Technical Storage

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Engineering Area
Technical Storage
The room Assistants break into for insulated gloves every single round.
Obvious exits South Primary Hallway east
Purpose Storage of technical equipment
Access level Technical Storage
Noteworthy contents Circuit boards, subspace items, flashes, multitools, insulated gloves
Clearance Chief Engineer, Roboticist, Station Engineer, Captain, Research Director
Security level High
Style Storage
Balance Requirements
Other Notes
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Located just down the hall from the gravitational generator, Tech Storage is where all the circuit boards, batteries, flashes and a spare pair of insulated gloves wait to be stolen. Also within this room are parts to create or fix machines for telecommunications.

Secure Tech Storage

Unlike the rest of tech storage, this sectioned area is a very high-secure area as it contains the circuit boards needed to subvert the AI, blow the borgs or prevent the Escape Shuttle from ever arriving. Requires Bridge/Headquarters access in addition to Tech Storage to enter here. Due to the sensitive nature of its contents, it is often bolted down and under constant AI supervision.

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