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Space Station 13 and how do I play it?

Space Station 13 is a 2D multiplayer game, made on the BYOND engine. At a glance it looks like crap, but give it a few rounds and you'll realize just how frustratingly fun it can be.

I'm new, where do I learn how to play?

Check the New Players and Starter guide pages.

I was killed by someone who is griefing! What do I do?

If you think you were killed unfairly, or the person is griefing, you can always press F1 or go to the top right and select "Admin", then press a button called "adminhelp". You will need to state your problem clearly. Refrain from using Insults in adminhelps, as those can be punished for.

What does this word mean?

Check the Terminology, you might find it there. Otherwise, ask mentors or admins.

Ingame Issues

I have read my job's tutorial, but I still don't get how to...

If you have trouble considering your job, you can check the Jobs page and see the wiki page of your job. If you still can't understand your purpose, you can always use mentorhelp (Click on Mentor tab in the top-right, afterwards click on "mentorhelp", state your question; if someone knows what the problem is, they will answer).

Help - I'm an antagonist, but I don't understand what I need to do!

First, what you need to do is go to Game Mode and see what you are. If you are a traitor, go to the Traitor game mode. If you are Changeling, go to Changeling game mode, etc. If you have found your game mode you simply click on the title and you'll be redirected to the relevant antagonist page.

If you STILL can't understand, simply mentorhelp (Mentor tab in top right > "mentorhelp" > state issue)

I grabbed someone, how do I drop them?

Hit the 'stop pulling' command button which appears in the bottom right of you screen and has a big red X on it (or press Delete). It appears when you are grabbing something and disappears when you aren't.

How do I remove the backpack, utility belt, etc?

You hold click on it and drag it to your empty hand.

How do I give an item to someone / pickpocket / dress someone up?

Stand next to the person, click & drag their character onto yours, a list of their stuff appears, click on one of their items to take it off. Or, if you have an item in your active hand, click on the slot where you wish to put the item.

How do I commit suicide?

Type 'suicide' and hit enter. Remember that you cannot be cloned if you suicide! Suicide is considered an action which says that you don't want to play this round. As such it is an OOC action.

How do I eat something?

As with most items, pick up the food with an empty hand and then click on your character. Make sure you have combat mode "off" otherwise you might end up smashing yourself with food. Also, if you are wearing a mask (internals, gas mask, etc) you will have to remove it before you can eat.

How do I buckle/unbuckle on a chair?

Click and drag your character onto the chair. To unbuckle, click on the chair you are buckled to with an empty hand. (A HUD icon of a seatbelt has recently been added, so you can click on that icon to unbuckle as well)

Roundstart/OOC/Out of Character

Why do people say "Ick Ock" when I type in OOC?

You aren't allowed to say IC information in OOC, that's why its called ICK OCK (IC IN OOC). Please refrain from using that, as you can get banned by the Rules.

Why can't I play as some jobs?

New players are forbidden from taking jobs which are vital to normal round progression until they've been on the server for long enough. This is to avoid an inexperienced player choosing to be the Captain or AI and messing up the round for everyone.

I have another question, where do I ask?

You can mentorhelp it (mentor tab top left > "mentorhelp" > state your issue) in-game, or use the LOOC-command in-game to talk to players (press L), or ask on the forums, or ask in the IRC. Don't worry about the formatting and stuff. Just click edit and write your question there.

BYOND and Server Hosting

Sometimes you just can't figure out how to do certain stuff like server hosting, mapping. Here are your Q&As relating to those.

Where can I go to get map files to host a server?

See Downloading the source code or click the 'Host a server' link on the left.

Is BYOND/SS13 Resource or Network intensive ? I can't seem to connect to the servers from Europe, with a recent computer.

When you first connect, you need to download the 30MB or so resource file from the server. This is the bulk of network activity and can take a while. Once downloaded, the game does not take much network to run. In terms of PC performance, BYOND itself is mostly just a front-end to the game with very little work being done on it, so you should be able to run SS13 on essentially any computer made in this millennium. It is, however, very resource intensive on the server side, generally requiring a full modern CPU core to itself. This is, however, only important if you wish to run your own server. See this thread for more help on the connecting issue: Unable to Connect. Make a post if you aren't able to connect.

I want to do my own Map, but can't figure out how!

Mapping might be intensive for people that never knew how to work with BYOND. But there is an answer to your prayers! Simply check out the Mapping Guide.

I am an Artist and want to make sprites for this game, where do I do it?

This might be obvious, but we don't use high resolution pictures and use 32x32px. For more please check out the Spriting guide.

My question isn't listed and I can't find the answer on the wiki!

If you ever need a question answered, you can always click the Mentorhelp button in game (pictured below) or you can ask in the #mentor-public channel on our Discord. Make sure, when you ask questions in our Discord, to not reveal any information about the ongoing round.