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Engineering Area
The telecommunication system can look overly complicated, and it is.
Obvious exits South Primary Hallway east
Purpose Gives the station a way to communicate through different radio channels
Access level
Noteworthy contents
Clearance Captain, Chief Engineer, Engineer
Security level High
Style Server storage
Balance Requirements
Other Notes
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Located near engineering at the aft end of the station, this area houses the many complex servers and equipment needed to allow radio headset communication. Requires Telecommunications access to enter.

For the Guide to Telecommunications, click here.

Control Room

This room contains a monitor and control console that oversee and manage station-wide communication systems. In addition to Telecommunications access, Bridge access is required here.

Automated Arrivals Announcement System

This system announces the name and rank of a new crew member when they join. If a head of staff joins late, it will announce the new arrival on the departmental radio channel as well.

Server Monitoring Console

This console logs all communication over all radio channels. Useful if you really want to listen in on security or command radio and can't get a headset.

Message Monitor Console

This console logs the PDA messages that go through the server. This requires a decryption key that starts in the Chief Engineer's office. A traitor AI can also acquire this key by bruteforcing it, it will take 10 seconds for every character the decryption key has, so don't let a human catch you doing this. In turn you can keep the key secret by changing the key to something no one will figure out, meaning you will have the message logs all to yourself.

A new feature of the message console is the added ability to send admin messages, you can of course change the name of the sender to anyone you like. For example, you could impersonate the Captain and order energy guns for the Science department to "research". Be careful though, if the Quartermaster replies his message will go to the Captain.

Server Room

The equipment in this room runs in a super-cooled environment to avoid overheating. Entering this room without the proper protective equipment can be fatal.

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