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Note: This page is moderated and can be referenced in ooc issues, such as ban appeals, complaints, reports, etc. This may not apply to the pages this page links to.

This is a quick guide intended for new administrators. It does not cover everything you need to know but just the basics. Also note that the specific verbs and options from this guide will change over time as tools change, but overall this is what the main tools look like:

Admin Tabs

On becoming an administrator, you will be presented with a variety of tabs that are not shown to a regular player. These tabs include MC, Admin, Debug, Fun, Mentor, Prefs - Admin, Server, and Special Verbs. Through these tabs you will have multiple tools that will assist you in tickets, bus, or anything else you might need to do as an administrator.

Here's an overview:


Here's whats in every tab:

Click to expand to see every Admin tab

Secrets panel

Accessed by typing the verb 'secrets' or by clicking the 'secrets' button under the Admin tab.

This panel is used to check the specifics of the current round. The first section is the most important one as it has links to panels which show who antagonists are, AI laws + law changes, the manifest, game mode, etc. The rest of the list are events which you can trigger. At the end of the secrets panel there is a link to the admin log, available to full game admins. This shows a log of what buttons were pressed and who pressed them so don't muck around with these buttons - It's all logged.


What Each Button Does

Click to expand to see what every button does

General Secrets:

  • Admin Log - shows the actions that every admin in the round has performed (both IC actions and admin buttons)
  • Mentor Log - shows the actions of every mentor in the round
  • Admin List - shows the list of every single admin in the game (including not in the round)

Admin Secrets:

  • Cure all diseases currently in existence - does what the name says
  • Bombing List - shows every bomb that has gone off (naturally or by a player) in the round
  • Show last 0 signalers - would show every remote signaler that has been triggered in the round
  • Show last 2 law changes - would show every law change that occurred in the round
  • Show AI laws - does what the name says
  • Show Game Mode - does what the name says
  • Show Crew Manifest - does what the name says
  • List DNA (Blood) - shows the DNA and blood type for every player
  • List Fingerprints - shows the fingerprint IDs for every player
  • Enable/Disable CTF - enables or disables the CTF arena above Central Command
  • Reset Thunderdome to default state - Resets the Thunderdome to roundstart structure
  • Rename Station Name - can override the station charter and rename the station
  • Reset Station Name - can override the station charter and reset the station name
  • Set Night Shift Mode - toggles Night Shift Mode on and off


  • Move Ferry - moves the Central Command ferry to and from the station.
  • Toggle Arrivals Ferry - moves the Arrivals Shuttle to and from hyperspace
  • Move Mining Shuttle - moves the Mining Shuttle to and from Lavaland
  • Move Labor Shuttle - moves the Labor Shuttle to and from the Lavaland Camp

Fun Secrets:

  • Trigger a Virus Outbreak - triggers a virus outbreak of your choosing (advanced/simple disease) and with optional crew alert
  • Turn all humans into monkeys - Literally turns all humans into monkeys
  • Chinese Cartoons - makes everything kawaii (don't click this)
  • Change the species of all humans - changes the species of all humans to your choosing
  • Makes all areas powered - overrides the APCs and powers all areas
  • Makes all areas unpowered - overrides the APCs and makes all areas lose power
  • Power all SMES - all SMES gain max charge
  • Triple AI mode - use in lobby, makes there be three AIs
  • Everyone is the traitor - makes everyone a traitor
  • There can only be one! - activates Highlander mode
  • There can only be one! (40-second delay) - activates Highlander mode that will start 40 seconds after clicking the button
  • Makes all players retarded - gives all players brain trauma
  • Egalitarian Station Mode - unlocks every door except Secure Command areas (Bridge, Vault, etc..)
  • Anarcho-Capitalist Station Mode - activates the Anarcho-Capitalist Non-Aggression Protocol
  • Break all lights - breaks all the lights
  • Fix all lights - fixes all the lights
  • The floor is lava! - makes the floor lava, similar to the Wizard random event
  • Flip client movement directions - does nothing
  • Randomize client movement directions - does nothing
  • Set each movement direction manually - does nothing
  • Reset movement directions to default - does nothing

Security Level Elevated:

  • Change all maintenance doors to engie/brig access only - does what the name says
  • Change all maintenance doors to brig access only - does what the name says
  • Remove cap on security officers - unlimited security officers can arrive at the station

Player panel

Possible ways to access the Player Panel:

  • Typing Player-Panel into chat
  • Right clicking a player and selecting Player Panel
  • Using the Player Panel button under the 'Admin' tab
  • A variety of other unused ways of accessing the panel

Contains a list of players with information about them. Most useful for finding players. There is one player panel available with the ability to select a player, access their traitor panel, freeze them, mute them, and a variety of other options.

Player panel.PNG

Personal panel.png

Banning Panel

The Banning Panel allows you to ban or kick a player from the game. It can be customized from a temporary to permanent ban, antagonist or server ban. The Banning Panel allows you to ban either a CKey, IP, or CID. You can ban from job or antagonist positions as well. Using the BAN option on a player's Player Panel will automatically fill out the Key and IP portion of the Banning Panel.

Banning panel.PNG

View variables

Accessed by right clicking an item and selecting 'view variables'

Contains the interface for viewing and editing variables of objects and mobs and such. You can break the game entirely with this panel so take your time and learn what you can and what you mustn't edit! Use the search function to quickly access variables - it searches by both variable name and value.

View variables 1.PNG

The panel also includes an 'extended options' drop down for the object you have selected. These are things that just don't fit in the right click menu due to it becoming cluttered.

View variables 2.PNG

One interesting variable is called "ckey," short for "canonical key." It typically only shows up in mobs that a player can control, but isn't necessarily limited to such things. Altering this variable isn't recommended, but if you choose to do so, be aware that it has a number of functions.

Deleting the variable can serve to kick the player out of the game, at which point they can re-enter without fuss or muss. Changing the variable to someone else's BYOND key will put that BYOND user in control of the mob. In that way, one can assign a player to be a monkey for a while, or create a body-switching scenario by abusing the "lastkey" variable.

Adminhelps and prayers

Adminhelps arrive when players need help (they are OOC). Prayers when they pray (they are IC). The format is:



  • Click on the username to send them a PM
  • Click on the ? to see a short summary about the player
  • PP = Player panel
  • VV = View variables
  • SM = Subtle message
  • FLW = Follow player
  • TP = Traitor panel
  • LOGS = Mob/Client logs
  • SMITE = Smite player (BSA, brain trauma, fireball, etc..)
  • REJT = Reject Adminhelp
  • IC = Mark as IC
  • RSLVE = Resolve Adminhelp
  • WIKI = Mark as Wiki Issue
  • BUG = Mark as Github Issue
  • MHELP = Mark as Mentor Help
  • JMP = Jump to (makes you a ghost before jumping)
  • CA = Check antagonist (shortcut to the secret panel 'check antagonist' link)
  • SC = Spawn cookie

Traitor panel

Accessed by right clicking a mob, selecting "Show Player Panel" then clicking the "Traitor Panel" option in their Player Panel.

Allows you to:

  • Assign them a round position (Roboticist, Captain, Clown, etc..)
  • Assign them a Faction or Antagonist role (Traitor, Ninja, etc..)
  • Give them a traitor or nuclear uplink
  • Edit their IC memory
  • Edit their common commands

Traitor panel.PNG

Game panel

This is a simple panel that allows you to spawn certain objects, turfs, or mobs. Additionally, you can set the game mode or the secret game mode before the round begins.

Game panel.png

Mode set.png

Create object.png

Important verbs

These are the first verbs you should get to know. There are many more but these will always be important.

  • asay - admin channel talk (OOC)
  • dsay - dead channel talk (OOC)
  • Aghost - makes you a ghost and returns you into your character.
  • adminwho - check which admins are connected.
  • deadmin - if you wish to play a round as a non-admin, use this. If needed, you can regain your powers with the re-admin verb.
  • jump-to-mob/key/area/coordinate - makes you jump to the location. Does not make you a ghost before jumping!
  • jump-to-turf - best used if you right click a turf to jump to it.
  • player-panel - shows the player panel as explained above.
  • secrets - shows the secrets panel as explained above.
  • toggle-adminhelp-sound - plays a sound when an adminhelp arrives so you can tab out of the game.
  • toggle-hear-deatchat - toggles whether you hear deadchat.
  • toggle-hear-radio - toggles whether you hear the radio (useful when dealing with many adminhelps at once with a chatty radio - in other words often).
  • ghost-ears - toggles whether you hear all mobs as a ghost or just the ones in range.