Head of Security's Office

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Security Area
HoS Office.png
Head of Security's Office
Obvious exits South to Security Office
Purpose For the HoS to have a place to oversee and command the security staff, and store his gear
Access level HoS
Noteworthy contents Security Cameras Computer, Security Records Computer, HoS' locker
Clearance Captain, Head of Security
Security level Maximum
Style Office
Balance Requirements
Other Notes
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The Head of Security starts his day in his private office, stroking his stun baton and looking at the prisoner monitors with a smirk on his face. It is considered a restricted area and requires HoS access to enter. There are two buttons; one for prison wing lockdown and one for brig lockdown.

The locker contains:

  • The Head of Security's personal firearm!
  • An alternate armoured coat and hat.
  • A telescopic shield, able to be retracted at will.
  • A box of flashbangs.
  • A lockbox of loyalty implants
  • A spare jumpsuit.
  • Miscellaneous security and bureaucratic items.
  • Fine Alcohol.

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