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Combat is an inevitable occurrence on Space Station 13. Whether it be between Security and some troublemakers, a Syndicate Agent and their target, or what remains of the station versus an angry, fanatical Blood Cult, you will likely at some point be forced to fight for your own life, or for whatever cause you've pledged to. This guide is split into two sections; Offense and Defense. Offense attempts to detail a list of (almost) every single weapon in the game, be it an improvised bottle, a massive machine gun, or whatever bizarre objects can be utilized to directly damage someone in some capacity. Defense details forms of CC (Crowd Control) as well as explaining the systems behind it, then drawing upon different sources (some of which come from the weapons in Offense) to give a list of what can be used to incapacitate a target through non-lethal means. It also attempts to list the armors that exist in the game. Both sections also include notes on each item that can be useful for understanding how to obtain the item, what factions in the game typically use it, or other miscellaneous properties of the item that are notable or useful.

How does damage work?

For information on how to treat damage and what will typically cause certain types of damage, check the Guide to Medicine.

Every single mob in the game has a base health that is reduced by forms of lethal damage. Humanoid individuals (most players) also have stamina health that is reduced by forms of stamina damage.

  • Lethal damage is split into the following types: Brute, Burn, Toxin, and Oxygen (and Clone)
  • Nonlethal damage can only be caused by stamina damage

In addition, every single source of damage has a specific class behind it. These classes are Melee, Bullet, Laser, Energy, Bomb, Bio, Rad, Fire, and Acid. Each piece of armor has values for each of these classes, and also Wound armor (explained in Guide to Wounds). Certain objects or creatures can also have hardiness or DR (damage resistance) respectively.

A source of damage may also have an armor penetration value tied to it. This means it is better (or worse, in the case of a negative AP) at ignoring the armor a target might have.

Whenever an object or creature takes damage, the game first checks the damage class of what is affecting the target. Then it adjusts the force (or damage) of the attack according to whatever armor may exist. The specific formula is Armored Force = Attack Force * (1 - (Final Armor / 100)). Final Armor htooas a minimum value of 0, and a maximum value of 100. It is calculated by Final Armor = Armor - Armor Penetration. However, if AP is negative, it instead calculates at Final Armor = Armor / (1 + (Armor Penetration / 100)). Then, it checks for any hardiness or DR the target may have, calculating the final damage as Final Force = Armored Force - Hardiness?DR. The final force is then applied to the target, dealing its numerical value as the type dealt by the weapon.

A mob that suffers lethal damage over its health will die. Non-humanoid mobs ignore stamina damage.

Humanoids have a total of 200 health. A humanoid at 100 or less health is considered in a "critical" state. During this state, they are helpless. In soft crit, from 100->51 health, they can crawl, whisper, and will take one point of oxygen damage every several ticks. In hard crit, from 50->1 health, they can no longer crawl, will take oxygen damage much quicker, cannot see, and whispering will kill them. However, a humanoid that suffers over 100 stamina damage will enter into a stamina crit instead. This will simply hardstun the humanoid; they will fall down and be unable to act, beyond speaking. It takes several seconds without stamina damage in order to heal all of it.

It should be noted that during combat, if an organic suffers over 25 lethal damage in one second, their tenacious heart will produce a small amount of adrenals. This chemical will reduce damage slowdown while processed in the body's system. This fight-or-flight response lasts about ten seconds. It will not happen again in said organic for ten minutes after triggering.


While most items in the game can be used as a weapon, those that are specifically designed for it tend to be far more robust. This section tries to document every single weapon in the game, though it's an ongoing process as weapons are added, tweaked, or removed.

Melee Weapons

Most station personal lack access to proper firearms, thus if push comes to shove most people will have to rely on the old fashion method of melee combat to deal with a attacker.

Makeshift Weapons

Almost any object on the station can be used as a makeshift melee weapon, however some are better than others.

Icon Item Damage How to Acquire Faction Usage Notes
Brokenbottle.png Broken Bottle 15 Brute when breaking
9 Brute after broken
Get a bottle from the Booze-o-mat, smash it on someone. Civilian Has to be broken first, to break simply toggle combat mode on to harm then smash it against someone; by aiming for the head you will also knock them down if they are not wearing protective head gear. Smashing it spills its contents over the target so you could use it as a chemist to knock out your opponent, by filling it with chloral, and then beat them to death with it. Another reason why traitor Chemist is so great. If the bottle's contents are flammable (booze bottles, for instance) you can follow up by setting your opponent on fire.
Butcherknife.png Butcher's Cleaver 15 Brute Hack the Dinnerware vending machine. Civilian: Kitchen Staff Somewhat hard to get. Security will likely have their suspicions as the only reason to have this over the normal knife is its robusting power. Works as a ghetto circular saw in surgery.
Saw.png Circular Saw 8 Brute Operating Theatre Robotics Lab Autolathe Civilian: Medical/Research Not really much of a weapon, though it can be used to saw off shotguns.
Deathnettle.png Death Nettle Up to 30 Burn.
Damage depends on potency.
Loses a random amount of damage after each hit.
Growing them at Hydroponics Civilian: Botany A red nettle that can deal high damage. Requires gloves to wield, lasts for several hits (damage reduced with each hit) until they disintegrate (i.e. the evidence disappears). Experienced Botanists can make these. At low potency they are mostly a joke but at high potency they are as strong as energy swords (for one hit).
Extinguisher.png Fire Extinguisher 10 Brute Emergency Fire closets and lockers, emergency storage rooms Civilian Found across the station so they're aren't in short supply. Unlikely to be taken by security if they search you. They are also very useful if you get spaced, spray in opposite direction of where you want to go, and you'll fly away. With a limit of 50 units, that's 10 squirts using 5 per spray.
Air/Oxygen/Anaesthetic tank 10 Brute Emergency lockers E.V.A. Toxins lab Atmospherics Operating Theatre (for anaesthetic tanks). Civilian Found across the station so they're aren't in short supply. Air and oxygen tanks are unlikely to be taken by security if they search you. You can use it for internals while having it in your hand (though it is recommended you don't use an anaesthetic tank).
Fireaxe.png Fire Axe 5 Onehand
24 Twohand
Bridge and Atmospherics. Civilian: Atmospherics/Command Most robust thing you can get from the Station. Has to be held with two hands to be used properly. Security will likely take it and it's a large object. Best to store this on your back. They are also rare, one is in Atmos and the other is in the Bridge, good luck breaking in before it gets taken. Can be used as a crowbar (while wielded) on unpowered doors, and is strong enough to break powered ones.
Hatchet.png Hatchet 12 Brute
15 thrown
Hydroponics. Civilian: Botany Botanists use these to chop wood, they also are good at chopping limbs. Easy to conceal, and if you're a Botanist, security probably won't care if you're carrying one. Throwing it at someone deals 15 damage. Bonus points for finishing off an escaping enemy this way, Navajo-style. Works as a ghetto circular saw in surgery.
Knife.png Kitchen Knife 10 Brute Kitchen Autolathe. Civilian Useful if you're the Chef, as Security are unlikely to give a single shit if they see you with it. Works as a ghetto scalpel in surgery. Can be hidden in boots.
Nullrod.png Null Rod 18 Brute (base) Chapel and on the Chaplain. Civilian: Chaplain Better than a Circular Saw, but there's only one of them, and the Chaplain tends to keep it on him. It can destroy runes and protect against some cult magics. Can be transformed into a variety of religious weapons, with different characteristics.
Pickaxe.png Pickaxe 15 Brute Mining Dock and Mining Station. Civilian: Supply Fairly robust, but it's very big, so it can only be stored on the back or belt slot. Miners barely use these anymore in favor of the Kinetic Accelerator, so it's mostly seen on the Gulag. Mining drills and jackhammers all do the same amount of damage as a pickaxe.
Minipick.gif Compact Pickaxe 10 Brute Mining Dock and Mining Station, in miner's equipment closets. Civilian Does less damage, but can fit in a backpack.
Survivalknife.gif Survival Knife 15 Brute Miner's explorer backpacks, Miner's explorer boots Civilian: Supply Miners spawn with a very robust knife that can fit in their pockets or boots.
Scalpel.png Scalpel 4 Brute Operating Theatre Autolathe. Civilian: Medical/Research You're better off using a screwdriver.
Shard.png Glass Shard 5 Brute
10 thrown
Anywhere there's glass (read: everywhere). Civilian Extremely easy to obtain, just break a glass/reinforced glass pane or climb a glass table. Works also as a ghetto scalpel. You need gloves to hit stuff with it without cutting yourself, but you can still throw it.
Screwdriver tool.png Screwdriver 5 Brute Most storage rooms and Engineering. Civilian Its robustness doesn't come from the damage, but from its thin, pointed edge. Anyone not wearing glasses can have their eyes stabbed out causing them lose sight. Doesn't make them mute so they'll still scream, or might even fight back before you have a chance to blind them enough.
Drill.png Surgical Drill 10 Brute Operating Theatre Autolathe. Civilian: Medical/Research Not terrible at wounding, but still normal-sized and not really used for any surgeries.
BlueToolbox.png Toolbox 15 Brute Most storage rooms and Engineering. Civilian Rather common. Althought it deals a moderate amount of damage, it's a bulky item, so you'll have to hold it.
Welder.png Welding tool 3 Brute when off
12 Burn when on
Most storage rooms and Engineering. Civilian When switched on, it deals a robust amount of burn damage, but consumes fuel after every hit.
Syndicatetools.png Syndicate Toolbox 18 brute
21 brute when thrown
Syndicate uplink and the Derelict. Syndicate Worth more for emergency tools than anything. Expect security to come cracking down unless they know you've taken a trip to the derelict.
Spear.png Spear 10 brute in Onehand
18 brute when wielded/Twohand
20 brute when Thrown
Made by yourself Civilian A haphazardly-constructed yet still deadly weapon of ancient design. You can attach an explosive to it. If you attach one, Alt-clicking it will allow you to set a war cry when attacking with it.
Chainsaw.gif Chainsaw 13 Brute when off
21 Brute when on
Made by yourself Civilian You can surgically replace an arm with a chainsaw. Can break an airlock down. Requires both hands to carry unless it's surgically attached.
Baseball bat.png Baseball Bat 16 Brute Made by yourself. Civilians A wooden slugger fit for an ancient game. The baseball bat suffers against armor but is very likely to dislocate and break bones when it hits bare flesh. Can't be stored in a bag.

You must wield it in two hands in order to use it.

Actual Melee Weapons

Unlike makeshift melee weapons, these melee weapons are usually more reliable and robust, however most station personal can't get access to them, as well as these weapons being very noticeable.

Icon Item Damage How to Acquire Faction Usage Notes
Render.png Ritual Dagger 15 Brute
25 Brute when thrown
Cult magic Cultists Possesses a notable AP which means it will bypass most standard protective equipment: not quite the case with something like riot armor. Its ease to obtain combined with a good throw force makes it a good staple for cultists, beyond their need of one to draw runes.
Cultblade.gif Cult Blade 25 Brute
10 Brute when thrown
Cult magic Cultists Those who aren't Cultists suffer from wielding this blade...MENTALLY. Aside from being very robust, it is Cult exclusive. Expect a wave of batons lasers when Security sees you holding this.
Bloodspear.png Blood Spear 12 Brute, 28 Brute Wielded
35 Brute when thrown
Cult magic Cultists Has okay armor penetration. When wielded, has a two-tile range like any other spear. If thrown, it will shatter upon impact and briefly stun anyone hit- effectively the Nar'sien equivalent of the Brass Spear. Can be recalled directly to your tile, assuming you have line of sight on it and you are within twenty tiles.
Ratvarian spear.png Brass Spear 15 Brute + 5 Burn on living non servants, 25 Burn on silicons
25 Brute + Stun when thrown
Clockwork Slab Clockwork Cult Possess a small armor penetration. The additional burn damage dealt by this weapon generate vitality used by the Vitality Matrix, will break upon hitting a mob when thrown.
Ratvarian hammer.png Brass Battle-Hammer 15 Brute, 23 Brute Wielded
15 Brute when thrown

-30 Armor Penetration

Clockwork Slab Clockwork Cult Will knock back non-servants on hit. Does the same when thrown, but then blocked by antimagic. The melee strike will always throw.
Ratvarian sword.png Brass Longsword 15 Brute
20 Brute when thrown
Clockwork Slab Clockwork Cult Possess very small armor penetration. On-hit will inflict an EMP on the target. On mechs, a heavy EMP is done instead. Cooldown of the EMP is 20 seconds. Has a moderate block chance.
ESword.png Energy Sword 3 Brute Off
30 Brute On
Through a Syndicate Uplink Syndicate/Nanotrasen Despite being very strong in melee combat, its activation is loud, very obvious to those around you, and not viable unless you are a traitor. It also counts as a shield when active! Use a multitool on one to turn on RAINBOW MODE (permanently). TURN IT ON BEFORE YOU USE IT
DoubleESword.png Double-bladed Energy Sword 3 Brute Off
34 Brute On
Through a Syndicate Uplink Syndicate/Nanotrasen Has to be held with two hands while on. Four extra damage may not seem much, but it means one less hit to crit an unarmored opponent. When wielded it gives a 100% chance to deflect energy-based shots, like tasers and lasers. Like the energy sword, its activation is very loud. To create this, you must combine two Energy Swords together of any color (hold one in each hand and click the other sword) or receive it in a Syndicate Bundle. You cannot put two holodeck swords together. Use a multitool on one to turn on RAINBOW MODE (permanently). TURN IT ON BEFORE YOU USE IT
StunBaton.gif Stun Baton 10 Brute Security Very robust if you know how to use it properly. Only the security force can get these easily.
Vibroblade extended.png Vibration Blade 20 Brute The Armory Criminals, Security A robust blade that has an edge of tiny teeth that rapidly vibrates, almost like a chainsaw. This permits it to cut through armor better than most other blades. Offers no block chance and comes in a compact, folded hilt. Must be extended in order to use.
Baseball bat metal.png Titanium Baseball Bat 18 Brute Made by yourself. Requires Makeshift Crafting from the Syndicate. Civilians A baseball bat made of titanium. This one is not only more damaging but suffers less against armor and is even more likely to horribly break bones if they're not covered. In addition, hitting someone will throw them one or two tiles, which allows you to knock them into walls for a continuous stunlock. Targetting the head has a 30% chance to stun someone for four seconds. Can't be stored in a bag.

Also requires two hands in order to use it.

Baseballbat donk.png Weighted Toy Baseball Bat 6 Brute or 40 Stamina Syndicate Uplink, 6 TC Civilians This DonkCo toy baseball bat looks just like the ones made from plastic, though it's been weighted on the inside. Able to be stored in a bag, unlike actual baseball bats. It functions like a telescopic baton that's always extended, though it's better against armor and weaker when used lethally.
BasaltKatana.png Basalt Katana 18 brute + 52 brute on lavaland's fauna Lavaland Unknown Using it in your hand will make you do a dodge roll in the direction you're facing, making you ignore all damage for 0.5 seconds while moving you forward, doing so deals 5 stamina damage to you on lavaland and 15 stamina damage on the station
Telescopic Baton.gif Telescopic Baton 10 Brute or 40 Stamina Heads of Staff's backpacks. Command Like the stunbaton but retractable, need more hits to paralyze people than a standard stun baton but the same capability for bludgeoning. Heads of Staff start their shift with one in their backpack. Be sure to extend it before using!
Sabre.gif Officer's Sabre 15 Brute Captain's locker. Captain A sabre intended for ceremonial uses. Comes with its own sheath. Can block melee attacks and has good armor penetration.
Buckknife.png Combat Knife 20 Brute Ordered from Cargo. Sol Interplanetary Coalition Incredibly powerful for a small knife. Has a good chance to embed when thrown. Also more likely to deal wounds.
Switchblade.png Switchblade 20 Brute, 23 Brute when thrown Civilians, Criminals A more compact version of the combat knife that can be extended and retracted. Not as good as embedding or wounding, but does more damage on a throw.
Switchblade.png Backstabbing Switchblade 20 Brute, 23 Brute when thrown, 35 Brute if backstab Syndicate Uplink, available for 3 TC Nanotrasen, Syndicate A unique switchblade with specific engraving on its blade denoting its corporate producer. Does significantly more damage attacking targets from behind, which also causes them to scream.
SyndicateFedora.png Syndicate Fedora 15 Brute
40 Brute when thrown
Syndicate Uplink, available for 6 TC Syndicate It must be activated in hand in order to extend the blades to use it as a melee or throwing weapon. Has light armor penetration. If you hit a target with the fedora, it will come flying back to you, so be sure to turn throw mode on so you don't hit yourself!
Syndie mantis.png G.O.R.L.E.X. Mantis Blade 20 Brute Syndicate Uplink, available for 7 TC Syndicate Purchased as a single autosurgeon that will install a secret implant on your right arm upon usage. Has very high wound chance, especially against unarmored targets, as well as moderate armor penetration. It also has a small block chance. Having two extended at the same time permits you to strike with both in a single attack.
Mantis.png H.E.P.H.A.E.S.T.U.S. Mantis Blade 18 Brute Only available to Emergency Response Team for 7 WC Nanotrasen Purchasing it gives you a briefcase that possesses an autosurgeon to install one onto each arm. Possesses the same wound bonuses, armor penetration, and theoretical double-strike of the G.O.R.L.E.X. blade. However, it has no block chance.
Brakebow blade.png Break Bow Blade 27 Brute, 45 Brute when thrown Wizard, 2 SP, part of the Break Bow Wizards This highly lethal blade comes with a paired one that can be used to attack at the same time. Has insane armor penetration, but no block chance.

Will return to the original thrower after a few seconds if thrown, even going so far as to forcibly remove itself if it embeds into a target, assuming the target doesn't have anti-magic.

Vxtvul hammer1-1.gif Vxtvul Hammer 4 Brute, 28 Brute Wielded

40 Brute (Supercharged)

Remnants of Vxtvul, Syndicate This hefty hammer has massive armor penetration and will ignore most standard armor unless such protection is specially designed for melee combat.

Grants an okay block chance specifically against melee attacks while held in both hands. In addition, the user will be able to channel for six uninterrupted seconds to prepare a supercharged blow. A supercharged blow will instantly destroy walls, machines, and most structures. If the supercharged hit targets a mech, it will do a third of its max HP in addition to its normal damage. If the supercharged hit targets a person, it will paralyze them for two seconds and send them flying with force. Finally, the supercharged hit from the hammer ignores armor.

If you are a preternis, you charge the hammer in 4.5 seconds, rather than 6.

One-handing or dropping the hammer will cause it to lose its supercharged state.

Ranged Weapons

While ranged weapons can be difficult to obtain, they hold a few significant advantages. Namely, utilizing a ranged weapon means that you are out of melee range; it is safer, and you are afforded far more freedom in your positioning during combat. Ranged weapons also tend to be more debilitating than melee weapons, generally doing more damage quicker. Their main flaw lies in a limited stock of ammunition. Ballistics require bullets that match the caliber the firearm takes, as well as likely requiring a paired magazine for loading said bullets. Meanwhile, energy weapons typically run off an internal battery that can be conveniently reloaded at several rechargers around the station. Regardless, you will more likely than not have to address the matter of ammo when using a ranged weapon, one way or another.


Ballistic weapons remain the most popular and numerous variant of firearm in the 26th century, as their missiles are able to travel far faster than most energy-based projectiles. However, Nanotrasen's research in the field of energy weapons means ballistics are a rare sight on-station. As a result, these are often brought in from outside sources, be it Cargo, ruins, or the Syndicate.


An automatic weapon is defined by its ability to self-load upon each trigger pull, allowing users to continue firing rounds so long as the weapon's clip or magazine is loaded. As a result, they are the most capable weapons of continuous fire, especially when considering their fast, on-field reload times relative to energy weapons. Some automatics permit tactical reloads, which allow a user to instantly swap an in-hand magazine with the magazine currently in the weapon. In addition, automatics are likely to have a burst fire mode, which will discharge multiple shots per trigger pull. A fully empty automatic will require the user to drop the weapon's loading mechanism once a new magazine has been inserted before they are ready to fire. The firearm can be racked by interacting with the firearm in hand (this cannot be done while your off-hand is full if the weapon cannot be dual-wielded), while magazine ejection requires the automatic to be clicked with an open hand. In order to insert a new one, have a magazine in hand, then click on the automatic.

Icon Item Ammo Capacity Damage & Effects How to Acquire Faction Usage Notes
Usp.pngNtusp-l.png NT-USP pistol Usp mag.png

Powerpack small-l.png

12 Rounds (HL)
8 Rounds (LS)
25 Stamina (HL)
18 Burn (LS)
Nanotrasen Small enough to fit in pockets. A ballistic equivalent to the disabler for security officers that uses hardlight bullets generated from the battery magazine's integrated projector. These hardlight projectiles resolve against energy armor rather than bullet, and travel slower than all other ballistics (but still faster than beams). The powerpacks can be refilled at a standard recharger, letting it benefit from one of the main strengths of energy weapons while acting like a ballistic. EMPs will drain the energy of the powerpacks.

It is possible at the Armory protolathe to print out lethal conversion kits for the powerpacks, which will allow them to fire .22LS bullets instead. These overcharged powerpacks are only capable of fabricating eight shots per pack, and their projectiles resolve exclusively burn damage against laser armor instead of energy armor. Otherwise, the hardlight bullet acts the same.

It can be suppressed.

Autorifle.png WT550 Automatic Carbine 46x30ammo.png
20 Rounds
10 Rounds (Airburst magazine)
Ammo Types
Icon Name Description
46x30ammo.png Standard ammo 15 Brute
46x30mmtA.png AP ammo 12 Brute, very good armor penetration
46x30mmtI.png IC ammo 9 Brute, sets the target on fire
46x30mmtT.png Rubber ammo 5 Brute + 22 Stamina
46x30mmtV-20.png Snakebite ammo 6 Brute, injects 4 units of toxin, deals 6 toxic damage regardless of armor
46x30mmtK-20.png Kraken ammo 22 Brute, extremely ineffective against armor
46x30mmtB-20.png Airburst ammo 2 Brute, after traveling 5 tiles bursts into 5 pellets that do 10 Brute each. Admin Spawn Only
Security An older carbine, often used by paramilitary or high-security forces. Possess a 2-round burst setting. Alternative ammo can be printed by Security once proper research is completed.

It supports a bayonet and can be suppressed.

Uzi.png Type T3 Uzi Uzi9mm.png
32 Rounds 20 Brute Gangtool, available for 60 influence Criminals A lightweight, fast-firing gun with a 2-round burst setting, for when you want someone dead fast. Generally popular only among criminal elements.
Aps.png Stechkin APS Pistol 10mmMag.png
15 Rounds 20 Brute Space Russians, Syndicate The original Russian version of the stechkin used by the Syndicate. Has a 3-round burst setting making it quite powerful despite its small size.
Saber.png Nanotrasen Saber SMG Smg9mm.png
21 Rounds
Ammo Types
Icon Name Description
Smg9mm.png Standard ammo 20 Brute
Smg9mmA.png AP ammo 18 Brute, very good armor penetration
Smg9mmI.png IC ammo 13 Brute, sets the target on fire
Only available to Emergency Response Team for 7 WC Nanotrasen A standardized SMG used by Nanotrasen paramilitary forces. While it has a three-round burst setting, it fires slower relative to the Boarder Rifle. However, it can be suppressed.
V38.png Vatra M38 Pistol V38-8.png
.38 special
8 rounds
Ammo Types
Icon Name Description
V38-8.png Standard ammo 21 Brute
V38R-8.png Rubber ammo 7 Brute + 30 Stamina
V38A-8.png AP ammo 18 Brute, okay against armor
V38F-8.png Frost ammo 21 Brute, very bad against armor, chills targets
V38T-8.png Talon ammo 12 Brute + 18 Stamina, guaranteed to bleed the target if enough damage is done
V38B-8.png Bluespace ammo 18 Brute, incredibly fast projectile
Ordered from Cargo. Civilians, Security, Sol Interplanetary Coalition A Serbian-designed automatic that unusually loads .38 special rounds. While these rounds struggle to puncture through armor, the handgun has still found a place among civilian and police elements.

It has a variety of exotic ammunition that, once researched, can be printed at the Armory lathe.

Makeshiftpistol.png Makeshift Pistol 9x19pM.png10mm 4 Rounds 30 Brute Made by yourself. Requires Makeshift Crafting from the Syndicate. Scavengers A laughably shoddy weapon that only contains four 10mm bullets per magazine. While able to be made completely on your own, it fires slower than most automatics and its low capacity is barely able of downing an unarmored target before reload is required.
Stetchkin.png Stechkin Pistol 10mmMag.png
10 Rounds
Ammo Types
Icon Name Description
10mmMag.png Standard ammo 30 Brute
10mm AP.png AP ammo 27 Brute, very good armor penetration
10 mm hollow.png HP ammo 45 Brute, ineffective against armor. Sharp-edged and will likely inflict deadly wounds
10mm incend.png IC ammo 25 Brute, sets target on fire
10mm Soporific.png SP ammo 30 Stamina, will sleep a target that reaches 100 Stamina damage
9x19E-8.png EMP ammo 25 Brute, releases a one-tile strong EMP on impact and a light EMP around the target
Criminals, Syndicate Nuclear Operatives spawn with one for free, though it can still be purchased by Traitors and silenced for a stealthy, lethal weapon.

Note that even if suppressed, firing it will leave behind signature 10mm casings for Security to find.

SurplusGun.png Surplus Carbine Ammo 75.png
10 Rounds 30 Brute Civilians An obsolete weapon still used due to its absurdly cheap cost and abundant supply. Requires both hands to shoot and has a lower rate of fire. Outclassed by most other firearms.

It supports a bayonet.

M1911.png M1911 Pistol M1911 mag.png
8 Rounds 30 Brute Civilians, Sol Interplanetary Coalition A classic handgun. Still carried to this day by Spacepol officers and Coalition troops. While very similar to the stechkin, the M1911 is heavier and unable to be suppressed. In addition, it's chambered in .45, rather than 10mm.
C20r.png C20r SMG C20r45-24.png
24 Rounds
Ammo Types
Icon Name Description
C20r45-24.png Standard ammo 30 Brute
C20r24A-24.png AP ammo 27 Brute, very good armor penetration
C20r45H-24.png HP ammo 45 Brute, ineffective against armor. Sharp-edged and will likely inflict deadly wounds
C20r45V-24.png Venom ammo 20 Brute, injects 4 units of venom on a successful hit
Only available to Nuclear Operative for 10 TC Syndicate Has a 2-round burst setting with decent damage and cheap ammo. Can also be silenced. A good all-arounder for a Nuclear Operative.
Tommy gun.png Tommy Gun Thompson mag.png
50 Rounds 30 Brute Only available to Emergency Response Team for 9 WC Sol Interplanetary Coalition A modernized variant of the Thompson SMG that utilizes light plastics in its wooden furniture, commonly used by Coalition marines. Has a four-round burst setting for a massive spray-and-pray experience. Laughably lethal and horrifying in close quarters.
MinigunSpin.gif M-546 Osprey MinigunPack.png
500 Rounds 34 Brute Only available to Nuclear Operative for 30 TC Syndicate The M-546 Osprey minigun is attached to a 500-round backpack, which it can be attached to and removed from. The gun is heavy enough to slow the user, but it fires continuously while the mouse is held, until it overheats.
M90.png M-90gl Rifle 556m.png
40mm grenade
30 Rounds +
1 Grenade
Ammo Types
Icon Name Description
556m.png Standard ammo 35 Brute
5.56mA-30.png AP ammo 31 Brute, exceptional armor penetration
5.56I-30.png IC ammo 23 Brute, sets the target on fire
40mmhe.png Grenade 60 Brute, explosion radius (-1, 0, 2)
Only available to Nuclear Operative for 18 TC Syndicate A powerful weapon that can switch between a 3-round burst setting of 5.56mm bullets and an underbarrel grenade launcher that utilizes 40mm grenades. Capable of downing an unarmored target in a single burst.
Arg.png NT-ARG "Boarder" Rifle Arg556.png
30 Rounds
Ammo Types
Icon Name Description
Arg556.png Standard ammo 35 Brute
Arg556A.png AP ammo 31 Brute, exceptional armor penetration
Arg556I.png IC ammo 23 Brute, sets the target on fire
Arg556R.png Rubber ammo 10 Brute + 47 Stamina
Only available to Emergency Response Team for 18 WC Nanotrasen A standardized assault rifle used by Nanotrasen paramilitary forces. It has a three-round burst setting and fires faster than its cousin the M-90gl Carbine.
Deagle.gif Desert Eagle Deagle mag.png
.50 AE
7 Rounds 40 Brute Obtained in the "Oddjob" Syndi-kit Special pack. Criminals A powerful hand cannon. Shoots much slower than other handguns; slower than even the .357 revolver. However, it has a massive chance to wound targets hit.

It comes in three tasteful variants: normal, gold, and camo gold. The Oddjob bundle receives the gold version, though the others are available through admin spawn.

Lwt650.png LWT-650 DMR M308.png
15 Rounds
Ammo Types
Icon Name Description
M308.png Standard ammo 42 Brute
M308P.png Penetrator ammo 35 Brute, good armor penetration, passes through all mobs hit
M308L.png Heavy Laser ammo 40 Burn, high wound chance. The projectile is a laser and the magazine is rechargeable like the Laser Rifle's.
Only available to Emergency Response Team for 10 WC Nanotrasen A long-barreled designated marksman rifle that is vaguely based on the WT platform. Slower-firing than most automatics, but its projectiles travel slightly faster than most others.

Also more accurate than your average firearm.

L6machinegun.png L6 SAW A762.png
50 Rounds
Ammo Types
Icon Name Description
A762.png Standard ammo 45 Brute, a little armor penetration
A762A.png AP ammo 35 Brute, exceptional armor penetration
A762H.png HP ammo 55 Brute, ineffective against armor. Sharp-edged and will likely inflict deadly wounds
A756I.png IC ammo 27 Brute, sets the target on fire
Only available to Nuclear Operative for 20 TC Syndicate A fully-automatic gun with 50 shots per magazine. This beast of an LMG permits sustained, massive volleys of bullets. It suffers from considerable inaccuracy when fired in its burst mode.
Dmr.png K-41s DMR Ks762.png
11 Rounds
Ammo Types
Icon Name Description
Ks762.png Standard ammo 60 Brute
Ks762R.png Raze ammo 40 Brute, 300 Irradiate, deals 15 Clone damage regardless of armor
Ks762P.png Anti-material ammo 52 Brute, good armor penetration, can penetrate up to two objects before landing on a final object
Ks762I.png Vulcan ammo 47 Brute, disperses fire in a moderate area around the impact site
Only available to Nuclear Operative for 12 TC Syndicate A long-range rifle typically used by Syndicate recon operatives. Fires powerful rounds and possesses a short-range scope to better see over distances.

Similarly to the LWT, has improved accuracy over other firearms.


Revolvers use an internal cylinder as a magazine. As a result, their ammo can be topped off at any point by using individual rounds or a speed loader. By using ALT+CLICK on a revolver, you can spin the cylinder, which will randomize the set position of the cylinder. Overall, they still remain popular due to their ease of use. Interacting with one in hand will dump the internal cylinder. In addition, revolver bullets tend to inflict more devastating wounds than the bullets most pistols fire.

Revolver bullets can bounce off flipped coins, which then ricochet to nearby targets.

Icon Item Ammo Capacity Damage & Effects How to Acquire Faction Usage Notes
Tracrevolver.png Caldwell Tracking Revolver Ammo 32trac.png
.32 TRAC
7 Rounds 5 Brute Ordered through Cargo. Colonists and Security A tool, rather than a weapon. Each .32 TRAC round will do minimal damage but plant a temporary tracking implant in any target hit. This tracking implant lasts only 5 minutes, cannot be used as a teleporter beacon, and will be destroyed if it is EMP'd. The revolver is also innately suppressed and fires slowly.
Nagant.png Nagant Revolver 10mmbox.png
7 Rounds 20 Brute Space Russians An old revolver originally produced in 1895 by the Russian Empire. While it fires slightly slower due to its clunkiness, this double-action variant is still maintained and used by certain Space Russian officers. Its unique gas-seal system allows it to be suppressed.
Detectivegun.png Colt Detective Special Ammo 38gut.png
.38 special
6 Rounds
Ammo Types
Icon Name Description
Ammo 38gut.png Rubber ammo 7 Brute, 30 Stamina
Ammo 38.png Standard ammo 21 Brute
Ammo 357.png .357 40 Brute, much better against armor
Found in the Detective's locker, located in a shoulder holster. Security Every .38 round struggles to penetrate armor; best used in self-defense situations. Begins loaded with rubber rounds by default.

Can be modified to fire .357, but will fire twice as slowly. Alternative ammo can be printed by Security once proper research is completed.

Russianrevolver.png Russian Revolver Ammo 357.png
1 Round. Can load up to 6. 40 Brute
300 Brute when used on head
Found in certain bars or recreational areas. Civilians, Space Russians A Russian-made revolver. It has a single slot in its chamber for a bullet, as it's meant for playing Russian Roulette! You can spin the chamber to randomize the position of the bullet, and must do so before every shot. It can use .357 alternative ammunition should the user desire to waste TC.

Killing yourself with the Russian Revolver will give you a deep-rooted trauma.

Revolver.png Syndicate Revolver 357.png
7 Rounds
Ammo Types
Icon Name Description
357.png Standard ammo 40 Brute. Innate armor penetration, including all subtypes
357feather.png Ironfeather 6 pellets of 8 damage each, mildly less damage dropoff than buckshot
357cracker.png Nutcracker 30 Brute, one-shots windows, two-shots doors, three-shots reinforced doors
357shock.png Metalshock 15 Brute, then delivers a devastating tesla arc (~33 burn first target) that can chain between victims
357piercer.png Heartpiercer 35 Brute with good armor penetration. Passes through first mob hit
357stake.png Wallstake 36 Brute, throws people two tiles which can impact against walls
Syndicate Uplink, available for 6 TC Syndicate Fires slower than the stechkin and also weighs more. However, topping off the internal cylinder is far easier than unloading and reloading an automatic. In addition, it possesses a much wider array of alternative ammunitions which can possess drastic properties.


Shotguns use a variety of 12 Gauge shells for their ammunition, which all discharge differing projectile spreads and projectile types. This permits them some of the greatest utility and versatility compared to other ballistic classes. They are also the most commonly found ballistic firearm on station. Shells are loaded into shotguns individually, automatically ejecting any spent shells they replace. You can still interact with a shotgun in hand to either unload the barrel(s), rack the pump, or rack the slide.

Icon Item Ammo Capacity How to Acquire Faction Usage Notes
Ishotgun.pngIshotgunsling.pngIshotgun sawn.png Improvised Shotgun Improvshell-live.png
12 Gauge shells
1 Shell
  • Crafted.
  • Gangtool, available for 6 influence (sawn-off variant)
Scavengers A handcrafted shotgun made of scavenged materials. You can attach cable coil to it to allow it to be worn on your back. Can be sawn off with a circular saw (make sure it's not loaded). A sawn-off shotgun will fit in your backpack or on your belt, though it will lose some accuracy.

Has a chance to jam when fired. The shell will not be spent, but you will need to unload and reload the weapon.

Doubleshotgun.png Doubleshotgunsawnoff.png Double-Barrelled Shotgun Bean shell.png
12 Gauge shells
2 Shells Civilians Easiest shotgun to get, yet the rarest. Only one starts on the station and the Bartender likes to keep it in case of bar fights. Can be sawn off with a circular saw (make sure it's not loaded). A sawn-off shotgun will fit in your backpack or on your belt, though it will lose some accuracy.
Shotgun.png RiotSGSawn.png Riot Shotgun Bean shell.png
12 Gauge shells
6+1 Shells Security An uncommon shotgun, typically only used in emergencies by Security. Because of its high capacity, convenience in being able to be worn on security exosuits, and the fact that a handful spawn in the Armory roundstart, this tends to be the most common shotgun on-station. Can be sawn off with a circular saw (make sure it's not loaded). A sawn-off shotgun will fit in your backpack or on your belt, though it will lose some accuracy.

As a pump-action shotgun, you will need to manually rack the pump after each shot or when reloading the shotgun from a fully empty state.

Breachingshotgun.png Tactical Breaching Shotgun Breacher-live.png
Breaching Slugs
3+1 Shells The Armory Security, Sol Interplanetary Coalition A tool, rather than a weapon. Each breaching slug deals 10 Brute damage but deals massive damage to doors and windows. One is enough to shatter a window, while three will breach an airlock. As they're normal-sized, they can conveniently be carried in your backpack when the situation demands it. This shotgun can only load breaching slugs, and breaching slugs can only be loaded into this weapon.

It is semi-automatic.

Shotgunoriginal.png Shotgun Buckshot shell.png
12 Gauge Shells
4+1 Shells
  • Dropped by Russian troopers.
  • Used by SIC security personnel.
Space Russians, Sol Interplanetary Coalition A standard issue shotgun common among police and military elements. While its tube capacity is unideal, the weapon still sees usage among Space Russians and Sol Interplanetary troopers due to its cheapness and reliability.

As a pump-action shotgun, you will need to manually rack the pump after each shot or when reloading the shotgun from a fully empty state.

Combatshotgun.png Combat Shotgun Buckshot shell.png
12 Gauge Shells
6+1 Shells Ordered from Cargo. Nanotrasen A black shotgun that can be ordered from Cargo that is filled with lethal buckshot by default. While heavier and unable to be worn on security exosuits, the Combat Shotgun is semi-automatic and fires faster than the Riot Shotgun.
WardenSG.png Compact Combat Shotgun Buckshot shell.png
12 Gauge Shells
4+1 Shells Found in the Warden's locker. Nanotrasen A miniaturized version of the Combat Shotgun for wardens. Its convenient size allows it to be stowed onto standard security exosuits. Ideal for defending the Armory.
Bulldog.png Bulldog Sgshell-live.png
12 Gauge shells
8+1 Shells Only available to Nuclear Operative for 8 TC Syndicate A powerful automatic shotgun that utilizes a drum magazine, meaning it cannot load shells individually. The ammo that is purchasable for the Bulldog tends to be more powerful than standard 12 Gauge variants.
Shotgun Shells

Note: This lists only shells that can be acquired by normal means. All shotgun shells also travel slightly slower than most other bullets.

There are two different types of shotgun shells, shot and slugs. Shot shoots pellets in a spread, and is 25% less effective against bullet armor on targets. Slugs shoot a single projectile over a distance. Both lose damage over distance, making shotguns ideal for close-quarters usage.

  • Improvshell-live.pngImprovised Shell: Shoots 10 pellets dealing 6 brute damage each.
  • Buckshot shell.pngBuckshot: Shoots 6 pellets dealing 11 brute damage each. Extremely lethal at close range.
  • Sgshell-live.pngSyndicate Buckshot: Shoots 6 pellets dealing 14.5 brute damage each. Resolves normally against armor. Only obtainable as a Nuclear Operative.
  • Flechette shell.pngFlechette: Shoots 6 pellets with less spread and less dropoff than regular buckshot, dealing 12 brute damage each and penetrating armor. Only obtainable as a Nuclear Operative.
  • Bean shell.pngRubber Shot: Shoots 6 pellets dealing 3 brute and 13 stamina damage each. Better if you want the target alive. Riot shotguns are loaded with this by default.
  • Bean shell.pngBeanbag: Shoots one single beanbag, dealing 5 brute and 55 stamina damage. The bartender uses these by default.
  • Blank shell.pngStandard Slug: Shoots a single projectile that does 46 brute damage on impact.
  • Sblshell-live.pngSyndicate Slug: Shoots a single projectile that does 60 brute damage on impact. Suffers half the normal damage falloff. Only obtainable as a Nuclear Operative.
  • Fire shell.pngIncendiary Slug: Shoots a single projectile that leaves a fire trail and ignites the target, on top of 20 brute damage. Does not suffer from damage falloff.
  • Tech shell.pngShotgun Dart: A single dart that can contain up to 30 units of chemicals that'll be injected on hit.
  • Mshell-live.pngMeteor Slug: Shoots a single projectile that deals 20 brute on impact and stuns for 8 seconds. It will also throw anything hit three tiles at a force of two. Only obtainable as a Nuclear Operative.
  • Buckshot shell.pngClownshot: Shoots 20 pellets doing no damage and makes a honking noise.
  • Tech shell.pngTechnological Shells: Unloaded technological shells can be made in a Protolathe. See here for the recipes.
    • Pulse shell.pngPulse Slug: Works like one of the deathsquad's pulse rifle shots, dealing 40 burn damage and damaging or destroying walls and machinery.
    • Dragon shell.pngDragonsbreath: Like the incendiary slug, but shoots a spread of 5 burning pellets that deal 7 brute each.
    • Ion shell.pngIon Scatter: Shoots a spread of 4 ion bolts, each of which ions a 3x3 area.
    • Laser shell.pngLaser Buckshot: Shoots 5 lasers dealing 10 burn each.
    • Cryo shell.pngCryoshot: Shoots 4 pellets lowering the body temperature of the target on impact. Temperature adjustment ignores armor.
    • Thunder shell.pngThundershot: Shoots 3 pellets creating lightning on impact.
    • Uranium shell.pngDepleted Uranium Slug: Shoots one ultra-penetrative projectile dealing 35 brute but has 60 AP and going through mobs.
    • Heshell-live.pngFrag-12 Slug: Shoots a single projectile that deals 25 brute on impact and also detonates a light 2-tile explosion.

Bolt Action

Bolt-action firearms are characterized by their bolt cycling mechanism. The bolt must be drawn back to permit access to the internal magazine for reloading, and it must also be cycled in order to eject a spent round to permit another bullet to be chambered. Because this process is clunky and time-costly relative to a self-loading firearm, bolt-actions are seen as antique, dated weapons.

Icon Item Ammo Capacity Damage & Effects How to Acquire Faction Usage Notes
Boltrifle.png Mosin Nagant Ammo 762.png
5 Rounds 60 Brute Space Russians Compensates its low firing rate by being extremely powerful. Can be sawed off to fit in backpacks, incurring a massive loss of accuracy. Its bullet travels slightly faster than most and is exceptionally at causing wounds over long distances. Requires two hands to fire.

It also supports a bayonet.

Sniper.png Syndicate Sniper Rifle 50mag.png
.50 BMG
3-6 Rounds
depending on the magazine
Ammo Types
Icon Name Description
50mag.png Standard ammo 70 Brute + 10 second paralyze, very good armor penetration
Haemorrhage-ammo.png Penetrator ammo 60 Brute, very good armor penetration, goes through everything including walls and mobs
Soporific.png SP ammo 40 second sleep
Available to Nuclear Operatives for 16 TC, standard issue for Syndicate scientists Syndicate An extremely powerful but unwieldy rifle equipped with a scope to see long distances. Requires both hands to use and can be silenced. A user must remain stationary to use the scope. Very low rate of fire.

Has perfect accuracy.

Lever Action

Lever-action firearms are characterized by the lever that is utilized to chamber new rounds and eject spent ones. While an antiquated form of cycling cartridges, lever-actions are iconic of the old West: an immense cultural phenomenon that has only returned in force with the emergence of the Frontier in 2517. While often clunkier and more difficult to work than a pump-action, these weapons still find a home in those who appreciate their operation.

Icon Item Ammo Capacity Damage & Effects How to Acquire Faction Usage Notes
Wintonrifle.png Winton Mk. VI Repeating Rifle 556-casing.png
8+1 Rounds 42 Brute Ordered from Cargo. Colonists, Frontiersfolk A long rifle capable of loading a respectable number of rifle rounds. The bullets fired by this gun travel faster than most and are capable of inflicting wounds at range. However, it fires slower than most shotguns, and each round must be individually loaded.


A launcher firearm is a weapon that kinetically launches an ordinance over some range. While this can range from an explosive rocket to a small syringe, or even something as laughable as a banana scream pie, these guns typically load a single projectile which is then immediately ready to fire.

Icon Item Ammo Capacity Damage & Effects How to Acquire Faction Usage Notes
Pie cannon.png Pie Cannon Pie.gif
50 Pies Stun + Humiliation
Duration 2
  • Found in Clown crates, one is guaranteed in the Theatre.
  • Certain ruins
Clowns Heavy and bulky, but also the only feasibly accessible form of an instant ranged hardstun on the station. Wary victims can catch your pies if they suspect an attack, though if you have several pies, you can outshoot the rate at which they ready themselves to catch more.

Likely to be confiscated by Security if abused.

Pie cannon.png Self-Recharging Pie Cannon Pie.gif
Pies (Self-Charging)
20 Pies Stun + Humiliation
Duration 2
  • Available to Clown Operatives for 10 TC.
  • Wielded by HONK! Emergency Response Team members.
Clowns A pie cannon that will automatically and continuously fill its ammo capacity to max with additional banana cream pies. While its maximum ammunition is technically lower than the standard pie cannon, a disciplined operative can effectively never run out of ammo.
Pneumatic cannon.png Improvised Pneumatic Cannon (Almost) anything normal-sized or smaller 7 Weight Depends on what's thrown Made by yourself. Civilians An improvised cannon for shooting quite literally anything at targets. Requires a gas tank (such as a welder) to operate.

Blacklisted items for loading are the Supermatter sword and any kind of baton.

Blowgun.png Blowgun Syringe.png
1 Syringe 6 Brute + 15u chemicals Made by yourself. Civilians A makeshift syringe gun, effectively. Difficult to use as it requires the user to stand still for 2.5 seconds before firing and also gives an alert to anyone who sees the user. Even if it successfully fires, it also inflicts 20 Oxygen and 20 Stamina damage on the user. This means if you shoot this three times in quick succession, you will pass out.
Sgun.png Syringe Gun Syringe.png
1 Syringe 6 Brute + 15u chemicals Printable at the Medical and Armory protolathe once researched. Nanotrasen A syringe will not inject all of its reagents at once; if a victim takes the time to rip out the syringe quickly, it interrupts the flow of any chemicals that are remaining in the syringe.
Dart pistol.png Dart Pistol Syringe.png
1 Syringe 6 Brute + 15u chemicals Syndicate Uplink, available for 4 TC Syndicate This miniature syringe gun is not only small-sized instead of normal-sized, but it's also innately suppressed, meaning it scarcely be heard while firing and no message will be displayed to those who can see you when you fire it.
Sgun.png Modified Syringe Gun Dnainjector.png
DNA Injectors
1 DNA Injector 5 Brute + DNA Injector effects Syndicate Uplink, available for 14 TC (only if you are a Geneticist) Syndicate A modified syringe gun (also called the DNA syringe gun) that fires DNA injectors and applies their effects instantly, assuming the shot is not blocked. Can instantly turn unsuspecting victims into monkeys, turn their flesh to acid, or whatever devious hell you devise for them.
Rapidsyringegun.png Rapid Syringe Gun Syringe.png
6 Syringes 6 Brute + 15u chemicals Syndicate Uplink, available for 8TC (only if you are a Chemist or Virologist) Syndicate A syringe gun that can hold up to six syringes. Simple.
Kineticspeargun.png Kinetic Speargun Kineticspear.png
Kinetic Spears
1 Kinetic Spear 5 Brute, 25 Brute against fauna Located in the emergency space suit storage of escape pods. Nanotrasen Basically a crappy proto-kinetic accelerator that has limited ammo. You can retrieve your kinetic spears, so long as the angry fauna you were shooting is dead.
Speargun.png Speargun Magspear.png
1 Magspear 25 Brute Obtained in the "White Whale Holy Grail" Syndi-kit Special pack. Syndicate Effectively a harpoon gun, the magspear projectile is guaranteed to embed if it hits a target. It conveniently does enough damage to one-shot space carp, as the Syndi-Kit is themed around it.
Gauss.png Gauss Rifle Bolt.png
1 Bolt 25 Brute Made by yourself. Scavengers It's heavy and impractical to carry around, even if the ammunition is easy to make. Also requires both hands to fire.
Handcannon.png Handcannon Cannonball.png
1 Cannonball 30 Brute, 500 Brute against windows and doors Found on the Pirate Ship. Syndicate YARR!! This fine handheld cannon be fitting well for usage by a real scurvy dog. Hitting a person with the cannonball will throw them a few tiles, but this here be best used for blowing open doors. It do take two hands to fire, so be warned.
Rocketlauncher.png PML-9 RPG Srm-8.png
84mm Rockets
1 Rocket
Ammo Types
Icon Name Description
Srm-8.png HE Rocket 30 Brute, 2 tile light explosion, 1 tile heavy explosion if it didn't hit something living.
84mm-hedp.png HEPD Rocket 80 Brute, 100 Dismemberment, extra 200 Brute against mechs and cyborgs, 1 tile heavy explosion, 3 tile light explosion, ignites others within 4 range. Massive armor penetration.
Only available to Nuclear Operative for 8 TC Syndicate Hilariously cheap itself, but the rockets are where the real cost for this weapon comes in. HE rockets aren't bad area damage, but the HEPD rocket will delete anyone hit by it, as well as dealing massive damage to anyone next to them.

Requires both hands to fire. You can't rocket jump with it.


Bows, despite being mostly outdated, are most often used in sporting activities. Regardless, individuals on station are able to craft them if they desire a ranged option. Shooting a bow require the user to load an arrow manually, then drawing the bow before it's able to fire. The individual loading and drawing of each arrow means their rate of fire is slow, but each arrow has a chance to embed in its target, which will cause bleeding and additional damage unless dealt with. If an arrow does not embed, it often falls on the ground in front of the hit target. Some arrows have a chance to break on impact, which will prevent embedment or retrieval. Interacting with the bow while an arrow is drawn will cancel the shot and return the arrow to an open hand, if available.

Icon Item Ammo Draw Time How to Acquire Faction Usage Notes
Bow.png Wooden Bow Arrow.png
0.5 seconds Made by yourself. Civilians A simple, yet effective bow. Standard and robust.
Bow ash.png Bone Bow Arrow bone.png
0.5 seconds Ashwalkers An alternative bow made using bones and sinew from Lavaland's fauna. Has more spread than the wooden bow.
Bow makeshift.png Makeshift Bow Arrow glass.png
1 seconds Made by yourself. Scavengers A bow made using scavenged materials commonly found on the station. Has a very wide spread.
Pipebow.png Pipe Bow Arrow plasmaglass.png
1 second Made by yourself. Scavengers A bow made using harder-to-obtain materials. Made of higher quality than the makeshift bow, possessing less spread in addition to its faster draw time.
Toy bows.gif Toy Bows Toy arrows.gif
2 seconds Ordered from Cargo. Civilians A series of shoddy, plastic bows that have significant spread, but can still fire any time of arrow.
Crossbow.png Crossbow Arrow.png
2 seconds Made by yourself. Civilians A bow with a locking mechanism that is wielded more akin to a firearm. Has no spread, no slowdown while drawn, nor will it un-draw if it's dropped or stored, but drawing back the string requires you to stand still for the duration.
Ashencrossbow.png Bone Crossbow Arrow bone.png
2 seconds Made by yourself. Ashwalkers Effectively identical to the crossbow, but suffers just a little spread.
Breakbow.gif Break Bow Arrow magic.png
0.25 seconds Wizard, 2 SP Wizards This magical bow is actually two blades fused together at their pommels, allowing it to be split into said blades. While combined, however, it functions as an incredibly fast bow that deals hefty damage in melee, whether swung or thrown, with absurd armor penetration. As a bonus, it's also sharp.

Note: This lists only arrows that can be acquired by normal means. All arrows do 10 extra damage to fauna unless otherwise stated. In addition, they resolve against melee armor, and most have negative AP, meaning armor works better against them.

Arrows travel slightly slower than most ballistic projectiles.

  • Arrow.pngWooden Arrow: A basic arrow dealing 35 brute damage. Has a respectable embed chance.
  • Arrow ash.pngAshen Arrow: A fire-reinforced arrow dealing 40 brute damage. Has a lower embed chance.
  • Arrow bonetipped.pngBone Tipped Arrow: A well-crafted arrow dealing 45 brute damage. Suffers less against armor with an okay embed chance.
  • Arrow bone.pngBone Arrow: A cheap arrow dealing 25 brute damage and an extra 35 damage against fauna. Suffers less against armor with an okay embed chance.
  • Arrow chitin.pngChitin Tipped Arrow: A high quality arrow dealing 35 brute damage and an extra 40 damage against fauna with good armor penetration. Has a respectable embed chance.
  • Arrow bamboo.pngBamboo Arrow: A brittle arrow dealing 20 brute damage that suffers even more against armor. Very high chance to embed and has a notable chance to break on impact.
  • Arrow bronze.pngBronze Arrow: A forged arrow dealing 35 brute damage that suffers less against armor. Has a respectable embed chance.
  • Arrow glass.pngGlass Arrow: A makeshift arrow dealing 25 brute damage. Less likely to embed and has a minor chance to break. Easiest arrow to make using on station materials.
  • Arrow plasmaglass.pngPlasma Glass Arrow: A robust arrow dealing 25 brute damage with very good armor penetration. Less likely to embed and has a minor chance to break.
  • Toy arrows.gifToy Arrows: These arrows don't do any real damage (unless you're in a nerf war), but have a high embed chance due to their sticky velcro bits. Blacklisted from arrow modifications.
Arrow Modifications

These arrows can be crafted from any existing arrow, giving the arrow a new effect on hit.

  • Arrow fire.gifFire Arrow: Upon impact, will also set the target ablaze, assuming the target is a carbon. Requires Makeshift Crafting from the Syndicate in order to make, or tribal knowledge.
  • Arrow bola.pngBola Arrow: Upon impact, will also apply a bola effect, cuffing the target's legs. Requires Makeshift Crafting from the Syndicate in order to make, or tribal knowledge.
  • Arrow explosive.gifExplosive Arrow: Can be activated as if the grenade were being held. Will detonate at the end of the timer, even if it is fired. Cannot embed. Requires Makeshift Crafting from the Syndicate in order to make, or tribal knowledge.
  • Syringe arrow.pngSyringe Arrow: If this arrow embeds, the reagents in the syringe will transfer as if fired by a syringe gun. Requires Makeshift Crafting from the Syndicate in order to make, or tribal knowledge.
Admin Arrows

While unable to be crafted or obtained in any way, these arrows are available to be spawned by nefarious administrators.

  • Singuloarrow.gifSingularity Arrow: Has a break chance depending on the tier of the singularity shard attached. The higher the tier, the higher the break chance, and the more catastrophic it is when the arrow breaks. Will release scaling radiation and EMP upon breaking. If the shard attached is "all-powerful", will release a singularity upon breaking.
  • framlessSupermatter Arrow: Can be thrown or fired from a bow to effect supermatter interactions on atoms hit, like the supermatter sword.


Energy weapons, while rarer than ballistics in most environments, are standard-issue on Nanotrasen stations due to their research. Instead of utilizing clips or magazines, energy weapons have an internal cell that they draw upon in order to spontaneously create a projectile. While this makes for a convenient weapon that does not demand the carrying of additional magazines, this forces most energy weaponry to utilize anchored Recharger.gifrechargers in order to replenish their cell. In addition, EMPs will completely drain an energy weapon's cell, save some exceptions. While energy projectiles tend to be unique in their ability to inflict differing kinds of damage, such as burn or stamina, their lethality is often less than their ballistic counterparts. That being said, conventional defenses against energy are few and far between, due to their emerging status as a standardized weapon. In addition, all energy projectiles are capable of passing through surfaces that do not block light, such as grilles and windows.


Energy guns are the most common variant of energy weapon. They tend to fire disabler or laser projectiles, though some may also fire ion or pulse shots.


Lasers are simple weapons that focus light to deal burn damage to targets. Lasers are the only energy projectiles that are mitigated by laser armor; all other energy projectiles are mitigated by energy armor.

Furthermore, lasers fired can bounce off flipped coins, which ricochet to nearby targets.

Icon Item Ammo Capacity Damage & Effects How to Acquire Faction Usage Notes
Laser gun.png Laser Gun Recharger.gif
12 Lasers 20 Burn Nanotrasen Fires more lasers than an energy gun can. Will very effectively burn unarmored targets. Ideal for shutting down Clockwork Cultists and Xenomorphs, though not-so-good against Nuclear Operatives.
Retrolaser.png Retro Laser Recharger.gif
12 Lasers
5 Lasers
20 Burn Certain ruins Nanotrasen The normal Retro Laser can be located on the White Ship. The one found on Charlie Station is massively inefficient, and will only fire five times before its cell is depleted.
Antique laser.png Antique Laser Gun Recharger.gif
Energy (also Self-Charging)
12 Lasers 20 Burn Found in the Captain's Quarters. Nanotrasen The prized weapon of the Captain. It's usually safely secured in a glass display in their office, though breaking it open will trigger a burglary alarm, which triggers the fire alarm while closing and bolting the doors. If you have the Command remote from the Captain's locker, this is no problem! Otherwise, Security is also notified, and they're well aware that several opposing elements would pay a fine price for this unique weapon.
Hellfire gun.png Hellfire Laser Gun Recharger.gif
7 Lasers 25 Burn Ordered from Cargo. Nanotrasen Does more damage than a regular laser gun and can easily inflict debilitating burn wounds, it comes at the cost of a higher energy consumption reducing the ammo capacity.
Oldrifle.gif Laser Rifle Oldrifle mag.png
Energy (Magazine)
20 Lasers 20 Burn Nanotrasen The laser rifle utilizes battery magazines to load its shots. As a result, it should be handled and loaded like an automatic. The magazines themselves can be refilled in a standard recharger, making this a highly convenient and robust weapon that combines the strengths of both energy and ballistic weaponry. Unaffected by EMP.
Xraygun.png X-Ray Gun Recharger.gif
14 Lasers 10 Burn + 300 Irradiate Printable at the Armory protolathe once researched. Nanotrasen This gun fires x-ray beams that will pass through closed turf. It travels for 15 tiles and does minimal damage, but will heavily irradiate targets hit. A handful of lasers won't kill someone, but without proper attention, they'll be coughing up their own organs some minutes later. Exceptionally effective against Blobs that might exploit station walls as a defense.

Multifaceted energy weapons are able to switch between different projectiles with various properties. Interacting with the gun in-hand will cycle between its firemodes.

Icon Item Ammo Capacity Damage & Effects How to Acquire Faction Usage Notes
Energy Gun.gif Energy Gun Recharger.gif
10 Lasers,
20 Disable
20 Burn
30 Stamina
Nanotrasen A versatile energy weapon. Disabler shots consume half the battery of laser shots. Like most other energy weapons, it's lighter and easier to carry than a ballistic, which makes it an ideal all-rounder. Supports a seclite attachment.
Miniegun.gif Miniature Energy Gun Recharger.gif
6 Lasers,
12 Disable
20 Burn
30 Stamina
Nanotrasen A smaller energy gun with a pitiful battery. It can fit in a pocket and has a built-in seclite. Effectively a self-defense weapon.
Advegun.gif Advanced Energy Gun Uraniumdone.png
20 Anoxia,
10 Irradiate,
10 Lasers,
20 Disable
8 Oxygen,
10 Burn + 300 Irradiate,
20 Burn
30 Stamina
Printable at the Armory protolathe once researched. Nanotrasen Uses a mini nuclear reactor that is refillable with uranium sheets or ore. Refilling the weapon will irradiate the user a little; two consecutive, full reloads will yield the first stages of radiation sickness. Moving while reloading will not only cancel the process, but also disperse radiation still. The irradiate beams function identically to the x-ray gun's lasers. Starts empty when printed.
Bouncer.gif Bouncer Energy Gun Recharger.gif
4 Freeze,
16 Disable
Cools target,
20 Stamina
Printable at the Security or Armory protolathe once researched. Nanotrasen Shoot bouncing balls that will ricochet on any walls 5 times before dissipating, making them difficult to avoid in narrow space and useful to hit targets behind cover; however care has to be taken to not have a projectile ricochet toward yourself. The freeze setting is excellent for slowing targets, but it significantly drains the weapon's battery.
Multiphase gun stun.gif NT-S02 Multiphase Energy Gun Recharger.gif
4 Ion,
10 Laser,
20 Disable
1 tile EMP
20 Burn
30 Stamina
Found in the Head of Security's locker. Nanotrasen A modernized version of the Captain's Antique Laser. While it does not possess the self-charging capability, it comes with the standard energy gun firing modes as well as an ion mode which will fire a one-tile pulse. The ion mode massively drains the battery. Like the Antique Laser, the NT-S02 is heavily coveted by opposing elements. Supports a seclite attachment.
Protolaser.gif Prototype Energy Gun Recharger.gif
1 Stun,
10 Lasers
20 Burn
Located in the Experimental Technology room of Charlie Station. Nanotrasen The first advanced energy gun created by Nanotrasen, before they discovered how to create disabler beams. Like a standard egun, but instead of a disabler mode, it can fire a single electrode which will stun whatever is hit. However, this fully drains the weapon's battery.
Energytac.png Tactical Energy Gun Recharger.gif
10 Lasers,
20 Disable,
10 Stun
20 Burn
30 Stamina
Only available to Emergency Response Team for 20 WC Nanotrasen A military-grade energy gun that re-introduces the electrode utilized in older energy guns, though far more efficient in its energy usage. Incredibly potent at subduing targets.
Floral Somatoray.png Floral Somatoray Recharger.gif
Energy (also Self-Charging)
10 alpha somatorays
10 beta somatorays
5 Burn + mutation (only on Phytosians)
Nutrition (only on Phytosians)
Printable at the Service protolathe once researched. Civilians A tool, rather than a weapon. Normally used for mutating or increasing the yield of plants in Hydroponics, this gun can also mutate phytosians or make them fat. No effects on any other beings.
Pulserifle.png Pulse Rifle Recharger.gif
200 Pulse,
400 Lasers,
200 Stun
50 Burn
20 Burn
Only available to Emergency Response Team for 100 WC Nanotrasen The most powerful energy weapon in existence. Bruteforces energy weapon's ammo problems by having a very large power source, though this makes it far bulkier than most energy weapons. Its pulse setting decimates bodies and structures alike. If you see someone holding a real version of this, run. Unaffected by EMP.
Pulsecarbine.png Pulse Carbine Recharger.gif
25 Pulse,
50 Laser,
25 Stun
50 Burn
20 Burn
Only available to Emergency Response Team for 45 WC Nanotrasen A scaled-down version of the Pulse Rifle. While it has significantly less charge, the Pulse Carbine is able to be stored in backpacks while losing none of the lethality. Unaffected by EMP.
Pulsepistol.png Pulse Pistol Recharger.gif
10 Pulse,
20 Laser,
10 Stun
50 Burn
20 Burn
Only available to Emergency Response Team for 35 WC Nanotrasen A sidearm that is a doubly-shrunken Pulse Rifle. While it has the least number of shots out of all the pulse weapons, it still has a number of shots equal to what you would expect from a standard energy gun, only the projectiles are MUCH scarier. Can fit into pockets. Unaffected by EMP.

These energy guns are difficult to categorize, as their effects are more varied. They can range from entirely non-lethal or massively destructive to organic tissue.

Icon Item Ammo Capacity Damage & Effects How to Acquire Faction Usage Notes
Disablernew.png Disabler Recharger.gif
20 Disable 30 Stamina Damage Nanotrasen The bread and butter of security work. Supports a lot of shots per recharge while being fairly easy to carry. It can go onto standard armor vests which permits a quick draw for speedy detainment of a suspect. Four shots will down an unarmored target. Supports a seclite attachment.
KineticAccelerator.pngKineticAccelerator mega.png Proto-Kinetic Accelerator Powercell.png
Energy (Self-Charging)
Infinite Blasts (needs to cooldown after shooting) 40 Brute,
10 Brute in standard pressure
Prospectors The proto-kinetic accelerator utilizes a kinetic pressure system which requires the user to firmly hold the PKA in-hand to charge its kinetic blast via the lever that is on its grip. Pulling the trigger when it has collected enough energy fires the kinetic blast. While it can mine rock, its main feature is its ability to do massive damage to living targets in an environment below standard pressure. This means it is the staple for dealing with any pesky fauna that may accost you on Lavaland or in space.

Its standard cooldown is 1.6 seconds and its standard range is 3 tiles. It resolves against bomb armor, rather than energy armor. It can support a seclite and a bayonet attachment.

Compatible with several modkits. It has a standard mod capacity of 100%. The mega version has a max mod capacity of 120%.

Name Capacity Description
Range Increase 25% Increases the number of tiles the blast can travel by 1.
Damage Increase 30% Increases the damage done by 10. Pressurized damage is only increased by 2.5.
Cooldown Decrease 30% Modifies the current cooldown time by 74.5%. This means each cooldown mod after the first saves you less time.
Hardiness Increase 10% The kinetic blast will destroyed hardened rocks in one fewer hit (basalt takes one, granite takes two).
Mining Explosion 30% Will cause the kinetic blast to mine in an area around the impact location.
Offensive Mining Explosion 30%,
max 3
Will cause the kinetic blast to both mine and damage mobs in a small area around the impact location.
Offensive Explosion 30% Will cause the kinetic blast to damage mobs in a small area around the impact location.
Minebot Passthrough 0% The kinetic blast will ignore minebots.
Rapid Repeater 50% Modifies the current cooldown time by 187.5%. However, if a kinetic blast hits a living creature, it alters the modified cooldown time by 25%.
Lifesteal Crystal 20% Heals the user for 15% of the damage done if the kinetic blast hits a living creature. Can heal robotic limbs.
Resonator Blast 30% Creates a resonator blast where the kinetic blast impacts.
Death Syphon 30% Will allow the KPA to collect up to 25 Bounty. Bounty is gained upon killing or assisting in the kill of a creature, granting a stack of that creature type. Bounty stacks make the kinetic blast do additional damage to the type of creature they belong to.
Decrease Pressure Penalty 35%,
max 2
Doubles the damage done by the kinetic blast in a standard pressure.
Modified Trigger Guard 20% Removes species limitations for using the PKA.
Ionrifle.png Ion Rifle Recharger.gif
10 Ion Pulses 20 Brute to silicon mobs
Up to 40 damage to mechs
3x3 EMP
Sol Interplanetary Coalition While large and bulky, the projectile fired by the Ion Rifle will deliver an EMP pulse in a small area around the target. An EMP will shut off or disrupt most electronic equipment. More uniquely, it is fantastic at disrupting mech or cyborg subsystems. IPCs will also undergo significant system damage when hit by one. Care should be used in close range to ensure you do not EMP yourself, draining all your weapons, turning off your radio, and scrambling your suit sensors at once. Unaffected by EMP.
Tesla gun.gif Tesla Revolver Recharger.gif
5 Tesla Bolts Extremely variable due to many factors Printable at the Security or Armory protolathe once researched. Nanotrasen Fires a Tesla bolt that can bounce between targets, dealing decreasing burn per chain hit. The bolt can chain to you but will not affect anyone with proper insulation. Highly chaotic and likely to harm the user just as much as their target.
Tempgun.png Temperature Gun Recharger.gif
40 Freeze/Heat Beams Heats/Cools target dependent upon the setting. Nanotrasen Fires beams that will cook or cool targets hit. Less effective against armor. Freezing someone will slow them down, while overheating is typically better against species that suffer more from heat or any target that will struggle to achieve homeostasis, such as someone under the effects of Space Adaptation.
Ebow.png Mini Energy Crossbow Powercell.png
Energy (Self-Charging)
Infinite Bolts (needs to cooldown after shooting) 200 rads +
6u Muscle relaxant
6u Mute toxin
4u Anacea
Syndicate Uplink, available for 8 TC Syndicate A handheld energy launcher that automatically fabricates its own bolts. These hardlight bolts are tipped with debilitating toxins that will mute, slow the movement of the target and their ability to act (like shooting back) along with irradiating them. Very potent when combined with a lethal melee followup, such as an Energy Sword. The bolts stay at an extremely low altitude and will be blocked by tables unlike all other projectiles, they are also unable to pass grilles though they can pass glass. They will be stopped by most windows on station since they have a grille underneath but they will go through windowed airlocks.
Decloner.png Biological Demolecularisor Recharger.gif
10 Beams 20 Cellular Damage + 100 Irradiate Printable at the Armory protolathe once researched. Nanotrasen Nicknamed the "decloner", the projectiles fired from this weapon are unable to bypass windows and grilles like most energy weapons. However, it is deceptively lethal, as DNA damage is immeasurably difficult to heal and all but requires a visit to Medical.
Mindflayer.gif Mind Flayer Recharger.gif
10 Flayers Rays 8 Oxygen + Brain damage equal to target's Oxygen damage
5 seconds Hallucination
Printable at the Security or Armory protolathe once researched. Nanotrasen Small enough to fit in pockets. This weapon's effectiveness increase as the target gains more oxygen damage, making it surprisingly lethal in a sustained barrage. Can be used to give debilitating Brain Traumas or just make the target pass out from the oxygen damage.
Spur.png Spur Powercell.png
Energy (Self-Charging)
10 Bullets 20 to 40 Brute depending on the charge Only available to Emergency Response Team for 10 WC Unknown A mythical weapon that fires projectiles that do increasing damage the more charge is in the gun. It shoots bullets instead of energy projectiles.

Plasma Cutters

Plasma cutters are effective mining tools that can also serve as weapons. Powered by plasma ore and sheets, rather than an internal cell, they fire plasma projectiles that will cut through rock present on Lavaland and meteors like butter. While they do little damage, they are very effective at delimbing organic targets and can also double as welding tools. Range represents how far the projectile will normally travel, while Mine Range represents the additional number of tiles the projectile will travel through rock.

Icon Item Ammo Capacity Damage & Effects How to Acquire Faction Usage Notes
Plasmacutter mini.png Mini Plasma Cutter Plasmaore.png
15 Plasma Bursts 3 Brute
Range 4, Mine Range 0
  • Obtained via redemption of voucher at mining vendor for the Mini Plasma Cutter Kit.
  • Can be purchased at the mining vendor for 2500 points.
Prospectors A good jumpstart to mining at the beginning of a shift, this can permit you to obtain minerals a lot faster a lot sooner. Even though it's small, it can still be used as a welder like the rest of the plasma cutters.
Plasma Cutter.png Plasma Cutter Plasmaore.png
40 Plasma Bursts 5 Brute
Range 4, Mine Range 3
Prospectors Your standard plasma cutter. While not damaging, it can delimb an arm or a leg if targeted and hit enough, which can levy a massive advantage when fighting another player.
Adv plasma cutter.gifAdv plasma cutter mega.png Advanced Plasma Cutter Plasmaore.png
100 Plasma Bursts 7 Brute
Range 5, Mine Range 5
Mega: Range 7, Mine Range 7
Prospectors More robust in every way relative to the standard plasma cutter. Can be expensive to print if the ORM hasn't been upgraded, but you save a lot of plasma and time using this instead of the normal plasma cutter. Fires slightly faster than the standard plasma cutter.
Miningshotgun.pngMiningshotgun mega.png Plasma Cutter Shotgun Plasmaore.png
28 Plasma Bursts 6 total pellets in a wide spread which do:
2 Brute
Range 5, Mine Range 2
Mega: Range 7, Mine Range 3
Prospectors The several mining pellets can instantly blow up gibonite, which make using this risky. That being said, it will clear rocks in an area VERY fast. Utterly useless for combat unlike the normal plasma cutters.

It can be upgraded to have its projectiles instantly defuse gibonite it hits, removing its fatal flaw.


Energy bows cannot use regular arrows. Instead, they replicate hardlight projectiles, thus only requiring drawing before being fired. Energy arrows cannot be reused and will dissipate after use. If they embed, they will deal 1 damage (of the arrow's type) per tick for 10 ticks before dissipating.

Despite being made of energy, arrows fired from these bows will travel at the same speed of a ballistic arrow, making them actually faster than most other energy-based projectiles, but slower than most bullets.

Icon Item Ammo Damage & Effects How to Acquire Faction Usage Notes
Bow hardlight.gif Hardlight Bow Powercell.png
Energy (Self-Charging)
40 Burn (Burn damage on embed),
50 Stamina (Stamina damage on embed)
Printable at the Armory protolathe once researched. Nanotrasen While hardlight bolts deal more burn and stamina than the energy gun's modes, the hardlight bow is bulky and requires time to draw which ultimately decreases its lethality relative to the energy gun. That being said, it is always able to continuously replicate its own projectile, meaning rechargers are largely unnecessary while using this weapon.
Bow syndicate.gif Syndicate Hardlight Bow Powercell.png
Energy (Self-Charging)
40 Burn (Burn damage on embed),
30 Burn + 500 irradiate (Toxin damage on embed)
Syndicate Uplink, available for 6 TC Syndicate Completely silent when drawing and firing. It has a built-in scope that can be used to see long distances. Its x-ray mode functions very well when combined with Thermals. Can be folded using CTRL+CLICK to store it in bags.
Bow ert.gif HL-P1 Multipurpose Combat Bow Powercell.png
Energy (Self-Charging)
40 Burn (Burn damage on embed),
50 Stamina (Stamina damage on embed),
75 Burn (Burn damage on embed),
Stun Duration 10 (Stamina damage on embed)
Only available to Emergency Response Team for 75 WC Nanotrasen A revolutionary hardlight bow that can fire energy, disabler, pulse, and taser bolts. Can be folded as convenient storage. Pray you're not on the other end of its devastating pulse arrows.
Bow clockwork.png Brass Bow Clockwork slab.gif
Magic (Self-Charging)
18 Burn (Burn damage on embed) A weapon of choice to summon using the Clockwork Slab Clockwork Cult The main ranged option of Rat'var's servants when defending the Ark. While it lacks the immediate knockdown of the spear or the utility of the hammer and sword, the infinite bolts produced by this ranged weapon are excellent for exerting pressure or maintaining a defensive position.

Miscellaneous Weapons

These weapons are either eccentric or unique enough that they fail to fit into any other category. Thus, they are listed here.

Icon Item Ammo Capacity Damage & Effects How to Acquire Faction Usage Notes
Chem sprayer.png Chem Sprayer Chemicals 600 units total Confusion, blindness, dizziness, knockout, and random mutations with the standard reagents. Only available to Nuclear Operative for 10 TC Syndicate Each spray has a three-tile width that can travel to the edge of your screen. Combine this with its dangerous reagents upon purchase, and you have an efficient area denial tool that can punish clumped targets. Will not directly kill, but will certainly effect consequences that lead to death.
Flamethrower.gif Flamethrower Plasma tank.png
Flammable gas of your choice
Depends on tank pressure Depends on the gas Scavengers Does damage and spends ammo based on the number of moles of oxygen left in the gas tank loaded. The more oxygen, the more damage and ammo spent. Can do maximum impact damage of 16 Burn, including setting turf and targets alight. Each turf the flamethrower ignites consumes more fuel, so long streams of fire will quickly drain the tank. Different gases have different properties, and certain reactions, such as stimball creation, can be created by the flamethrower being fired. A potent tool in the hands of a knowledgeable Atmospheric Technician.
Loaded blastcannon.png Blast Cannon TTV.pngKinetic Energy Depends on the mixture of your bomb Depends on the mixture of your bomb Syndicate Uplink, available for 14 TC (only if you are a Scientist) Syndicate Sends out a force projectile that varies in force and destruction based on how good your bomb mixture is. It can range from a peashooter to something that effectively fires immovable rods that WILL tear through the station and any poor sod in the way. Targets hit with enough force will be knocked out and potentially lose limbs.

Admin Only Weapons

These weapons are currently restricted to admin spawn only.

Icon Item Ammo Capacity Damage & Effects How to Acquire Faction Usage Notes
Gyrogun.png Gyrojet Pistol Ammo 75.png
8 Rounds 74 Brute from direct hit
24 from a tile away
explosion (-1, 0, 2)
Admin only. Admins Delivers an explosion with every shot, plus you can afford to be less accurate with it, as the explosion hits 3x3, so it's great against groups.
Laser Cannon.png Accelerator Laser Cannon Recharger.gif
7 Lasers 6 Burn - Instant kill Admin only. Admins An advanced laser cannon that does more damage the farther away the target is.
Cycler.png Cycler Shotgun Bean shell.png
12 Gauge shells
4+1 Shells, 4+1 Shells Depends on shell type. Admin only. Admins A shotgun that possesses two internal magazines in the form of a dual tube. One is filled with rubber shot and the other with beanbags by default. It automatically pumps after each shot. Using it in hand will switch the tube it is firing from, or chamber a shell in the current tube if one is not chambered.
Mateba.png Mateba 357.png
7 Rounds 55 Brute Admin only. Nanotrasen, Syndicate An autorevolver chambered in .44 only carried by high-ranking corporate and military officials.
Regeantdartgun.png Reagent Dartgun Syringe.png
100u of chemicals 6 Brute + 15u chemicals Admin only. Syndicate Stores up to 100u of reagents. Upon firing, will synthesize a syringe automatically filled with 15u of the mix in the gun itself. Great if you don't want to carry around a ton of syringes and just reload by pouring beakers into it.
Instagib.png Instakill Rifle Recharger.gif
Infinite 60 burn + Instantly gibs mobs Admin only. Admins Fires a purple bolt of death that, upon contact with anything living, reduces it to bloody gibs...instantly. Features EMP-proofing and no energy usage to make your death even more inevitable!


To be good at combat, you must be able to survive an encounter with anything; Nuclear Operatives, Wizards, Assistants and such. While some may say that the best defense is a robust offense (which can be true in some cases), knowing how to protect yourself is a vital skill needed to be robust.

Stuns and Incapacitation

Having the ability to stun at a moment's notice will protect you from getting robusted quite often (as long as you don't get stunned first).

Three kinds of stuns

Humans can get stunned in three different ways. The most common one is 'Weaken'. It causes you to fall and makes you unable to do anything except talking. 'Stun' is all the same, except you don't fall down. Paralysis knocks you out completely, you can't even talk or hear what's happening.

You can also be sleeping, which is the same as paralysis, but caused and treated by different things.

Icon Item Type of Stun How to Acquire Notes
StunBaton.gif Stun Baton 70 stamina damage Security Not being security and having this out is likely to land you in the brig.
Stunprod.png Stunprod 45 stamina damage Made by yourself Having this is a quick way to get robusted by security. Doesn't fit in backpacks, but can be carried on your back.
Telescopic Baton.gif Telescopic Baton 40 stamina damage Be a Head of Staff Not being a head of staff and having one of these is yet another way to incur security's ire.
Flash.gif Flash Stun
Duration 5
Security, Bridge, Sec Checkpoint, Tech Storage Cyborgs are vulnerable to this method of stunning. Eye protection, such as sunglasses or welding helmets prevents you from being stunned this way.
Disarm.png Combat mode on: right click to disarm Disarm Have arms Shoving someone while they're next to something solid will cause them to drop anything in their active hand, and shoving someone twice in quick succession will cause them to drop any guns in their active hand. Shoving someone who is next to someone else will knock both people down for one second.
Hspray.png Chemicals Depends on chemical Chemistry Typically used with a syringe gun, Hypospray, or Smoke Grenade. Some chemicals, like Chloral Hydrate, or Morphine, can hold targets still for some time, while others can be very harmful.
Flashbang.gif Flashbang Knockdown
Duration varies with distance. Max 10
Security Very good for blinding a whole room. Not wearing ear protection will make you deaf for awhile. Wearing both sunglasses and a bowman headset makes you immune to these.
Laser Pointer.png Laser Pointer Blinds humans and cyborgs, deactivate cyborg's equipment
Duration 5-10
Lawyer, Librarian, Research Director Has a chance of blinding people and cyborgs, like a Flash; a fully upgraded laser pointer has a 100% chance.
Disablernew.png Disabler 30 stamina damage Security A non-lethal type of laser that deals Stamina Damage, which has the same slowing/debilitating effects of normal damage, without actually harming. Heals on its own over time.

Consume less energy than lethal lasers.

Resonant shriek.png Resonant Shriek Weaken
Duration 5-10
Being a changeling Only weakens cyborgs. Humans become deaf and confused.
Bloodspells.png Stun Spell Weaken + Stun
Duration 10
Being a cultist and making one. Works on cyborgs. Blocked by null rod and mindshields. Also mutes victims for a duration of 6.
Beepsky.png Beepsky Weaken + Stun
Duration 5
Made in robotics. Attacks those set to arrest, and, depending on the mode, with weapons out without permission.
Ed209.png ED-209 Weaken + Stun
Duration 5
Made in robotics. Attacks those set to arrest, and, depending on the mode, with weapons out without permission.
Icon Counter Type of Stun How to Acquire Notes
Hulk.png Hulk Any Wizardry Hulks don't get stunned and don't fall ever. Even space lube doesn't make them fall, though they do slip. Stamina damage reduces the duration of hulking.
SGlasses.png Eye protection Flashes Cargo and Engineering for welding helmets, Security for sunglasses. Doesn't do anything with the stun itself; rather, it protects you from flashing

Damage Prevention

A few items, when used, can completely block damage.

Icon Item How to acquire Protection Notes
RiotS.png Riot Shield Armory Blocks melee and projectile attacks. Riot shields have 75 health, and will eventually shatter if hit by enough.
Eshield.png Energy Combat Shield Nuke ops Blocks energy projectiles Works just like a riot shield, except with a 100% chance to deflect all lasers and energy shots, making it very robust. Can also be turned off to fit in your pocket.
Reactivearmor.png Reactive Teleport Armor Research Director's Office Teleports you randomly if you're hit. It could end badly if you get spaced due to this, but it'll still improve your odds of surviving.
Sword.gif Energy Sword Syndicate Uplinks Blocks projectiles and melee attacks Needs to be turned on to work. Counts as a shield just like the riot shield.


Armor is a great passive way to keep you from getting hurt too badly in a fight. Some jobs will have difficulty acquiring armor. Some armor, like hardsuits, will slow you, as well.

Armor will reduce all damage of a certain type, on parts of your body that are protected by the armor. You will see "Your armor softens the blow!" when your armor reduces damage. The defense values are indicated by an armor's percent protection from different damage types, for example basic Armor has a melee protection rate of 50, as such it will reduce all melee damage to the chest by 50%.

Armor only protects the region that it covers on your body. No armor protects your entire body.

Body Armor

Icon Item How to acquire Protection Defense values % Notes
CaptArmor.png Captain's Armor Captain's Quarters Offers moderate protection from most sources. melee = 40
bullet = 50
laser = 50
energy = 25
bomb = 50
bio = 100
rad = 50
The Captain will sometimes wear this. It's also space-worthy, but it will slow you down. Wearing this while not the Captain is a good way to get robusted.
Capscarapace.png Captain's Carapace Captain's Quarters Offers moderate protection from most sources. melee = 50
bullet = 40
laser = 50
energy = 10
bomb = 25
A special armor vest unique to the Captain. Offers far greater protection than most armor, and also displays your authority to the crew.
RIG.png Engineering Hardsuit Engineering Gives low protection from melee attacks and explosions. melee = 10
bullet = 5
laser = 10
energy = 5
bomb = 10
bio = 100
rad = 75
See here for information on the different styles.
Atmospherics Hardsuit.png Atmospherics Hardsuit Atmospherics Identical to normal RIG however it is one of the only items that grants complete protection from Fire at the cost of no Radiation protection. melee = 10
bullet = 5
laser = 10
energy = 5
bomb = 10
bio = 100
See here for information on the different styles.
Mining Hardsuit.png Mining Hardsuit Mining Gives quite good protection from melee attacks and explosions. Can be upgraded with goliath hide plates to a maximum of 60 melee defense. Essentially becoming a spaceworthy riot suit. The helmet must be upgraded independently of the suit. melee = 30 - 60
bullet = 5
laser = 10
energy = 5
bomb = 50
bio = 100
rad = 50
See here for information on the different styles.
AdvRIG.png CE Hardsuit Chief Engineer Gives good protection from melee attacks, complete Radiation protection and complete protection against Fire. melee = 40
bullet = 5
laser = 10
energy = 5
bomb = 50
bio = 100
rad = 100
See here for information on the different styles.
Medical Hardsuit.png CMO Hardsuit Chief Medical Officer Provides little physical protection and does not block intense light based weapons, such as flashbangs or flashes. But is a easy to access Hardsuit for the CMO. melee = 30
bullet = 5
laser = 10
energy = 5
bomb = 10
bio = 100
rad = 50
See here for information on the different styles.
RDRIG.png RD Hardsuit Research Director More accurately described as a space proof bomb suit. One of the only Hardsuits to provide 100% bomb protection, the helmet also has a diagnostic HUD built in. melee = 30
bullet = 5
laser = 10
energy = 5
bomb = 100
bio = 100
rad = 60
See here for information on the different styles.
Security Hardsuit.png Security Hardsuit E.V.A. Gives slightly increased protection against all damage sources. melee = 35
bullet = 25
laser = 30
energy = 10
bomb = 40
bio = 100
rad = 50
See here for information on the different styles.
HoSRIG.png HoS Hardsuit E.V.A. Gives slightly increased protection against all damage sources. melee = 45
bullet = 30
laser = 30
energy = 10
bomb = 50
bio = 100
rad = 50
Offer more protection than the standard Security Hardsuit. Still not as good as the Captain's spacesuit.
Wizardsuit.png Gem-encrusted hardsuit Wizard or Summon magic Offers good protection overall and counts as a robe for spellcasting. Protective against fire and totally acidproof to boot! melee = 40
bullet = 40
laser = 40
energy = 20
bomb = 35
bio = 100
rad = 50
See here for information on the magical arts.
Ablative.png Reflective Jacket Armory Gives excellent protection against Laser and Energy attacks and can even deflect them. melee = 10
bullet = 10
laser = 60
energy = 50
It will sometimes deflect energy projectiles, which includes disabler shots! It's also a traitor objective. Expect to receive a harsh sentence from security if caught with this.
Bulletproofvest.png Bulletproof Vest Armory Makes the wearer very resilient to bullets at the cost of being poor defense against other weapons. melee = 15
bullet = 60
laser = 10
energy = 10
bomb = 40
Very useful against gangsters and nuke ops. The helmet only provides half of the protection of the vest sadly.
Armor.png Body Armor HoP, Security Protects moderately against melee and lasers, which are common things to be harmed by. melee = 30
bullet = 30
laser = 30
energy = 10
bomb = 25
The standard armor found on security mooks. Also sometimes found on Ian.
Durathreadvest.png Durathread Vest Crafted from Durathread and leather. Protects moderately against melee and lasers, as well as fire and acid. However, worse against energy, bullets, and bombs. melee = 20
bullet = 10
laser = 30
energy = 5
bomb = 15
fire = 40
acid = 50
For non-Security, it's better than nothing.
Swatarmor.png Riot Suit Armory This, combined with the riot shield, will make you be the nightmare of fire extinguisher -wielding assistants everywhere. Gives complete protection to the entire body. melee = 50
bullet = 10
laser = 10
energy = 10
It's very resistant to melee attacks, BUT it's less protective against lasers than standard armor.
Armoredcoat.png Armored Greatcoat HoS A good set of armour that covers the entire body, and the HoS starts with it. Not as powerful as it once was but it's still robust. melee = 30
bullet = 30
laser = 30
energy = 10
bomb = 25
Wear this as your rightful trophy if you manage to outrobust him.
Deathsquad.png Deathsquad Armor Death Squad Extremely robust armor found only on Deathsquad Officers. Offers strong protection against all damage sources to the entire body, in addition to being spaceworthy. Moderate slowdown. melee = 80
bullet = 80
laser = 50
energy = 50
bomb = 100
bio = 100
rad = 100
If you see someone wearing this, it's a good idea to run.
Bomb-suit.png Bomb Suit Toxins Lab, Armory Protects you from bombs. Even if a bomb manages to kill you, your body will not be gibbed and you can be cloned. melee = 40
laser = 20
energy = 10
bomb = 100
A suit designed for safety when handling explosives.
ERTCycle.gif ERT Hardsuits Emergency Response Team, Lavaland Offers very robust protection from all damage sources, with zero slowdown. melee = 65
bullet = 50
laser = 50
energy = 50
bomb = 50
bio = 100
rad = 100
fire = 80
acid = 80
Resistant to plasmafire.
Secjumpsuit.png Security Officer's Jumpsuit Security Office A security officer's jumpsuit provides a small amount of melee protection. All security-division jumpsuits have the same benefit, whether it be an officer's, the detective's, or the HoS's. Lawyers do not, however. melee = 10 The kicker? It goes in your jumpsuit slot, and when worn underneath armor will stack their defenses additively.
Durathreadjumpsuit.png Durathread Jumpsuit Crafted from Durathread Provides a small amount of melee protection and moderate laser and fire protection. melee = 10
laser = 10
fire = 40
acid = 10
bomb = 5
Like the Security Officer's, the Durathread jumpsuit is also worn in the jumpsuit slot and will also stack defenses with other armor.


Icon Item How to acquire Protection Defense values % Notes
Helmet.png Helmet Security Office Standard head gear for security mooks. Keeps your head safe. melee = 35
bullet = 30
laser = 30
energy = 10
bomb = 25
Brave officers may opt to wear the security beret or hat instead. The warden's hat offers the same protection as this.
Detective hat.png
Detective's Fedora Found in the clothing duffle bag in the Detective's locker. Almost as good as the helmet, except against bullets and bombs. Most non-Syndicate threats won't have either. melee = 25
bullet = 5
laser = 25
energy = 10
fire = 30
acid = 50
wound = 5
It can store a small-sized item in its inventory slot, much like a normal fedora. Comes pre-filled with a flask and an infinite supply of candy corn that can be utilized using ALT+CLICK.
Durathreadhelmet.png Durathread Helmet Crafted from Durathread and leather. melee = 25
bullet = 10
laser = 20
energy = 10
bomb = 30
bio = 15
rad = 20
fire = 100
acid = 50
Swathelmet.png Swat Helmet Derelict A rare and extremely powerful helmet that protects against all kinds of damage. Spaceworthy. melee = 40
bullet = 30
laser = 30
energy = 30
bomb = 50
bio = 90

rad = 20

fire = 50

acid = 50

If you get this, be proud that you are wearing the best protective headgear in the game.
Riothelm.png Riot Helmet Armory Provides excellent melee protection, but lacks in other areas. melee = 45
bullet = 15
laser = 5
energy = 5
bomb = 5
bio = 2
Useful during revolutions, and other situations where you might be swarmed with melee weapons.
Deathsquadhelm.png Deathsquad Helmet Death squad A strong helmet that provides reduction against most damage types. Spaceworthy. melee = 80
bullet = 80
laser = 50
energy = 50
bomb = 100
bio = 100
rad = 100
Underwhelming compared to the deathsquad body armor


Icon Item How to acquire Protection Defense values % Notes
Hoscap.png Head of Security Hat HoS Provides robust head protection in all damage types. The HoS starts with this. melee = 40
bullet = 30
laser = 25
energy = 10
bomb = 25
bio = 10
Powerful and stylish, also for showing who is in charge around here. The dermal armor in the HoS's locker offers the same protection as this.
Durathreadbeanie.pngDurathreadberet.png Durathread Beanie and Beret Crafted from Durathread melee = 15
bullet = 5
laser = 15
energy = 5
bomb = 10
fire = 30
acid = 5