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Mining Medic
Alternative Titles: Mining Medical Support, Lavaland Medical Care Unit, Junior Mining Medic, Planetside Health Officer, Land Search & Rescue
Access: Medbay, Morgue, Mining, Mineral Storage
Additional Access: Surgery, Cargo, Cloning, Maintenance, External Airlocks
Difficulty: Medium
Supervisors: Quartermaster and Head of Personnel
Duties: Watch over the miners, heal miners, get killed by ashwalkers
Guides: Guide to Lavaland, Guide to medicine, Guide to Wounds, Suit Sensors, Guide to Surgery
Minimum Age: 26
Quote: Minersss, pleassse max your sssuit sssensssorsss, turn on your cam, and name your GPSSS. Alssso, if you plan on fighting megafauna, come to me ssso I can take a blood sssample.

Listen up buddy, I don't know what your motivations are to do this job, I don't know whether or not you did all those years of medical training just for access to the explorer suits, and I certainly don't know about any assassination contracts on miners you might have. What I do know, is that you're a good guy. It's the most important thing about your job. You have to be on death's door every other second so you can save the Shaft Miners if they eventually fuck up. A wise man once told me that it's dangerous to go alone, which is exactly why you are here.

Bare minimum requirements: Keep in frequent contact with the miners, be ready to retrieve a corpse in most lavaland scenarios.

Mining Base
The Mining Base

What do I do? Where do I go?

You'll arrive at the station already equipped to deal with most minor injuries:

Item Description
First-Aid Kit
This will fit inside your backpack, it has a number of useful items inside it to allow you to help your miners: Medical gauze Suture.png Suture.png Mesh.png Mesh.png Epinephrine medipen Healthanalyzer.png
Global Positioning System (GPS)
Make sure your miners have their GPS on with a unique label before going out there. Make sure your GPS is on too, it may help them find their way to safety.
Medical Webbing
This will be fitted onto your belt slot. It starts empty but you can place a number of useful items in here for quick access. Experiment and find the right setup for you!
Mining Boots
A pair of sturdy boots, great for treading the rough floor of Lavaland. You can store a knife in these!
Folded roller.png
Roller Bed
Used to drag bodies to Medbay faster, and without pissing off the janitor. Since there's no janitor on Lavaland, don't worry about the hassle of using one.
Knife survivial.png
Survival Knife
Use it for butchering the wildlife (hit while on harm intent). It's as strong against mobs as a pickaxe, but you can't mine with it. You can store it in your boots to save space, but remember to alt-click the boots to draw the knife back out.
Meson Health Scanner HUD
A heads-up display that scans the humans in view and provides accurate data about their health status. In addition, it allows you to see basic structural and terrain layouts through walls, regardless of lighting condition. Wear this at all times.

Your locker is located in your office on the mining station. Make sure to grab a few supplies out of your locker in advance:

Item Description
Can bring miners out of death and into crit if they have only been dead a short time. Try to stabilize them quickly!
Handheld scanner.gif
Handheld Crew Monitor
A miniature machine that tracks suit sensors across the station. Use this to monitor your miners when on the move.
Medical Belt
Like your webbing, but for holding medical items only. Think of these as your first-aid kit, but on a belt.
Pocket Fire Extinguisher
A light and compact fibreglass-framed model fire extinguisher. Take this with you whenever you leave the safety of your base.
Combat hypo.png
QMC Hypospray
A Hypospray with a built in diamond needle that allows you to pierce through thick clothing. Can take 15u or 60u vials.

Your office is located to the right of the mining base, in the lower-right corner. You will find everything you need to help your miners there:

Item Description
All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV)
An all-terrain vehicle built for traversing through Lavaland with ease. Prevents slows from injuries - making it excellent for helping miners even in mid-battle. Don't forget to place your keysAtv keys.pnginside it first.
Freezer crate.png
Blood Freezer
Contains blood packsBlood Pack.pngthat can be attached to your IVIV Drip.png(you have two!) to transfuse blood to your miners. Don't give patients the wrong kind of blood! Blood packs can be labeled with a pen.
Crew Monitoring Console.gif
Crew Monitoring Console
The Crew Monitoring Console reports the location and vital statistics of your miners via their suit sensors. The downside is that it's entirely dependent on them bothering to turn those sensors on, so make sure they do.
Outpost Cameras.gif
Outpost Camera Console
Allows you to access all of the mining station's cameras.
Sleepers can slowly treat brute and burn damage, along with repairing organs and purging toxins if an engineer upgrades them (they won't). Useful for if more than one Miner needs treatment at a time - jam one in the Sleeper while you perform surgery on the other!

The 10 rules to miner survival

Welcome to Lavaland, Miner! You may have been expecting to be posted to a peaceful asteroid, but Nanotrasen has recently started up a mining operation on a new world rich in both minerals and aggressive wildlife! Now for some reason, the introduction of said aggressive wildlife has caused miner fatality rates to skyrocket and that's expensive! So to save some money, we've hired you, and now there won't be any more dead miners. Right? Right! Now there is just a few things they probably didn't tell you in the flyer, so pay attention and listen well if you don't want to end up as a bad investment!

Be robust

Know medicine and miner mechanics. Know how to beat a goliath silly.
A requirement for many jobs on the station, but this one gets a special notion. If you don't know how to apply regenerative mesh onto someone while in the vacuum of space, you're not going to be of any use.

Stay healthy and fit

Keep everyone's life at 100% at all times. Don't be stingy with sutures.

So the miner accidentally hit himself with a pickaxe in the helmet. Five brute damage? Patch him up. The last thing you'd want is for your buddy to go into crit while fighting a watcher, 3 damage short of killing it with all the weapons on their corpse. Be sure to also have you and your miners maintain a healthy diet of food! The last thing you want is a miner that's over or under eaten! In this world, a slow miner is a dead miner - so watch that weight!

Beware of narrow tunnels

Always make sure you can move in any direction.

One of the main advantages miners have over simple mobs is their mobility, and without it, you are severely crippling yourself by making it easier for you to grabbed by goliaths, trapped between two legions, or worse trapped in the path of bubblegum. That's why you should always try to fight and mine in a three tile wide or wider tunnel to avoid an undeserving death and if you notice a miner is dead inside a narrow tunnel then don't follow their example and clear out the area of rock before going in for a rescue.

Don't neglect your GPS

Keep your GPS on you with custom initials. Urge your buddies to do the same.

When times are tough and the miners are stubborn, your GPS is always an easy way to track down someone who doesn't want to use their cam or sensors; be sure to ALWAYS keep yours active and in your pocket, and to check it often to see if a miner has stopped moving for an extended amount of time - if so, they just may need your help after all.

Travel LIGHT

Make sure you're the brightest star around. Nothing is more dangerous than the false sense of security your mesons give you.

Imagine this. You and your miners are digging their dwarf system merrily. Then out of nowhere, some legion pops up and assimilates the two of you into the hivemind. How'd it happen? But I had full vision? This was just the mesons tricking you. To maximize your usefulness, turn on your PDAs flashlight, then carry a lantern or seclite in your pocket. You'll illuminate the planet as good as it gets and your situational awareness improves by miles, but be warned many lights may make it easier to see but also make it easier to be seen by hostile wildlife, so be cautious.

Don't be a hero

Possibly the most important rule of all. Don't risk your own life, you can always clone them.

You don't want to take a risk for no reason other than trying to go for the "Robust guy look", simply take a step back and keep yourself safe. Unfortunately, you won't make yourself look too impressive if a goliath is currently converting you to feces. However, remember that there are certain circumstances where perhaps this rule should be ignored, so that maybe you save someone who makes it, so you don't have to drag him to Medbay or making sure that you will still have a partner to back you up later - as they might be responsible for saving your life later. They could be pissed when you let them die, but you can patch him up if you live. He can't fix you.

Have your Camera On

Turn your body camera on! Strongly encourage your fellow miners to do the same.

Though seldom used, the body cameras both Miners and Mining Medics start with are extremely valuable to a mining medic. When you go red on a Crew Monitoring Console, simply knowing where you are with your GPS on won't be enough. Coordinates won't tell the rescuer (who can use the outpost camera console on the station side mining dock and mining station medbay) whether you're dead by a tentacle surrounded by dangerous simple mobs or dead in an empty corridor with nothing dangerous nearby.

When in doubt, know your way out.

Dig your way back to the station if you lost track of tunnels.

Instead of roaming those dangerous age-old cultist tunnels trying to find your way out, just dig. No one will mind if you lose your way in there. Those tunnels do look pretty alike, after all.

The buddy system

If there are no miners, don't go mining. If a miner doesn't have a medic yet, go after them.

Why don't legions attack each other? Probably hard instinct. Either way around, you should do the same. Don't get tempted to split up or do the mining work yourself, because digging a tunnel is the best way to get caught with your pants down.

The job change

If you have no confidence in your miners, run like hell to the HoP's desk.

While Nanotrasen doesn't exactly approve of this, they don't discourage it either. A lot of effort and resources go into cloning, and a lot of paperwork afterwards. From time to time, it may very well be best to pull out.


  • When you are not busy with your job, it is a good idea to check medbay for more stuff that can help with treatment such as chems or better tools.
  • Laptop computers can download the Overwatch program, which allows you to view the cameras even when you're away from the infirmary, though make sure to get the best network card so you can stay connected on lavaland.
  • Taking blood samples from miners and yourself is a great way to always have a way to bring someone back, just bring the blood to botany and ask for a pod clone.
  • The box of body bags in the morgue are a very versatile tool. Apart from the obvious use of transporting cadavers, they can also be used as crates to move items around that you can fold up and put in your pocket when empty, though you may be stopped by people who think you are moving a body.
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