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Keyboard shortcuts so you spend less time fiddling with our god-awful GUI.

Humans and Other Carbon-based Lifeforms' Hotkeys

A diagram of (most) human hotkeys.
A diagram of (most) human hotkeys.

Any Mode

  • Shift+Click = Examine something.
  • Shift+Middle Click = Point at something.
  • Alt+Click a tile = Open a new tab with a list of all the items of the clicked tile next to you.
  • Alt+Click a PDA = Remove the ID from the PDA.
  • Alt+Click a locker = Lock the locker.
  • Alt+Click a clothing = Toggles any possible aesthetic settings (breath mask up/down, rolling down jumpsuit, buttons labcoat, flip baseball cap etc).
  • Alt+Click a bag/container = Opens the container. also works on things that are in another container.
  • Alt+Click a vent or scrubber = Crawl into the pipes if you have the "ventcrawl" ability. Monkeys, slimes and several other creatures can do this.
  • Alt+Click a machine
  • Control+Click = Pull an object or person you're standing next to.
  • Control+Click a PDA = Take out pen.
  • Control+Up/Down = In your text bar will shift through the history of everything you've entered in the red bar at the bottom.
  • Delete = Stop pulling.
  • F12 = Toggle minimal HUD.
  • Tab = Toggle between hotkey and normal mode. While in hotkey mode, WASD will move your character.
  • Spacebar = While entering commands auto-completes them.
  • Ctrl+W or End= Toggle throwing mode.
  • Ctrl+A or Page Down = Use the object in your active hand.
  • Ctrl+S or Page Up or Numpad 9 or Middle Mouse Button = Switch your active hand.
  • Ctrl+D or Home or Numpad 7 = Drop the item in your active hand.
  • F = Cycle through Harm/Help in Combat Mode.
  • Click empty floor tile with empty hand = Drag any pulled object to the clicked floortile if possible.
  • Ctrl+Shift+Up/Down/Left/Right = Pixel shifts your character (Moves your character a few pixels in any direction).

Hotkey-mode Enabled

Hotkey-mode can be toggled on by pressing Tab.

  • W/A/S/D = Move your character
  • Q = Drop
  • E = Equip
  • J = Walk / Run
  • R = Throw
  • B = Resist / Unbuckle yourself / Stop drop and roll when on fire /
  • T = Say (opens a new input window)
  • F = Cycle intents left
  • G = Cycle intents right
  • Z or Y = Activate held object
  • X = Swap hands
  • 1 = Help Mode in Combat Mode
  • 4 = Harm Mode in Combat Mode
  • O = OOC
  • L = LOOC
  • M = emote
  • H = Stop Pulling
  • V = Swap held equipment with worn equipment (such as jumpsuit)
  • C = Give an item
  • Shift+B = Put in hand item into backpack, or take out last item put into backpack.
  • Shift+E = Put in hand item into belt or belt slot, or take out last item put into belt.
  • Shift+Q = Put in hand item into suit storage, or take out last item put into suit storage.
  • Numpad 8/4/5/6/1/2/3 = Used for selecting body target. Numbers correspond to location on the target doll. 8 Cycles through Head → Eyes → Mouth

These also work with the normal mode if you press down Ctrl.

E.g. Ctrl+1 = Help intent, even without the hotkey-mode toggled on.

Other Humanoid Controls

These are actions you can perform which require other methods than hotkeys.

  • Click the rest button = Lay down. You can crawl while laying down.
  • Click-drag a person to yourself = Opens the interact window, where you can remove or add worn objects on a person, and also turn their internals on or off.
  • Click-drag a yourself to a table = Attempt to climb the table.
  • Click-drag a bag/container onto another bag/container = Attempts to move all contents of the first bag to the other.
  • Have someone else grab you aggressively, and then you click and drag your own sprite to them = Piggyback ride them.
  • Grab someone aggressively, and then click and drag their sprite onto yours (grab intent) = Fireman carry them.
  • Target someone's arm = Pat their shoulder.

Hotkeys for the AI

  • Double-Click a tile = Instantly jump there.
  • Double-Click people = Start tracking the person.
  • Ctrl+number key (0-9) = Saves your current camera location.
  • Number key (0-9) = Jumps camera to saved camera location. Tilde and zero will return you to the last spot you jumped from.

Hotkeys for the AI and Cyborgs

  • Shift+Click a door = Open/close.
  • Alt+Click a Turret Control = Lethal/stun mode.
  • Alt+Click a door = Electrify on/off.
  • Control+Click a door = Bolts down/up.
  • Control+Shift + Click a door = Access override on/off.
  • Control+Click an APC = Power on/off.
  • Control+Click a Turret Control = Power on/off.

Cyborg Hotkey-mode Enabled

  • Cyborgs have all the basic hotkeys which humans have, plus...
  • X = Cycle active modules
  • 1 = Activate first module
  • 2 = Activate second module
  • 3 = Activate third module