Tesla Engine

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The Tesla Engine is an alternative power source to the singularity engine, located in Engineering.

How it Works

Tesla Generator

The tesla generator works just like the singularity generator does, except that it makes an energy ball.

Energy Balls

This big floaty ball of pure electricity can only be contained by the containment field. When you shoot the energy ball with the Particle Accelerator, it gains energy like a singularity, but when it hits 300 energy, it generates a mini-energy ball that orbits the big energy ball. This will send off an extra shock when the energy ball pulses, and this can happen as many times as you let it. The energy ball will also naturally generate small amounts of energy, so eventually a second ball will form.

Be warned, the more mini-balls the energy ball has, the more shocks it sends out at once, and the further it can travel each move. A good engineer can use this to generate lots of power, and a bad one can abuse this to murder the entire station.

An energy ball will shoot bolts of electricity off at conductors, which it prioritizes in this order:

  • Tesla coils
  • Grounding Rods
  • Mobs
  • Machines

It will also strike the closest distance-wise of the list after it goes through these criteria.

Tesla Coils

Tesla coil.gif Tesla Coils will attract the bolts. They will take half the power of the bolt (if they are connected to a powernet), pump it into the powernet it is hooked to, and then will send the other half of the power to the next available conductor, which follows the criteria listed above. Preferably, this will be another coil to harness more of the power and pump it into the grid.

Grounding Rods

Grounding rod.gif Grounding Rods are safety precautions to prevent the tesla bolts from hitting machinery or personnel. If the tesla is loose, being near one will usually keep you safe from direct shocks. It does NOT, however, protect from dusting if you touch the core or from the explosions caused by machinery.

Setting It Up

  • Step 1: Wrench down loose parts: Grounding Rods and Tesla Coils.
  • Step 2: Take out the singularity generator. IMPORTANT! YOU DO NOT WANT BOTH THE SINGULO AND THE TESLA LOOSE!
  • Step 3: Turn on the emitters, don't get hit by the beams.
    • Step 3.5: Use your ID on the emitters to lock them and prevent tampering.
  • Step 4: Turn on all the shield generators.
  • Step 5: Set up the Particle Accelerator, in the same way you would with the singularity engine.
  • Step 6: Turn on the Particle Accelerator. You can either keep it on 2 or turn it to 0; leaving it on will not cause the tesla to go loose by itself, but it will make it more powerful and destructive if it does.

At this point the tesla is set up; keep an eye on the containment once in a while to make sure nobody sets it loose.


If the Energy Ball is to get out of containment somehow, it will pass through walls, windows, anything. It will shoot electricity at conductors, mobs, etc, and direct bolts from the Energy Ball will instantly kill a spaceman; you can protect yourself partially with either insulated gloves or a hardsuit, while wearing both will make you immune to electric bolts. Being hit by the ball itself will turn you into a pile of dust regardless of protection. Any piece of electronics, such as consoles, machines, or airlocks, will violently explode when hit, causing vast damage to the station.
The Energy Ball usually moves towards the last direction it shocked, which means that it will actively seek areas with more machines and conductive materials.