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Note: The Yogstation Lore is currently undergoing rewrite, any lore on this page is subject to change.
Xenobiological STAFF
Adamantine Golem.png
Access: None
Additional Access: Not defined
Difficulty: Hard
Supervisors: Your creator, if you have one.
Duties: Serve your creator utterly.
Guides: No external guides.
Quote: Hey I think Xenobiology is making an army of golems!

Universal Recorder.png Foreword

Golems are the souls of the dead encased in gemstone. They retain no memories of their previous lives, but retain the cunning, knowledge and personalities of those spirits. They are completely devoted to their creator, and will carry out any order given to them. Typically they are aligned with the station, but in the wrong hands, they can be devastating due to how resistant to damage they are.

Their toughness and obedience makes them ideal as Bodyguards, Security and Engineers. Their nature of creation means they often assist in Research areas, but due to their slowness, single-minded devotion and lack of availability, are seldom seen in Medical and Command roles.

Golems are made by putting ten sheets of any material onto a golem shell crafted from Adamantine.

  • Diet
    • None
  • Benefits
    • Extremely resilient to brute damage.
    • Spaceworthy: immune to pressure, temperature, and breathing.
    • Improved unarmed attacks.
    • Have no blood to lose.
    • Are immune to the effects of radiation.
  • Drawbacks
    • Bound to will of creator unless freed.
    • Extremely slow.
    • Immune to cryogenic drugs.
    • Cannot equip clothing.
    • Cannot use guns.
    • Often prejudiced against and slain without mercy by station Security at the first sign of trouble.

Arcade Machines.gif Gameplay

How to pick Be reborn into a golem that somebody crafted.
Customisation None
Special features
  • Do not have blood, but take brute damage in crit instead of oxygen.
  • Very slow, though certain mineral golems negate this.
  • Have type-specific meat
AI-interaction The AI does not consider you human and is not obligated to listen to you and an Asimov AI will often respond lethally should they find you harming a Human. However, this also means the AI can allow you to put yourself into harm's way in a positive manner, such as opening an airlock exposed to space to save someone.


Depends on the golem-type.

Body & Resistances

Depends on the golem type.

  • In general pretty robust
  • Low resistance to stuns
  • Immune to pressure, temperature, and breathing
  • Immune to radiation
  • Can't burn in general
  • Can't be dismembered
  • High melee damage, with chance to stun
  • Intrinsic armor

Medcom.gif Variations

Type Description
Golem adamantine.png Adamantine As an Adamantine Golem, you possess special vocal cords allowing you to "resonate" messages to all golems. Your unique mineral makeup makes you immune to most types of magic.
Golem alloy.png Alloy As an Alloy Golem, you are made of advanced alien materials: you are faster and regenerate over time. You are, however, only able to be heard by other alloy golems.
Golem bananium.png Bananium As a Bananium Golem, you are made for pranking. Your body emits natural honks, and you can barely even hurt people when punching them. Your skin also bleeds banana peels when damaged.
Golem bluespace.png Bluespace As a Bluespace Golem, you are spatially unstable: You will teleport when hit, and you can teleport manually at a long distance.
Golem bone.png Bone As a Bone Golem, You have a powerful spell that lets you chill your enemies with fear, and milk heals you! Just make sure to watch out for bone-hurting juice.
Golem bronze.png Bronze As a Bronze Golem, you are very resistant to loud noises, and make loud noises if something hard hits you, however this ability does hurt your hearing.
Golem cardboard.png Cardboard As a Cardboard Golem, you aren't very strong, but you are a bit quicker and can easily create more brethren by using cardboard on yourself.
Golem clockwork.png Clockwork As a Clockwork Golem, you are faster than other types of golems. On death, you will break down into scrap. Related to the Clockwork Cult.
Golem cloth.png Cloth As a Cloth Golem, you are able to reform yourself after death, provided your remains aren't burned or destroyed. You are, of course, very flammable.

Being made of cloth, your body is magic resistant and faster than that of other golems, but weaker and less resilient.

Golem diamond.png Diamond As a Diamond Golem, you are more resistant than the average golem.
Golem durathread.png Durathread As a Durathread Golem, your strikes will cause those your targets to start choking, but your woven body won't withstand fire as well.
Golem glass.png Glass As a Glass Golem, you reflect lasers and energy weapons, and are very resistant to burn damage. However, you are extremely vulnerable to brute damage. On death, you'll shatter beyond any hope of recovery.
Golem gold.png Gold As a Gold Golem, you are faster but less resistant than the average golem.
Golem iron.png Iron As an Iron Golem, you don't have any special traits.
Golem leather.png Leather As a Leather Golem, you are flammable, but you can grab things with incredible ease, allowing all your grabs to start at a strong level.
Golem plasma.png Plasma As a Plasma Golem, you burn easily. Be careful, if you get hot enough while burning, you'll blow up!
Golem plasteel.png Plasteel As a Plasteel Golem, you are slower, but harder to stun, and hit very hard when punching. You also magnetically attach to surfaces and so don't float without gravity and cannot have positions swapped with other beings.
Golem plastic.png Plastic As a Plastic Golem, you are capable of ventcrawling and passing through plastic flaps as long as you are naked.
Golem plastitanium.png Plastitanium As a Plastitanium Golem, you are immune to both ash storms and lava, and slightly more resistant to burn damage.
Golem runic.png Runic As a Runic Golem, you possess eldritch powers granted by the Elder Goddess Nar'Sie.
Golem sand.png Sand As a Sand Golem, you are immune to physical bullets and take very little brute damage, but are extremely vulnerable to burn damage and energy weapons. You will also turn to sand when dying, preventing any form of recovery.
Golem silver.png Silver As a Silver Golem, your attacks have a higher chance of stunning. Being made of silver, your body is immune to most types of magic.
Snow golem.png Snow As a Snow Golem, you are extremely vulnerable to burn damage, but you can generate snowballs and shoot cryokinetic beams. You will also turn to snow when dying, preventing any form of recovery.
Golem telecrystal.png Telecrystal As a Telecrystal Golem, you are faster than an average golem. Being created out of telecrystal, a much stable but less powerful variation of bluespace, you possess the ability to make controlled short ranged phase jumps.
Golem titanium.png Titanium As a Titanium Golem, you are immune to ash storms, and slightly more resistant to burn damage.
Golem uranium.png Uranium As an Uranium Golem, you emit radiation pulses every once in a while. It won't harm fellow golems, but organic lifeforms will be affected.
Golem wood.png Wood As a Wooden Golem, you have plant-like traits: you take damage from extreme temperatures, can be set on fire, and have lower armor than a normal golem. You regenerate when in the light and wither in the darkness.
Cheese As a Cheese golem, you are resistant to brute damage but can be eaten by others and take extra damage from heat and fire.
Metallic Hydrogen As a Metallic Hydrogen Golem, you're stronger than diamond golems and can be set on fire but do not take damage from it.

There are rumors about capitalist and soviet golems, but who would believe those anyways?

Free Golems

A few research stations have been careless with the orders they gave to their golems, and a few groups have started wandering in independent golem ships. Sometimes one of these ships may end up crashing in Lavaland. These golems, should they wake up from hibernation, will be effectively free of any master, and will usually mine and eventually build their own R&D; they are peaceful unless disturbed.

Free Golems start with a Golem Creation Disk, which contains a unique autolathe design that creates a Golem Shell, without any need for slimes. Unlike those made in xenobiology, however, golems made from these shells are not enslaved to their creator.

Golems main job is to try and get enough points to purchase liberators legacy, a box containing a full set of R&D circuit boards buildable with the help of the autolathe. From here, golems can set up a teleporter and get on board the station with ease.

This opens up many possibilities for interesting role playing scenarios including sending golem ambassadors to negotiate integration into the main stations main inhabitants. It could also lead to all out war with an especially foolish crew or a crafty traitor.

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