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Yogstation was founded roughly 11 years ago. The exact date is not certain or recorded anywhere on any surviving platform.

The old version of Yogstation was named Apocalyptic Station, the majority of their staff decided to leave and host, and join the team of a new community. The leader of this was EliteIxHitman. Hitman approached Yogscast back when they still had their forums set up and asked if he could run a space station 13 community under their banner, which Yogscast agreed as "any publicity is good publicity" for both communities, especially when their base games were so far apart.

With this permission, Hitman founded the server and brought over the staff that wanted to, and the players, to the new community: Yogstation13. Apocalyptic Station quickly fell.

Hitman hosted the game on an old desktop in his apartment and had code knowledge in himself, unfortunately due to the security risks of his home network, it was impossible to give anyone access to the box or the server to reboot it, as Hitman was generally untrusting anyway and there technically were methods of allowing teams to access the box non-harmfully and securely.

Over the next year or so, the server began to deteriorate. The server often went down and the game became unstable and laggy, the code became stale as no one could touch the code and it was closed-source. The council at the time agreed that something had to change.

The council member (under a different name at that time) called Xantam decided to upgrade the forums to new software, reliable software, paid for off his own back. This was the start of the new Yogstation coming forward. Having a website and forums set up was all well and good, but, ultimately it's the game server that is the priority and focal point, without that the forums wouldn't be used. Over a few more months and after many many talks among peers and players, Xantam decided to leave with a handful of staff who opted to follow, and open a new server, hosted externally on a new box. It was a rough start as things got worked out, people joined and left, but over the next few years, the server became stable and we grew even more popular at the peak of our time.

With the new box running, a new council and a new hierarchy structure, Xantam empowered the council to be more than just a name and gave them actual authority to handle things, created the head-coder position and gave the highest ranks access to the host box. This allowed the "powers" to manage the code manually and update the server as and when they wanted, in addition to restarting the server when it crashed, which was a plague at the time.

Over time, things were set up, procedures put in place and we became opensourced. This was the start of when Yogstation really hit its peak as players took the opportunity to add things to the server, which was awesome! Unfortunately, at that time, a dozen more servers opened up and an explosion happened with SS13 becoming increasingly popular. Stations such as LLA and Nox shut down and the remnants scattered to new servers such as Eris, Colonial Marines, Hippie, etc. 10 years ago, there may have been 10-15 servers, now there's too many to count and the competition is fierce with the growing popularity.

Over the last 10 years, we have grown and become a pleasant steady community of regulars who love being here. I think. We have a solid leadership, a system to elect them, a solid set of head developers and a solid playerbase.

Will update and format more when I am able to :) /Xantam