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Clerk.png Clerk.png
Access: Gift Shop
Additional Access: N/A
Difficulty: Very Easy
Supervisors: Head of Personnel
Duties: Keep your gift shop stocked, sell goods to Tourists and the unwary, sell funny costumes to the Clown
Guides: N/A
Quote: Genuine Roman Sandals! Yours for the taking, only 50 Credits! Did I say 50? I meant 15!

Bare minimum requirements: Don't forget you have a shop, it exists, and you are supposed to be managing it.


As a Clerk, your main responsibility is to staff the station's Gift Shop, and to attempt to sell overpriced miscellaneous objects to those that stop at your snake-oil stall.

Your trinkets come mainly from the vending machines, and you are advised to familiarize yourself with your stock, from the various musical instruments to fake weaponry to gaudy outfits and clothing. Your stock will tends to be quite popular with less professional individuals, such as the Clown. However, you may also attract lawmen looking to make a purchase, as you have some shooting targets in the back room, one shaped like a human, one like a Xenomorph, and one like a Syndicate Agent, which they can use in their firing range.

Most of your shift will be spent idly staring into space, or playing with your pet goat, Spiffles. However, there are ways to enhance this experience. Putting in a few requests with Engineering could get you tools and materials to redecorate your shop and make it more appealing to passerby's. A careful trade deal with various other Departments can net you new stock to proudly place on display and hock off to unsuspecting buyers. Additionally, you can collaborate with your supervisor, the Head of Personnel, to push larger, more complicated trades and partnerships with other parts of teh station.

Dark Deals

As a Traitor Clerk, your options are rather limited. You are all but an Assistant, with a marginal amount of access. However, many people will look completely past the Clerk, so this position affords you some valuable anonymity. Additionally, setting up the right trade deals with different Departments can also net you various supplies and tools without arousing too much suspicion. The only limit is your creativity.

Jobs on Yogstation


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