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General Area
Box primarytoolstorage.png
Primary Tool Storage (YogBox)
A room that stores tools. Accessible without an ID.
Obvious exits North to maintenance, east to Auxiliary Tool Storage, south to port primary hallway, west to garden
Purpose Supplying the crew with tools to make repairs and construct things
Access level All-access from the hall, maintenance from the tunnels
Noteworthy contents YouTool tool dispenser, Vendomat gadget dispenser, Multitools, Budget Insulated Gloves, toolbelt
Clearance Everyone
Security level Low
Style Storage
Balance Requirements No major balance requirements
Other Notes
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Primary Tool Storage is located in the port wing of the station. Assistants no longer start their shift here, but expect to find them looting here before long.

It has a good amount of basic supplies. There is a YouTool vending machine that dispenses tools and a vendomat that dispenses devices such as proximity sensors and remote signaling devices. There is a pair of budget insulated gloves which provide unreliable protection from electric shocks. You'd better take those batteries and the one toolbelt before the others do!

Not to be confused with Auxiliary Tool Storage.

Other Maps


Meta primarytoolstorage.png
Obvious exits

  • North: Storage Wing
  • South: Central Primary Hallway
  • West: Maintenance


Delta primarytoolstorage.png
Obvious exits

  • North: Maintenance
  • East: Central Primary Hallway
  • South: Port Primary Hallway


Pubby primarytoolstorage.png
Obvious exits

  • South: Central Primary Hallway

PubbyStation's Primary Tool Storage is fairly standard in terms of contents. It is situated near the fore of the station, quite close to security. It lacks any sort of rear exit, making it a good place for security officers to corner crooks, but beware- a clever criminal may create a false wall, creating a route that can be used for escape and infiltration.

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