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Terra Nova
Purpose: Mining, Looting.
Key items: Monsters, loot, other monsters, Monster nests.
Workers: Shaft Miner
Access: Captain, Head of Personnel, Quartermaster, Shaft Miner
Exits: Mining Shuttle


Jungleland is the primary workplace for Shaft Miners, usually accessed via the Mining Station.

Miners used to mine asteroids for resources. After exhausting them, they moved on to lavaland. However, long-range NT scanners have recently found a part of the moon that inexplicably is in the Goldilocks zone, allowing water to exist. Sulphuric toxins flow from the scorched surface of lavaland, causing the environment to be very acidic. Life finds a way, though; many unseen life forms populate the environment, and most are very aggressive. Even though lavaland is a more peaceful destination than jungleland, the rich mineral deposits in jungleland sit right beneath the surface, having been pushed there by more tectonically active parts of the planet. Nanotrasen, known for its general greedy nature, forces miners to work in jungleland, as the relatively higher mineral content correlates directly to higher profits despite higher chances of miners being torn to shreds by local fauna.

Welcome to Jungleland.


Jungleland is divided into several biomes

  • Proper Jungle - The most colorful and peaceful part of jungleland is characterized by large growths of trees segmented by paths carved by local fauna.
  • Dying Jungle - Places where the jungle is slowly dying have been observed after the first few experimental mining expeditions, and it is unknown if over-exploitation of the natural forests directly kills them or if aggressive mining tactics that kill the fauna change the ecosystem in this way.
  • Toxic Swamp - The swampy marshes of jungleland, large puddles of sulphuric waters are scattered around here. This type of terrain is quite hard to navigate.
  • Rocky Beach - Dried-out parts of the swamp give way to large deposits of red sand and rock. Not many creatures live here.
  • Barren Rocks - A type of biome most similar to lavaland, these are generally found in the most volcanically active regions of jungleland.

Local Fauna

  • Dryads - The most peaceful of jungleland fauna, they seem to be interlinked with the forests and are quite protective of them, they do not attack unless directly harmed.
  • Corrupted Drayds - Less peaceful cousins of normal dryads. Due to previous mining expeditions parts of Jungleland have begun to fall ill to a mysterious illness, before dying en masse, these creatures will attack you on sight, and always try to keep their distance.
  • Blobbies - Weird gelatinous creatures found mostly in the Swamp biome, current theories predict these evolved from basic amoeba on shores of jungleland, slowly growing overtime and consuming lesser plankton to feed their massive cellular structure. Upon damaging them enough they undergo sudden mitosis, it is yet unknown if it is an evolutionary tactic to ensure that overfed inviduals give rise to the next generation, or if it is some other defense mechanism.
  • Meduracha - Massive tentacle monsters, they are the apex predator of the swamp biome, being fast on land, and even faster in the sulphuric waters. They hunt relentlessly, and their tentacles store the sulphuric toxins, injecting them with each attack, slowly incapacitating the victim till it falls dead from toxin accumulation.
  • Giant Mosquito - Massive mosquito-like insects, they are not genetically simmiliar to the terran variety, and are an example of convergent evolution. They feed mostly on iron from their victims blood, and may carry a rare disease that must be healed with quinine.
  • Giant Yellow Jacket - Another example of convergent evolution, these have been named due to their simmiliarities to terran yellow jackets, they are vicious predators, and create their own weaker toxins that they inject into their prey.
  • Emerald Spiders - Big creatures that incapacitate their prey with webs before consuming it alive
  • Skin-Twister - Little is known about these creatures, they tend to hide within plain sight and don't seem to possess any mating behaviour, their only instinct is to kill, and wear the flesh of their victims, trying to lure more of them towards itself.
  • Magma Watchers - Found mostly in the dying jungle biome, they are cousins to their lavaland counterparts.
  • Goliaths - Found exclusively in Rocky Beach and Barren Rocks biome on Jungleland.
  • Gold Grubs - Found exclusively in Barren Rocks biome.

Local Flora

Jungleland is rich in botanical resources, here is the list of found useful species.

  • Liberal Hats - VERY HALLUCINOGENIC MUSHROOMS, found mostly in Toxic Swamp biome.
  • Cinchona Exotica - Contains quinine, found in Dying Forest biome.
  • Explosive Shrooms - These mushrooms evolved an explosive compound that actives upon touch, you can technically harvest them, but you must be very careful, they appear all around Jungleland.
  • Kuku Bush - These fruiting plants contain a molecule called retrosacharide, test show that it has an overall healing effect on the body, but seems to first try to equalize all types of damage, the body sustained.
  • Bonji Bush - These fruiting plants release a very specific odor, that causes the user to be near invisible to most jungle fauna, only small amounts of it are contained in each fruit, so large farming efforts are needed to utilize it efficiently.
  • Bianco Bush - Fruits of this plant are very nutritious and tend to glow upon harvest!
  • Mineral Rich Flytraps - These plants seep valuable resources from the ground and store them in the roots, they feed on jungleland fauna, and if fed they spontaneously release these minerals, which may include Diamonds, Bluespace Crystals, Dilithium Crystals and even in rare occurances Bananium, Mythril or Adamantium.
  • Magnus Purpura - A giant purple flower that grows exclusively in the most toxic environments of Jungleland, it is an extremophile that gained the ability to produce enzymes capable of defending against extreme toxicity of the waters. It is possible to extract this potent anti-acidic agent and use it on oneself.


Jungleland is covered in ruins of an old civilization, it is unknown what caused their collapse at this time. Some ruins have been explored already and contain these obsidian-like crystal fragments. It seems like upon finding enough of them they can be assembled back and inserted into one of the altars found around the jungleland. NT has already sent mining envoys to investigate them, but none of them have returned.

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