded by your research over time. If you lose your blade, simply transmute a new one. A shank can be quickly crafted and used in all transmuting ingredients to make a new Heretic blade. While you do begin your path to ascension with one, it can help to make more, as shattering one can providing a quick escape to a random, safe part of the Z-level. It takes two seconds to break the blade, so make sure you have the time to do so!

In addition, the blade has the added benefit of shield-breaking.. If your blade manages to strike a target who carries a shield, the shield will be destroyed. With good good, armor penetration, and wound chance, the blade is your bread-and-butter of dealing with unsavory individuals.

The most important use of your rune is sacrificing. To get a sacrifice target, drop your living heart onto a rune and transmute it with nothing else present. You'll choose a target from available crew, and can then squeeze your living heart by using it in-hand to get a vague idea of where your target is as well as if there's anyone around them. Kill them or crit them, then drag them back to a rune, and transmute their body along side your living heart to messily sacrifice them and earn points of power. They might show back up later, but don't worry! They won't have any memory of your brutal murder, so you don't have to worry about them ratting on you to security.

Between influences and sacrifices, you'll eventually unlock more and more abilities; the last ability will be your ascension, which guarantees a greentext and gives you massively powerful benefits or transformations. Once you've ascended, all that's left is to unleash your fury upon the crew! Use all of your powers to slaughter everybody who dares stand up to you, or just bask in your dark glory.

Lore and Paths

There are different aspects of the arcane to which you can devote yourself. While all rituals and spells can be learned, your first and most important choice will decide how your weapon Heretic blade.png and grasp Mansus grasp.gif will evolve, and how your final ascension will transform you.

Path Name Description
Path of Ash Nightwatcher's Secret Ash is the principle of spirit and ambition, and the everlasting flame that burns bright with the kindling of life. You will become more resistant to heat and several of your abilities will involve fire. As your Mansus grasp gains the ability to fling, this path is best suited for direct combat. As setting individuals on fire is very powerful and this path is the most basic in how its abilities function, it's often recommended for beginners. Your ascension will make you indifferent to most environmental hazards, as well as granting you massive, fiery area-of-effects.
Path of Flesh Principle of Hunger Flesh is the principle of temptation and obedience, and the malformation of will. No doubt the most difficult path, your Mansus grasp and blade upgrades will focus on bleeding out targets. However, uniquely, your Mansus grasp will be able to revive dead bodies into ghouls that will serve you. While you aren't able to sustain many, they still serve as unique allies when you would otherwise only be able to wholly rely on yourself. Your ascension permits you to either metamorphosize as something greater, or summon something lesser, yet still grand to serve you.
Path of Rust Blacksmith's Tale Rust is the principle of that which makes and unmakes, and the slow decline of all things civilized. The most well-rounded path, your Mansus grasp will rust surfaces, or destroy rusted surfaces, granting you significant access. Its massive damage to non-organic matter also grants you a significant advantage over any silicons who might interfere with your research. Your blade can later work to destroy someone's equipment, or inject them with a reagent that will poison them. Your ascension spreads rust from your rite site, as well as granting you significantly more self-healing while you stand on rusted tiles.
Path of Mind Precipice Of Enlightenment Mind is the principle of knowing, a path aimed at confusion and deceit. The ranged grasp allows for a much easier time, and is less punishing as the other paths. Your Mansus grasp will work at a range, only able to hit living targets, blurring their vision and knocking them down. Once upgraded, it will blind them in addition. Your blade once upgraded will inject mute toxin into it's victims, not allowing any organic to speak until it has left their system. Your ascension grants you immunity to all projectiles, along with near total immunity to space. Additionally, you will gain 9 points of knowledge to spend.
Path of Void Glimmer of Winter Void is the principle of the endless frozen expanse. A feast-or-famine path, your Mansus grasp will mute your victims, and lower their body temperature. The freezing and silence will ensure your victims have a tough time fighting back, if they are unprepared. Your blade, once upgraded, will inject freezing venom into your targets, ensuring their cold demise. Your ascension calls forth an endless storm, heavy snow from the endless void will rain down upon the area you ascend in, and a lighter storm will blanket the station. Additionally, your body will become immune to space and time, and you will freeze everywhere you walk.
Path of Blade The Cutting Edge Blade is the principle of the infinite edge. A path focused on martial prowess with your sickly blade, your Mansus grasp will only work from behind, dealing a small amount of damage and stunning for an additional few seconds. This will allow you perfection in your kills, as long as the target is unaware of you coming. Your blade, once upgraded, will allow you to attack with both your main hand weapon, and offhand as long as you are using your bone blade in the off-hand. Your ascension calls forth an infinite shield of blades, blocking all attacks and projectiles from hitting you. Additionally, your body will become heavily resistant to damage and stuns.
Path of Cosmos Eternal Gate Cosmic is the principle of the unending expanse of the stars. The focus of this path is to control the space you traverse, your Mansus grasp will apply a cosmic halo on your marked targets, restricting their movement on cosmic tiles created by your abilities. Your ability to restrict where your enemies and targets can traverse will be the key to your ascension. Your blade, once upgraded, will cause targets hit to suffer damage via cosmic radiation, dealing cloning damage to them. Your ascension calls forth a Star Gazer, the creator of the infinite expanse. You may take control of them, or allow a ghost to do so and take them on as an ally. If you do not choose to evolve, your body will become heavily resistant to damage, and you will be immune to stuns and space.
Path of Knock A Locksmith's Secret Knock is the principle of the unburdened, seeking to go where none has dared tread before. The focus of this path is to remove all restrictions that bar your way, your Mansus grasp will unlock numerous things when used upon them, such as lockers, doors, and mechs. The freedom granted by this path should allow you access to any tool your heart desires, and once upgraded your grasp will remove access from the target for 10 seconds. Your blade, once upgraded, will function like a pair of jaws of life, forcing them open. Your ascension calls forth the Spider's Door, a portal to an unknown dimension where ghosts may revel in the slaughter and join you as various heretic mobs, additionally your body will become heavily resistant to damage, and you will be immune to stuns and space.


Below is a table with all your abilities. Each Lore-specific upgrade will be available after gaining three research of the previous tier. This means you need three tier one abilities before you can claim your Grasp Mark, then three tier two abilities before you can claim your Blade Upgrade. As it follows, three tier three abilities are required before you unlock your Ascension Rite.

Note that while some tiered abilities are along their respective, flavored paths, they are NOT required for progression within your chosen lore. You could theoretically only acquire miscellaneous research and unlock each milestone through the progression, including your ascension rite.

You can NEVER gain the Lore, Path Grasp, Grasp Mark, Blade Upgrade, or Ascension Rite of a path different from the one you have chosen.

Progression Path of Ash
LORE Nightwatcher's Secret
Heretic forbidden book.png Ash blade.png
Pledge yourself to Ash.
Transmute a knife with a pile of ash for an ashen blade. Gain 40% heat resistance.
PATH GRASP Grasp of Ash
Mansus grasp.gif Mansus grasp.gif
Empowers your Mansus grasp to throw enemies away from you.
TIER ONE Mask of Madness
Transmute a mask, and a raw liver to create a Mask of Madness
It causes passive stamina damage and hallucinations to everyone around the wearer.
GRASP MARK Touch of the Spark
Mansus grasp.gif Ash blade.png
Your Mansus grasp now applies a mark on hit.
Use your ashen blade to detonate the mark, which causes burning that can spread to nearby targets, decreasing in damage with each jump.
TIER TWO Volcano Blast
Shoot a strong blast of fire at an enemy, causing burn damage to them and starting fires around where the blast hit.
BLADE UPGRADE Blade of the City Guard
Heretic blade.png Ash blade.png
Your ashen blade will now ignite targets, adding two firestacks as well.
TIER THREE Flame Birth
A healing-damage spell that saps the life from those on fire nearby, killing any who are in a critical condition. Heals ten of each damage type per target.
Reality fracture harvested.gif Decal fire.png
Transmute three corpses to ascend as an Ashbringer.
You will become immune to environmental hazards and grow more resistant to damage.
You will additionally gain a spell that creates a massive burst of fire and another spell that creates a cloak of flames around you.

Progression Path of Flesh
LORE Principle of Hunger
Heretic forbidden book.png Flesh blade.png
Pledge yourself to Flesh.
Transmute a knife and a pool of blood into a flesh blade.
PATH GRASP Grasp of Flesh
Mansus grasp.gif Mansus grasp.gif
Your Mansus grasp now raises dead humanoids into subservient ghouls if they are not mindshielded or husked. It will husk the person it's used on.
TIER ONE Imperfect Ritual
Allows you to resurrect a humanoid body as a Voiceless Dead by transmuting them with a poppy.
Voiceless Dead are mute and have 50 HP. You can only have two at a time.
GRASP MARK Lover's Exsanguination
Mansus grasp.gif Flesh blade.png
Your Mansus grasp now applies a mark on hit. Use your flesh blade to detonate the mark, which causes significant bleeding on the target.
TIER TWO Raw Ritual
Raw prophet.png
Allows you to summon a Raw Prophet by transmuting a pair of eyes, a left arm and a right arm.
Raw Prophets have massive sight range with X-ray, and they can sustain a telepathic network. However, they are very fragile and weak.
BLADE UPGRADE Talons of the Sworn
Heretic blade.png Flesh blade.png
Your flesh blade will now cause additional bleeding on hit.
TIER THREE Lonely Ritual
Allows you to summon a Stalker by transmuting a knife, a candle, a pen, and a piece of paper.
Stalkers can shapeshift into harmless animals and emit EMPs.
ASCENSION RITE Priest’s Final Hymn
Reality fracture harvested.gif Terror of the night armsy.png
Transmute three corpses to ascend by metamorphisizing as a Thirstly Serpent, or ascend instead by summoning a Lavish Serpent.
This will triple your ghoul maximum, and you will become incredibly resilient to damage.

Progression Path of Rust
LORE Blacksmith's Tale
Heretic forbidden book.png Rust blade.png
Pledge yourself to Rust.
Transmute a knife and a trash item into a rusty blade.
PATH GRASP Grasp of Rust
Mansus grasp.gif Mansus grasp.gif
Your Mansus grasp now deals 500 damage to inorganic matter, rusts any surface it's used on, while destroying any surface that is already rusty.
TIER ONE Leeching Walk
Rusted floor.png
Passively heals you when you are on rusted tiles.
GRASP MARK Ruin of Welfare
Mansus grasp.gif Rust blade.png
Your Mansus grasp now applies a mark on hit.
Use your rusty blade to detonate the mark, which has a chance to deal between 0 to 200 damage to 75% of your target's items.
TIER TWO Aggressive Spread
An instant spell that spreads rust onto nearby tiles, destroying any already rusted.
BLADE UPGRADE Memento of Decay
Heretic blade.png Rust blade.png
Your rusted blade now injects eldritch essence on hit.
TIER THREE Entropic Plume
Entropic plume.png
A cone spell that expels a befuddling plume that rusts tiles, then blinds, poisons, and forces targets to strike each other.
ASCENSION RITE Fallen Empress' Pathology
Reality fracture harvested.gif Transmute three corpses to ascend as a Sovereign of Decay.
Your healing on rust tiles will be tripled, and you will become much more resilient to damage.
In addition, rust will spread from your ritual site.

Progression Path of Mind
LORE Precipice Of Enlightenment
Heretic forbidden book.png Mind blade.gif
Pledge yourself to Mind.
Transmute a knife and a book into a cerebral blade.
PATH GRASP Grasp of Mind
Mansus grasp.gif Mansus grasp.gif
Your Mansus grasp now works from a range, blurring the vision of those you use it on and knocking them down.
TIER ONE Mental Obfuscation
Mental obfuscate.gif
Allows you to teleport a short distance to a targeted destination.
GRASP MARK Occipital Oblivion
Mansus grasp.gif Mind blade.gif
Your Mansus grasp now works at an increased range, and will temporarily blind targets in addition to the original effects.
TIER TWO Amygdala Assault
Ecult assault.gif
Shoot a single bolt of condensed mental power in front of you, dealing large amounts of brute damage to any targets hit.
BLADE UPGRADE Spine of The Infinite Beast
Heretic blade.png Mind blade.gif
Your cerebral blade now injects mute toxin on hit.
TIER THREE Full Cerebral Control

Rewire your own brain to partially ignore damage slowdown.
ASCENSION RITE Beyond All Knowledge Lies Despair
Reality fracture harvested.gif Transmute three corpses to ascend as a Monarch of Knowledge, your advanced prowess in mental proficiency allows you to deflect all projectiles.
Instantly gain 9 points of knowledge to use, you also gain additional immunity to pressure and no longer need to breathe.

Progression Path of Void
LORE Glimmer of Winter
Heretic forbidden book.png Frozen blade.png
Pledge yourself to the Void.
Transmute a knife and a shard of glass to create a Frozen Blade
PATH GRASP Grasp of Void
Mansus grasp.gif Mansus grasp.gif
Your Mansus Grasp will silence those hit, and lower their body temperature.
TIER ONE Void Phase
Void blink.gif
A mid range targeted teleport spell. Additionally causes damage to heathens around your original and target destination.
GRASP MARK Mark of The Void
Mansus grasp.gif Frozen blade.png
Your Mansus Grasp now applies the Mark of Void.
The mark is triggered from an attack with your Void Blade.
When triggered, further silences the victim and swiftly lowers the temperature of their body and the air around them.
TIER TWO Aristocrat's Way
Grants you immunity to cold temperatures, and removes your need to breathe.
Gain immunity to slipping on ice.
You can still take damage due to a lack of pressure.
Heretic blade.png Frozen blade.png
Your cerebral blade now injects mute toxin on hit.
Void pull.gif
a spell that pulls all nearby heathens towards you, stunning them briefly.
ASCENSION RITE Waltz at the End of Time
Reality fracture harvested.gif Transmute three corpses to ascend and begin the Waltz at the End of Time.
When completed, causes a violent storm of void snow to assault the station, freezing and damaging heathens.
Additionally, you will become immune to the effects of space and take reduced damage

Progression Path of Blade
LORE The Cutting Edge
Heretic forbidden book.png Dark blade.png
Pledge yourself to the Blade.
Transmute a knife and a bar of silver a Sundered Blade
PATH GRASP Grasp of Blade
Mansus grasp.gif Mansus grasp.gif
Your Mansus Grasp now only functions from behind a target.
Deals brute damage and paralyzes them.
TIER ONE Dance of the Brand
Being attacked while wielding a Heretic Blade in either hand will deliver a riposte towards your attacker.
This effect can only trigger once every 20 seconds.
GRASP MARK Mark of The Blade
Mansus grasp.gif Dark blade.png
Moving away from a focus on your grasp, you chose to hone your blade.
Allows you to craft Eldrtich Whetstones, one time use items that can enhance the sharpness of your blades up to a certain degree.
TIER TWO Stance of the Torn Champion
Grants immunity to having your limbs dismembered.
Additionally, when damaged below 50% of your maximum health
you gain increased resistance to gaining wounds and reduced damage slowdown.
Heretic blade.png Bone blade.png
Allows you to craft a bone blade from a knife and a bar of gold.
Additionally will allow you to attack with both a sundered blade, and bone blade at once.
TIER THREE Furious Steel
Furious steel.gif
Grants you Furious Steel, a targeted spell. Using it will summon three orbiting blades around you.
These blades will protect you from all attacks, but are consumed on use.
Additionally, you can click to fire the blades at a target, dealing damage and causing bleeding.
ASCENSION RITE Maelstrom of Silver
Reality fracture harvested.gif Transmute three corpses to ascend as a Master of blades.
You will become immune to stuns, resistant to wounds, and reduced overall damage.
Additionally your spell 'furious steel' will have reduced cooldown, and you will create a shield of blades overtime.

Progression Path of Cosmic
LORE Eternal Gate
Heretic forbidden book.png Cosmic blade.gif
Pledge yourself to the Cosmos.
Transmute a knife and a piece of plasma to create a Cosmic Blade
PATH GRASP Grasp of Cosmos
Mansus grasp.gif Mansus grasp.gif
Your Mansus Grasp now grasp will now cause a cosmic ring to appear on your targets,
restricting them from moving on cosmic carpet.
TIER ONE Cosmic Runes
Cosmic rune.png
Grants you Cosmic Runes, a spell that creates two runes linked with each other for easy teleportation.
Only the entity activating the rune will get transported, and it can be used by anyone without a star mark.
However, people with a star mark will get transported along with another person using the rune.
GRASP MARK Mark of The Cosmos
Mansus grasp.gif Cosmic blade.gif
Your Mansus Grasp now applies the Mark of Cosmos.
The mark is triggered from an attack with your Cosmic Blade.
When triggered, the victim is returned to the location where the mark was originally applied to them.
They will then be paralyzed for 2 seconds.
TIER TWO Star Blast
Star blast.png
Fires a projectile that moves very slowly and creates cosmic fields on impact.
Anyone hit by the projectile will receive burn damage,
a knockdown, and give people in a three tile range a star mark.
BLADE UPGRADE Stellar Sublimation
Heretic blade.png Cosmic blade.gif
Your blade now deals damage to people's cells through cosmic radiation, dealing clone damage to them.
TIER THREE Cosmic Expansion
Cosmic domain.png
Grants you Cosmic Expansion, a spell that creates a 3x3 area of cosmic fields around you.
Nearby beings will also receive a star mark.
Reality fracture harvested.gif Star gazer.png
Bring 3 corpses to a transmutation rune to complete the ritual.
When completed, you may transform into a Star Gazer.

The Star Gazer has an aura that will heal you and damage opponents.
Optionally, you may summon a Star Gazer Ally instead, and gain damage reduction, stun immunity, and space immunity.

Progression Path of Knock
LORE Locksmith's Secret
Heretic forbidden book.png Cosmic blade.gif
Pledge yourself to Knock.
Transmute a knife and a crowbar to create a Key Blade
PATH GRASP Grasp of Knock
Mansus grasp.gif Mansus grasp.gif
Your Mansus Grasp now grasp will now allow you to unlock a multitude of things when used upon them.
TIER ONE key Keeper's Burden
Cosmic rune.png
Allows you to transmute a wallet, iron rod, and a fresh ID card to create an Eldritch Card.
This card functions similarly to an agent ID card, however only heretics may use it, and it will consume any ID it is used upon.
Additionally, you may use the ID card directly on two airlocks to create portals between them that you may traverse.
GRASP MARK Mark of Knock
Mansus grasp.gif Cosmic blade.gif
Your Mansus Grasp now applies the Mark of Knock.
The mark is triggered from an attack with your Key Blade.
When triggered, the victim will have all their access temporarily stripped from them.
TIER TWO Burglar's Finesse
Star blast.png
A single-target spell that puts a random item from the victim's backpack into your hand.
Heretic blade.png Cosmic blade.gif
Your blade will be able to pry open unlocked airlocks by force.
TIER THREE Freedom Forever
Cosmic domain.png
Grants you Freedom Forever, a spell that will cause reality to warp around you for a few seconds, confusing enemies and allies alike.
ASCENSION RITE Many secrets behind the Spider Door
Reality fracture harvested.gif Star gazer.png
Bring 3 corpses to a transmutation rune to complete the ritual.
When completed, you will crack open the Spider's Door.
This will allow ghosts to click on the large portal and become numerous types of heretic mobs to assist you.
Additionally you will gain damage reduction, stun immunity, and space immunity.

TIER ONE Eldritch Essense Eldritch Medallion Void Cloak Eldritch Eye Eldritch Armor
Heretic flask.png
Allows you to craft a flask of eldritch essence by transmuting a water tank.
The reagent will heal you and damage those not linked to the Mansus.
Heretic medallion.png
Allows you to craft an eldritch amulet by transmuting a pair of eyes with a glass shard.
When worn, the amulet will give you thermal vision.
Allows you to transmute a glass shard, a bedsheet, and any outer clothing item (such as armor or a suit jacket) to create a Void Cloak.
This cloak will make the wearer partially invisible over time, and allow them to temporarily dodge attacks."
Allows you to craft an eldritch eye by transmuting a flashlight and a pair of eyes.
Grants the user a hud type of their choosing, additionally also grants night vision but it cannot be removed.
Heretic armor.gif
Allows you to craft a set of eldritch armor by transmuting a table and a gas mask.
The robes significantly reduce most incoming damage.
TIER TWO Curse of Corrosion Curse of Paralysis Void Blast Eldritch Bolt Blood Siphon
Decal bio.png
Curse someone with two minutes of vomiting and major organ damage by
transmuting a wirecutter, a spill of blood, a heart, a left arm, and a right arm with an item that the victim has touched with their bare hands.
Curse someone with five minutes of an inability to walk by transmuting a knife, a pool of blood, a left leg, a right leg, and a hatchet with an item that the victim touched with their bare hands.
Grants you Void Blast, a spell that shoots out a freezing blast in a cone in front of you, freezing the ground and any victims within. A strong single target spell, shoot a target with raw energy from another dimension. Blood siphon.gif
A touch spell that drains a target's health and restores yours.
TIER THREE Cleave Ashen Ritual Diamond Dust Famished Roar Rusted Ritual
A powerful ranged spell that causes heavy bleeding and blood loss in an area around your target.
You can now summon an Ashman by transmuting a pile of ash, a head, and a book. Ashmen have powerful offensive abilities and access to the Ashen Shift spell.
A powerful spell that calls forth memories of ice, will create a large area of ice around you. An AOE roar spell that freezes all nearby people with sheer terror. Rust walker.png
You can now summon a Rustwalker transmuting a vomit pool and a book. Rustwalkers are capable of spreading rust and have a strong, short-ranged projectile attack.
Path Lore
LORE The Nightwatcher The Priest The Empress
He who reigns with the Ember Crown. He who hosts the damned. He who rose higher and higher, until there was no ceiling to push past. Once a spymaster, now a god. Forever shall he live. The wielder of the Cup. The beloved tyrant, sought by many, feared by more. Charming and lecherous in ample portions, yet so many kneel before him and pledge their bodies. Forever shall he feast. She ruled over a lost land damned by a bounty from beyond the stars. She could not have known what would become of her in the years to come. Forever shall she rot.
LORE The Shrouded One The Gravekeeper The Vermin Duke
It burrows in the hearts of all living things. Eternal cycles of time yield nothing more from it. We know not what it is, and know better than to ask when it reveals itself. Forgotten to ages as the Priest's inspiration. They were decadent and deceiving, devouring the dead below the Glory, capturing them for themselves. We believe their autocannibalism will never abate. A conniving, contemptuous creature. He cackled and cried as the meteor began to take his wits into its own usage. We know not if he still lives, though his servants do.
LORE The Betrayed The Lover The Blacksmith
The one who lived. She never recovered her eyes. It is less likely she will find justice. Yet she listens to us when we sing with pain and malice. There are some wrongs that can still be righted. Some entity that takes a variety of forms, though she prefers a feminine visage. She finds those who dare wander the Mansus without proper care, though she has been instructive to us in passing. A poor man who gave in to the whims of the Empress. He believed royal payments would cure the ails of his wife. We still offer thanks for the blades he gifted to us.
LORE The City Guard The Sworn The Drifter
They were stoic and loyal, unlike their superior. Amgala could not have asked for better protectors or better scholars. But now they are gone. Still they wither in their graves, where we sometimes offer condolences. The Priest's loyal followers, bound to the Red Oath and enthralled with the Glorious Feast. Timeless cycles see their ranks replenished and drained with each coming Feast. We try to stray far. He has gone where others cannot go. Seen what others cannot see. From land to land, place to place, he has seen much. We offer prayers when we travel far.
LORE The Sanguine Horde The Owl The Harbringer
A pact of demons and marauders from a world forgotten. Very few yet roam the planes. The secrets to their final defeat have been lost. We offer wardings to ensure they do not cross our path. One of the oldest and sanest Sworn. Ebis, like the Lover, we believe to be a being of the Mansus itself. They commonly offer generous aid, but only if we succeed in one of their puzzling challenges. We know it from the scribblings of those in the comet's wake. It is perhaps more a force than an individual. It is the star itself. And it hates all that built.


  • If your transmutations are failing, make sure your codex is on your person!
  • Many unlockable transmutations require body parts or whole corpses. You can get these from your victims, as well as by raiding the Morgue, or with the correct access, turning monkeys into catatonic humans.
  • Even if you never fight other heretics, you're inherently at odds with them. Each influence can only be harvested once, so the heretic that goes the fastest and grabs the most influences first has to do less killing and sacrificing to reach their ascensions.
  • As a heretic, access is more important than ever! The more areas you can easily access, the more influences you'll be able to snag. Getting all access can be a godsend, and knowing how to either hack or talk your way into other departments can help you beat other heretics to the free points.
  • Even after ascension, you aren't completely invincible. Don't get too hasty and end up eating a barrage of deadly lasers to the face.
  • As mentioned before, no matter which heretic blade you choose, each one will have an option to destroy it. Afterwards, it will teleport you to a random spot on the Z level. This provides a very good last ditch option for escaping the authorities. As it takes two uninterrupted seconds, make sure you're clear before you use it.
  • With rust, you can practically melt through walls. Use this to your advantage when you and other heretics end up in the Brig.
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