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Generic artist.png Artist.png
Alternative Titles: Painter, Composer, Artisan
Access: Service Hall
Additional Access: N/A
Difficulty: Very Easy
Supervisors: Head of Personnel
Duties: Make wire art, vandalise everywhere with crayon runes, sell paintings to rival the Clerk
Guides: N/A
Minimum Age: 18
Quote: Next person to steal my unfinished painting is getting their own “missing persons” portrait painted.

The Artist is a relaxing job, as it lets you draw all shift. You can paint canvases, pry up floor tiles to create wire art, or go the more chaotic route and draw directly onto the floors with crayons and spray cans. Watch out for any buzzkills who may try to tear down your mural.

Bare minimum requirements: Keep the crew happy by showing them your artwork.

Your Supplies

On Boxstation, it is recommended to travel to the Dormitory. Towards the north, near the Holodeck, is a small room filled with a number of canvases, spray cans and rainbow crayons.

Your office contains a variety of art supplies ready for you to use. What is available will change depending on the station, but most commonly you will have:

  • Camera.pngFilm.pngCamera and spare film
  • Crayonbox.pngCrayon.pngCrayon boxes and crayons
  • Labler.pngHand labeler
  • CableCoils.pngCable coils
  • PaperTray.pngConstruction paper

Uploading Art

Jealous of those persistent paintings you see hanging around the station? Want to make your mark on the universe and have your masterpiece immortalized?
Then you're going to have to upload your painting to the painting library here on Yogstation. In order to do that, you're going to have to do the following:

Step 1: Make a painting ingame.

Step 2: Finalize and name the painting upon completion (Ensure that it is named, otherwise it cannot be uploaded. It cannot be renamed past finalization.)

Step 3: Place the painting on any roundstart painting frame. These can be found dotted all over the station, and will usually have a painting already on it so make sure to remove it with wirecutters first.
Placing the painting on a player-made frame wont count. Pray that no one has deconstructed roundstart frames and replaced them with player made ones.

Alternatively you can just use your painting on the art console of the curator at the library, this will delete the painting while uploading it.

The public painting library can be found here:

Modern Day Carvaggio

As a traitor artist, you're pretty much just an assistant with a little bit of clout with art. While it does allow for fun gimmicks (B&E and Tresspass in order to write rude graffiti or hang up paintings in secure areas, make elaborate art displays with dead people) it won't help you further your goals too much unless your target comes to you with a commission.

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