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Generic shaft.png Lava miner.png
Shaft Miner
Access: Mining Station, Mining Station EVA, Cargo Office, Mineral Storage
Additional Access: Maintenance, Cargo Bay, MULEbot access, Quartermaster's Office
Difficulty: Medium
Supervisors: Quartermaster and Head of Personnel
Duties: Mine ores and process them into useful materials. Kill hostile wildlife. Go on an adventure in mysterious ruins.
Guides: Lavaland
Quote: Larry stole my honking Hierophant loot!

Welcome, Miner! You will break rocks, slay monsters, and die lost and alone in the depths of the caverns. Not on some sandy asteroid, but on what we call Lavaland!

Bare minimum requirements: Stay alive long enough to return your loot to the station.

Workin' In The Coal Mine

Mining Dock
The Mining Dock is your access to the Mining Station.

Being a miner can be somewhat tedious, but you serve a crucial role in the R&D food chain, and can accrue some decent personal rewards. Just follow a few guidelines to keep yourself from becoming dead in the mines.

Your workplace, Lavaland, has some hazards:

  • Ash storms will cut right through your clothes, dealing constant burn damage if you are outside. A rain of dark particles outdoors indicate an ash storm.
  • Lava - one step in and you'll be badly burned and on fire.
  • Chasms - Anything that falls into one will disappear from this world.

The risk of these hazards can be reduced by watching your step and being aware of your surroundings. Don't walk into lava, chasms, or outside during an ash storm. You'll get a text warning not long before a ash storm is about to begin, so long as you stay near shelter (or have a bluespace shelter capsule with you) then you'll be fine.

If you run into rock with a pick or drill in your inactive hand, it will automatically start digging for you. ALSO, it is important to note that you are able to click more than ONE square of rock or sand at a time when mining or digging for sand! As long as it's accessible, you don't have to wait to finish digging before you start digging again, so you can have several dig jobs running in parallel. Just don't change hands or move until all dig jobs are done.

Working With Your Boss

Who is your boss? You answer to the Head of Personnel, much like the rest of Supply -- but usually, you'll just be talking to the Quartermaster or other Miners. The Quartermaster can watch cameras on lavaland and has full access to Mining, so keep that in mind.

The Objective

You're here to mine, so get digging! Once you're full to bursting with ores, drag your ore box back to the station and head to cargo where the ore redemption machine sits. Insert your ID, and empty the box next to the machine to offload your ores and have them instantly processed into sheets. You gain points for doing this, so be sure to claim them and then retrieve your ID. Now buy new gear if you want, take your crate and it's back to the mines!

How to Do This

  1. Gear up! From the mining equipment locker, you will need Meson Scanner goggles, a mining scanner, your pickaxe (optional), a bluespace shelter capsule (DON'T FORGET!) and your standard issue proto-kinetic accelerator. If you want, there is also a additional mining satchel, and a shovel.
  2. Use your voucher on a mining vending machine to select your choice of advanced mining tool, listed below.
  3. Go to the Lavaland Mining Station and get an explorer suit, breath mask, and oxygen tank from Mining 'EVA'. On the western side of the base, there is a mini-Medbay where you can find first-aid kits. There is also a maintenance room adjacent to it where you can top off internals.
  4. Before you go, you'll want an Ore Box, which can hold an infinite amount of minerals. You start with an handy capsule that can be used to deploy one.
  5. Make sure you've packed a bluespace shelter capsule if you plan on a long distance expedition, it can shield you in the event of a nasty storm.
  6. Find dem minerals. Click the scanner in hand to activate it: every once in a while it sends out a pulse that lets you see deposits in the rock a few tiles away from you. Try to get a mixture of every type of mineral.
  7. Pick up minerals by using your mining satchel on them: it will gather the whole stack up in one click. Then use the satchel on the ore box to transfer the minerals there.
  8. Go to the ore redeemer and get points. If R&D doesn't show up, you can also deliver materials to R&D so they can upgrade the protolathe and to Robotics for a mech.
  9. At the mining equipment vendor you can get advanced equipment with the points you've gained.
  10. Use your better gear to push deeper into Lavaland.
  11. If you feel robust enough, explore some Ruins and die horribly get amazing rewards.
  12. If you feel VERY robust, look for Megafauna with your GPS and try to kill it, for extremely painful death valuable loot.


You start the shift with a complimentary mining voucher, worth one free item out of a selection of four. These items, and their strengths, are:

  • Bluespace Capsule and Explorer's Webbing: The webbing (you put on your belt slot) allows you to carry even more mining equipment - having a second shelter capsule is nice too.
  • Resonator Kit: Comes with a resonator and mini extinguisher.
  • Mining Drone: A little companion that helps in storing ore and hunting wildlife. Only useful once you install the sentience upgrade module. Comes with an industrial welding tool, a welding mask and a KA modkit that allows shots to pass through the drone.
  • Extraction and Rescue Kit: Contains a fulton extraction pack and a beacon, which allows you to send back home minerals, items and dead miners without having to use the ferry. As a bonus, you get 30 marker beacons too.
  • Crusher Kit: Contains a proto-kinetic crusher and a mini fire extinguisher. The crusher is two-handed and hard to use without getting hit, but has a chance to make fauna drop powerful trophies.
  • Mining Conscription Kit: A dufflebag full of basic items for one conscript - pickaxe, kinetic accelerator, explorer's suit, mesons, mining scanner and satchel, gas mask, a supply radio key and a special card that adds mining access to IDs. Good for when you want to recruit metafriends fresh conscripts.

For Great Profit!

Mining for the sake of it can only get you so far. By mining minerals and returning them to the station you'll accrue mining points, you can then use these points to buy better and more powerful equipment and supplies from a equipment vendor. You can then in turn use these items to push further into Lavaland to mine better minerals, fell stronger wildlife and find greater treasure. Consider it all an investment.

Stimpacks can help you in a pinch for example, or a Wormhole Jaunter can help you escape what would have been a death trap. Or saving up for a Legion Stabilizer can let you save their instant healing heart for later. Or you can spend it all on booze and cigars.


The following is a list of mining equipment:

Essential Equipment

Item Description
Explorer Suit
This comes with a inbuilt hood. It provides some protection against heat and cold, and works as decent armor. It is not spaceproof, but can hold a full-sized oxygen tank or other mining gear. You can also reinforce it with up to six goliath plates, with three going on the suit and three going on the hood.
Gasmask mining.pngOxygentank.png
Explorer Gas Mask and Oxygen Tank
So you can have oxygen when mining. Oxygen tanks are available from the tank storage unit, and can be worn on your suits storage slot. You can also use your emergency oxygen tank which can be placed on your suit. Running out of oxygen is unlikely with the full sized tank.
MGlasses.png MiningScanner.gif
Meson Scanners and Automatic Mining Scanner
Mesons allow you to see the layout around you, useful when hunting megafauna and used with a light source. Activating the mining scanner will briefly flash any ore on screen - it works even inside a box. Can be used to stop gibtonite from exploding by tapping it with the scanner.
Global Positioning System (GPS)
The crew monitoring console back on the station won't catch your suit sensor signal from all the way down on the planet. Having one of these on you will help others track down your body if you happen to develop a case of the dead. In addition it can be used to locate other miners (who bothered to take it) as well as "lost" signals, be wary. Be sure to set your name on the GPS.
Knife survivial.png
Survival Knife
Use it for butchering the wildlife (hit while on harm intent). It's as strong against mobs as a pickaxe, but you can't mine with it. You can store it in your boots to save space, but remember to alt-click the boots to draw the knife back out.
Bluespace shelter capsule
Activate this in your hand, and it'll near instantly produce a beautiful shelter. Ash storms do not hurt you inside, but wildlife can break through the walls. The shelter contains a cupboard which contains a guitar and some donk pockets. It also has a sleeper which requires another person to use. Never leave home without one. You're issued one for free in your the mining lockers on station.
Ore Satchel
For carrying ore without using a mining cart, holds 50 ore nuggets. Empty it into boxes by using the satchel on them. Put it in one of your pocket slots, then start dragging an ore box. Any ore you walk over will be transferred to the box.
Proto-kinetic Accelerator
A gun. The good part is that it packs a punch in a vacuum and has infinite shots. The bad part is that it tickles in pressurized environments, has a cooldown after each shot, and has a range of three steps. Each blast can clear a rock wall if you feel like digging using this, which it can do well. Standard issue equipment you can get from your mining locker.

Miscellaneous Equipment

Items that, while not critical to take, can be situationally useful.

Item Description
Bodycam Miner.png
Miner Body Camera
A wearable camera, capable of streaming a live feed. Provides a live feed to anyone viewing the linked camera network. Very useful for locating you if your GPS is turned off or lost.
Somewhat antiquated thanks to the prevalence of the proto-kinetic accelerator and resonator. Nevertheless it can be used to dig wide tunnels, robust certain monsters in melee combat and as a backup if you lose your resonator. It can also fit inside a belt chest webbing.
Gathering sand. You can stick this in your backpack.
Ore box
Used for carrying huge amounts of ore. While a satchel can only hold 50 nuggets, this can hold an unlimited sum. You cannot carry it but you can drag or push it with you. Use your satchel on the box to empty it into the box.
Just in case when coming back from the mines there is a blackout. Spawns in your backpack.
Survival Medipen
A cocktail of powerful healing chemicals. Contains Salbutamol, Leporazine, Tricordrazine, Epinephrine, lavaland extract and Omnizine.
Mining Voucher
Found in your backpack, exchange this at the mining equipment vendor for one of several items.
A beefed up flashlight. Put this on your KA to free up inventory space.

Advanced Gear

The following are mining items available from vending machines, protolathes or necropolis chests.

Mining Vendor Equipment

Mining vendor default.png These items can either be acquired from a voucher, or are bought with points earned via mining via the redemption machine on the station. Prices are included.

Mining Equipment Vendor List [Click to Expand]

Item Description Price Voucher
1 Marker Beacon
Beacon jadeON.png
A glowing prism stone that you can anchor to the ground. Useful if you tend to get lost. a10 Points No
10 Marker Beacons
Beacon jadeON.png
10 glowing prism stones that you can anchor to the ground. Useful if you tend to get lost. a100 Points No
30 Marker Beacons
Beacon jadeON.png
30 glowing prism stones that you can anchor to the ground. Useful if you tend to get lost. a300 Points Yes
A bottle of alcohol, helps you forget you literally work in hell. a100 Points No
A bottle of alcohol, helps you forget you literally work in hell. a100 Points No
A high-quality havana cigar. a150 Points No
A bar of slippery soap. a200 Points No
Laser Pointer
Just a laser pointer, don't shine it into people's eyes. a300 Points No
Toy Facehugger
An extremely realistic-looking facehugger toy, to prank the crew with. a300 Points No
Stabilizing Serum
Can be used on legion cores to prevent them from decaying. a400 Points No
Fulton Beacon
Fulton beacon.png
Creates an anchored beacon when used in hand that fulton packs can target as a drop-off point. a400 Points Yes
Bluespace Shelter Capsule
The Shelter Capsule is indispensable for long expeditions: it creates an ash-storm proof 3x3 room complete with breathable air, a sleeper and some warm donk-pockets. a400 Points Yes
GAR Meson Scanners
Gar mesons.png
A pair of very sharp meson scanners. Can be thrown as a weapon, with a chance to embed. a500 Points No
Meson Health Scanner HUD
A heads-up display that scans the humans, animals, and fauna in view and provides accurate data about their health status. In addition it allows you to see basic structural and terrain layouts through walls, regardless of lighting condition. a1000 Points No
Explorer's Webbing
Miner webbing.png
Can be worn on the belt slot, stores mining equipment. a500 Points Yes
Point Transfer Card
Data card.png
A card that can store mining points, to transfer between miners. a500 Points No
Survival Medipen
Contains several healing and heat-stabilizing chemicals which can quickly heal someone even from crit. Using more than one in a short period will cause several overdoses. a500 Points No
Brute First-Aid Kit
Contains bandages and brute-healing patches. a600 Points No
Tracking Implant Kit
Contains tracking implants and a locator; useful if you want others to find your corpse in case of death. a600 Points No
One-use item that creates a wormhole to a random beacon on station. The portal is unstable and will make you dizzy after using it. Can be worn on the belt slot to prevent death on chasms. a750 Points No
Kinetic Crusher
Kinetic crusher.png
A powerful two-handed melee weapon. Shoots kinetic bolts that don't deal damage, but can mark large creatures making the hammer deal increased damage when used on them. It will deal even greater damage on backstab. Enemies killed by it have a chance to drop trophies, powerful "modkits" that can be attached to the Crusher. a750 Points Yes
Kinetic Accelerator
The classic mining weapon. Buy it from here if you did not get one at roundstart. a750 Points No
Advanced Mining Scanner
A upgrade over the default Mining Scanner. This tool has a much larger detection radius of seven tiles (the entire screen), and updates more frequently. a800 Points Yes
Another deadly tool. This will, when used on rock or an empty space, create a field on that spot that lasts for about five seconds before rupturing, causing serious damage to anything standing on it. Just like the kinetic accelerator, it does reduced damage in pressurized environments. You can activate it in your hand to switch the field to last between 3 and 5 seconds. Using it on an already-marked spot will instantly rupture the field. a800 Points Yes
Fulton Pack
Fulton pack.png
A balloon that can be used to extract equipment or personnel who are outside (not within the station or the mining base) to a Fulton Recovery Beacon. Anything not bolted down can be moved. Swap which beacon the pack is aiming at by using the pack in hand. It has a limited number of uses, examine the pack to check how many are left. a1000 Points Yes
Lazarus Injector
A miracle injection capable of reviving simple living beings from death, making them friendly to you and the crew. Useless on humans, monkeys, and other complex living beings. Resurrect Ian for all access from a thankful Head of Personnel! Or make yourself a pet Goliath. The lazarus injector can be EMP'd to make revived mobs hostile to everyone but you. Also useful for bartering with the HoP or any staff with a pet. Expect R&D to want one, as it has high research value. a1000 Points No
Silver Pickaxe
Slightly better than the default pickaxe, but still a lot worse than your starting KA. a1000 Points No
Mining Conscription Kit
Contains a pickaxe, kinetic accelerator, mesons, an ore scanner, an ore satchel, an explorer suit, a gas mask, a supply encryption key and a card which adds mining access to IDs. a1000 Points No
Jetpack Upgrade
Mining jetpack.png
A jetpack that you can attach to any hardsuit for better mobility. Useless on Lavaland but great back on the station. a2000 Points No
Space Cash
Cash 1000.png
A thousand credits, to spend however you want! a2000 Points No
Giga Drill
This looks like any normal drill except not, it is a giga drill. Drag and drop an ore box on it to load the box on and drag and drop to a adjacent turf to unload the box. a50000 Points No
Mining Hardsuit
Mining Hardsuit.png
A nostalgic suit piece from the older days of asteroid mining. Useless on Lavaland but great to explore space. Can be upgraded up to 6 times with goliath plates, similar to the explorer suit. a2000 Points No
Diamond Pickaxe
For when you want something shinier and better than your default pickaxe and the scientists are either too lazy or too dead to make drills or jackhammers. STILL worse than a basic KA. a2000 Points No
Plasma Cutter Shotgun
An industrial-grade heavy-duty mining shotgun. a6000 Points No
Plasma Shotgun Upgrade
An upgrade for plasma shotguns that allows it to automatically defuse gibtonite. a1000 Points No
Super Resonator
An upgraded resonator that can have 5 fields active at the same time and that does not get a damage reduction from preemptively detonating a resonator field. a2500 Points No
Jump Boots
Jump boots.png
A pair of boots that allow you to jump over three tiles, skipping chasms. Does not prevent lava damage, however. a2500 Points No
Luxury Bluespace Shelter Capsule
Tired of cramped shelter capsules? This is for you! Comes with a three-course meal, a deluxe companion and much more. a3000 Points No
Luxury Elite Bar Capsule
A luxury elite shelter which holds an entire bar along with two vending machines, tables, and a restroom that also has a sink. This isn't a survival capsule and so you can expect that this won't save you if you're bleeding out to death. a20000 Points No
Nanotrasen Minebot
This helpful little guy goes around collecting loose ore so you don't have to. Will drop its haul when you hit it with the mining scanner. Clicking on it with an empty hand will toggle it between ore collection and wildlife fighting mode, where it will attack xenos with its built-in kinetic accelerator and drill. Will not pick up sand with no nearby ore around, for some reason. Comes with an upgraded welding tool if redeemed via voucher. It cannot be repaired while it is fighting. It can be further upgraded with special modules bought from the vending machine to increase its effectiveness. a800 Points Yes
Minebot: Melee Upgrade
Increases the Minebot's melee damage. a400 Points No
Minebot: Armor Upgrade
Increases the Minebot's armor. a400 Points No
Minebot: Cooldown Upgrade
Decreases the Drone's ranged weapon's cooldown. a600 Points No
Minebot: AI Upgrade
Installs a high tech AI into the Drone (grants a ghost control over the Drone). a1000 Points No
KA: Minebot Passthrough Upgrade
A KA modkit that allows shots to pass through a minebot. Comes with the minebot if redeemed via voucher. a100 Points Yes
KA: White Tracer Rounds Upgrade
A KA modkit that makes your KA's projectile flight path visible, in a white color. a100 Points No
KA: Adjustable Tracer Upgrade
A KA modkit that makes your KA's projectile flight path visible. Use in hand to cycle between colors. a150 Points No
KA: Super Chasis Upgrade
A KA modkit that makes your KA look yellow, like one of the no longer existing Super-Kinetic Accelerators. a250 Points No
KA: Hyper Chasis Upgrade
A KA modkit that makes your KA look orange, like one of the no longer existing Hyper-Kinetic Accelerators. a300 Points No
KA: Range Upgrade
A KA modkit that increases your KA's range by 1. a1000 Points No
KA: Damage Upgrade
A KA modkit that increases your KA's damage by 10. a1000 Points No
KA: Cooldown Upgrade
A KA modkit that increases your KA's cooldown by 0.32 seconds. Uses 30% mod capacity a1000 Points No
KA: AoE Damage Upgrade
A KA modkit that makes your KA hit in a 3x3 AoE, dealing 20% of the original damage per modkit. Uses 30% mod capacity a2000 Points No

Golem Vendor Equipment

Mining vendor default.png These items can be bought with points earned via mining via the redemption machine on the free golem ruin. Prices are included.

Golem Equipment Vendor List [Click to Expand]

Item Description Price
Mining ID
Id regular.png
An extra ID that works for redeeming points and entering the station. a250 Points
Science Goggles
Science Goggles.png
A pair of regular science goggles. a250 Points
Monkey Cube
Monkey Cube.png
A single monkey cube. Just add water. a300 Points
A toolbelt, like the ones on station. a350 Points
Royal Cape of the Liberator
A replica of the Liberator's cape. A must-have for every Free Golem. a500 Points
Sulphuric Acid
A 50 unit beaker of sulphuric acid. Useful in combination with The Liberator's Legacy. a500 Points
Grey Slime Extract
Ever wanted to do Xenobiology on Lavaland? There you go. a1000 Points
Modification Kit
A trigger modkit that allows golems to use the Kinetic Accelerator. a1700 Points
The Liberator's Legacy
A box with all circuit boards needed to build your own RnD department! The RnD console synchronizes with the station's server. a2000 Points

Protolathe Gear

Protolathe.png The following is a list of advanced items that can be acquired from protolathes once researched.

Protolathe Gear List [Click to Expand]

Item Description Protolathe Department
Mining Drill
It's twice as fast as the standard Pickaxe but is quickly superseded by better variants and is expensive for what it gives. Cargo
Diamond Tipped Mining Drill
Very powerful drill, able to almost instantly mine mineral walls. Very expensive in terms of Diamonds needed to produce however. Cargo
Plasma Cutter
Plasma Cutter.png
A fast mining tool. Shoots rock-breaking bolts with a range of 4 tiles that can be extended by up to 3 extra tiles if it hits rocks. Rechargeable by inserting raw plasma (50% charge) or plasma sheets (100% charge) into it. Less efficient in combat than a KA, however, and even less when in high pressure. Cargo
Advanced Plasma Cutter
Adv plasma cutter.gif
A very fast mining tool. Shoots rock-breaking bolts with a range of 5 tiles that can be extended by up to 5 extra tiles if it hits ricks, basically allowing you to pierce rock as fast as you can walk. Rechargeable by inserting raw plasma (50% charge) or plasma sheets (100% charge) into it. Cargo
Sonic Jackhammer
The epitome of mining. Can practically instantly mine through rock. It requires three times the Diamonds of a Diamond Tipped Drill. Cargo
Upgraded Resonator
Resonator upgraded.png
An upgraded version of the resonator that allows more fields to be active at once. Cargo
Bodycam Miner.png
A camera worn around the neck, meant to keep you safe. Cargo
KA Trigger Guard Mod
A modkit that removes species limitation for using KAs. Costs 20% mod capacity. Cargo
KA Damage Mod
A modkit that increases your KA's damage by 10. Costs 30% mod capacity. Cargo
KA Cooldown Mod
A modkit that reduces your KA's cooldown by 0.32 seconds. Costs 30% mod capacity. Cargo
KA Range Mod
A modkit that increases your KA's range by 1. Costs 25% mod capacity. Cargo
KA AoE Mining Mod
A modkit that makes your KA mine rocks in a 3x3 AoE. It does not, however, deal AoE damge. Costs 30% mod capacity. Cargo
Mining Satchel of Holding
Very cheap mining satchel that can hold an unlimited amount of minerals and ore. Cargo
Night Vision Health Scanner HUD
NV health glasses.png
Allows you to see in the dark and view the health of lavaland mobs as well as everything else. Medical
Night Vision Optical Meson Scanners
NV meson glasses.gif
The same function as the normal meson scanners with the added bonus of being able to see in the dark. Cargo

Necropolis Chest Loot

Necrocrate.png The following is a list of items that can be acquired from necropolis chests, obtainable by defeating necropolis tendrils. For the bosses' loot, see Megafauna.

Necropolis Chest Loot List [Click to Expand]

Item Description
Paradox Bag
Paradox bag.png
A pair of bags with a linked storage: anything that is put in one can be pulled out of the other and vice versa.
Nar'Sien Hardsuit
Cult hardsuit.png
A cultist's hardsuit. It is very resistant to melee and bullet damage and fairly resistant to other kinds of damage; it also fits in backpacks. Also, it has a slowdown.
A soulstone much like the kind used by a Blood Cult or by the chaplain on MetaStation. When used on an unconscious person or on a corpse it disintegrates it, and traps the soul inside the gem. The soul can then be released as a weak ghost bound to the will of the soulstone's owner, or it can be put into a construct shell, if you somehow own one.
A very sharp and dangerous katana. It deals 40 damage to unarmored targets (energy swords, for comparison, deal 30). It also has a 50% chance of deflecting melee attacks.
Eye of God
A strange eye. It can be worn on the glasses slot to gain x-ray vision plus night vision, but it cannot be removed. If you find a second Eye of God, you can wear that on top of the existing one to form a pair of Eyes of God, which looks cool but has no real benefit.
Strange Elixir
Flight potion.png
A bottle containing 5 units of flight potion. Ingesting flight potion will turn the drinker into an angel: a human with wings. Wings allow jetpack-like movement wherever there's air when activated, also giving increased speed and free movement over tables and chasms.

It only works when drinking at least 5 units, so do not dilute or split the content.

One of the richest and rarest minerals on lavaland.
KA Resonator Blast Mod
A tech disk that allows you to create a mod that uses the kenetic accelerator to fire shots that leave and detonate Resonator blasts.
KA Rapid Repeater Mod
Allows you to create a modkit that greatly reduces the KA's cooldown on striking a living target or rock, but greatly increases its base cooldown. Don't miss!
Rod of Asclepius
A rod that can be used to make yourself start swearing an oath. If you finish the oath, the staff will bind to your hand, giving you a healing aura and pacifism. When released, the snake bite injects godblood. Dying with the rod will transfer your mind to the snake.
Cursed Heart
Cursed heart.gif
A cursed heart. When used, it grants fast regeneration, but it must be pumped manually at least once every 6 seconds, or you'll start suffocating due to lack of blood circulation.
Ship in a Bottle
Bottled ship.png
When used, spawns a Mysterious Boat, which can travel over lava without need for oars.
Jacob's Ladder
A ladder that extends all the way to a different Z-level.
Possessed Blade
A sword possessed by a talking ghost. Exactly the same as the chaplain's Null Rod variant.
Dark Blessing
Dark blessing.png
A god-blessed armblade. Picking it up will make it undroppable, and it's weaker than a real armblade, although still fairly strong and sharp. Exactly the same as the chaplain's Null Rod variant.
AoE Hybrid Mod
A disk that allows you to make a Kinetic Accelerator Modkit that allows it to both mine and deal damage in a 3x3 AoE. Secondary targets receive 25% of the original target's damage, up from the 20% of the normal AoE damage modkit.
KA Death Syphon/Bounty Mod
Allows you to make a modkit that when killing or assisting in killing a creature permanently increases your damage against that type of creature.
Red/Blue Cube
Warp cube.gif
A pair of cubes. When one is used, it teleports the user to the location of the other cube, with no cooldown.
Immortality Talisman
Immortality talisman.png
A magic talisman. When used, it makes the user invulnerable but immobile for ten seconds. Being invulnerable does not protect from instant death effects such as singularities or point-blank bombs. Has a 60 seconds cooldown.
Voodoo Doll
A voodoo doll. To link it to someone, grab a small item they have touched and insert it into the doll; using the doll will allow you to choose a target based on the fingerprints on the inserted item. After being used, the doll has a chance of revealing its general direction or, more rarely, the room it's in, to the target. If it's set on fire, it has a 100% chance of revealing the room. To remove the linking item from a doll, use it while you're targeting the chest.
  • When using a hot item on it (I.E. welder/match/lighter) it will heat the target.
  • When using a sharp item on it it will cause severe pain to the target, stunning it.
  • When using a bike horn on it it will HONK him, also dealing ear damage.
  • Setting the doll on fire will also set the target on fire.
  • When using the doll while targeting the head, it will make the target dizzy.
  • When using the doll while targeting an arm, the target will use that hand, or any item on it, on a random nearby mob.
  • When using the doll while targeting a leg, it will move the target randomly by a step.
  • When using the doll while targeting the eyes, it will allow the user to see through the target's eyes for ten seconds.
  • When using the doll while targeting the mouth, it will force the target to speak an user-inputted sentence. Radio prefixes such as ; can be used.
Inquisitor Hardsuit and Hell Water
Inquisitor hardsuit.pngHolywater.png
An inquisitor hardsuit. It's fairly armoured, has no slowdown, and is immune to fire. Comes with a bottle of Hell Water, an incredibly dangerous reagent which sets the drinker on fire while also destroying his brain.
Book of Babel
A one time use book that instantly teaches you all languages.
KA Lifesteal Crystal Mod and Cult Bedsheet
A mod kit that, like the name suggests, steals life from enemies you attack. Comes with a free cult blankie!
Memento Mori
Memento mori.png
A necklace that links you once worn, preventing you from dying. If removed, you will die.
Rune Scimitar
Rune scimmy.png
A curved sword smelted from an unknown metal.
Bowl of Blood
A bowl containing a disease that buffs your brute and burn armor by 40% but halves your speed. Give this to a robust viro for additional benefits like tendrils and fireproof skin.
Healing Gland
When implanted, heals the user every so often.

The Wildlife - Non-Sentient

Lavaland is filled with a variety of bloodthirsty alien lifeforms populating the caverns, walking just fine over the ponds and puddles of lava. Fortunately, you can fight them whilst taking minimal damage, if you have the know-how.

Useful items can be harvested from these creatures' corpses should you triumph; butcher them with a knife by attacking the corpse on Harm intent and the goods will spill out!


Considered annoying at worst, and a free medkit at best.


Difficulty: Easy

Speed: Slow


The legion itself cannot harm you directly. It will retreat from you constantly: maintaining a distance while attacking.

The legion attacks are as follows:

  • Unleashes legion skulls which seek out a target. Each of these skulls die with a single hit and deal light damage to the target.
  • If a skull attacks an unconscious being, it kills it instantly and transforms it into a legion.


When a legion dies, its original form is revealed. Legions do not drop any crafting materials, but they are valuable sources of healing to both miners and ash walkers, as they drop valuable legion cores which heal you greatly. The body they spawn once dead can be very useful to ashwalker reproduction.

It leaves behind the following:
1. The original body of itself. Usually these will be dead ashwalker bodies, but there may be a miner or something special that appears occassionally too!
2. A legion coreLegionsoul.gif. Hit yourself with the soul and it will instantly heal 25 brute and burn damage, and remove slowdown from damage for a minute. Don't think you can store these for later, though -- they will spoil after a few minutes, making them completely useless until you use a stabilizer from the vending machine. However, legion core can be inserted in one's chest through surgery as an organ to provide a hands-free full heal.

Other variants

There is one other version of the legion that is possible to come across, this has a 5% chance of appearing and a 100% chance of appearing in the Cafe of Broken Dreams Lava land ruin.

Dwarf Legion

On the rare occasion that a human with dwarfism falls to a legion, they can become infested like any other. Dwarf legions have 20 less health but move slightly faster. It's still rather harmless. 2 KA shots kill it, a couple of pickax swings will knock it out. It has the same loot as a normal legion.


A levitating, fierce, territorial eye-like creature held aloft by winglike formations of sinew. A sharp spine of crystal protrudes from its body.


Difficulty: Medium

Speed: Very Slow


Despite the slowdown they give to a target once hit, watchers can be kited. They will not attack unless you get close to them. They are very weak to explosions.

The watcher attacks are as follows:

  • Fires freezing beams at a target, cooling their body temperature and causing them to become slower.
  • Hits a target in melee range, dealing mild brute damage.


Watchers leave behind a body to butcher.

When this body is butchered, it leaves behind the following:
1. 2 pieces of diamond oreDiamond ore.png.
2. 2 pieces of watcher sinewSinew.png.
3. 1 boneBone.png.

Other variants

There are two other versions of the watcher that are possible to come across, these have a 1% chance of appearing.

Magmawing Watcher

The most common variant, when raised very close to lava some watchers adapt to the extreme heat and change coloration. Such watchers are known as magmawings and use intense heat as their tool for hunting and defense. The magmawing watcher shoots scorching blasts instead of freezing blasts, which heats you up and can set you on fire. Unlike normal watchers, a shot from this watcher will set you on fire and trying to roll it out will only result in the watcher getting more free shots on you, which means that you're pretty much forced to man up, pop a survival medi-pen, and melee it to death while you lose half of your HP to fire. It has normal watcher loot when butchered.

Icewing Watcher

The least common variant, some watchers will eke out an existence far from heat sources. In the absence of warmth, their wings will become papery and turn to an icy blue; these watchers are fragile but much quicker to fire their trademark freezing blasts. The icewing watcher has 50% less health and fire shots 33% more often. Their loot is similar to the normal watcher when butchered: 5 diamond ore but no sinew.


The bane of many careless miners. These monsters carry a hefty health pool, a mean wallop, and a deceptively dangerous ranged attack. They are inherently resistant to lasers, so using a KA is the best option regarding dealing with these.


Difficulty: Hard

Speed: Slow


Goliaths will chase you down slowly, stopping every couple seconds to attack. Fighting them is simple: Shoot, step back, shoot, avoid tentacles. Repeat this process until it stops moving. Goliaths are much more lethal in groups, as you'll need to dodge tentacles more often and even two goliaths can stunlock you to death if one hits.

The goliath attacks are as follows:

  • Burrows tentacles underneath the target, trapping anything caught for a long duration.
  • Slams itself into the target, dealing medium brute damage.


Goliaths leave behind a body to butcher. Goliath plates can be used to reinforce explorer suits, mining hardsuits and mechs. The meat can be cooked in lava.

When butchered, the body releases the following items:
1. 2 pieces of goliath meatGoliathmeat.png.
2. 2 bonesBone.png.
3. 1 goliath hideGoliathhide.png.

Other variants

There is one other version of the goliath that is possible to come across, this has a 1% chance of appearing.

Ancient Goliath

This one is clearly ancient, and its tentacles constantly churn the earth around it. Tentacles constantly extrude from the ground around it, even when it is not aggroed to any particular object. When killed, they drop their goliath hide directly, more can be obtained through butchering.


Quite rare, these creatures swallow up any loose, valuable ore they can find and flee when approached by a human, smashing through even solid rock on their path of escape before burrowing into the ground. A tactic toward killing one is to throw an ore towards it, and quickly charging in to kill it while it's busy eating, but note that kinetic accelerator shots do nothing against these. Their skin is reflective, requiring a pickaxe melee smackdown to ensure a kill.


Difficulty: Easy

Speed: Very Fast


The goldgrub has no attacks.


When killed, they spit up multiple pieces of ore, based on what they ate. Feed them many different types of ore before killing them, and they'll spit out more of each type than you gave it! They also drop gold grub guts when butchered, which can be ground up for a potent medicinal reagent. Use caution when consuming it however, it can cause severe liver damage if too much is ingested!


A scavenger that eats raw meat, often found alongside ash walkers. Produces a thick, nutritious milk.


Difficulty: Easy

Speed: Slow


The gutlunch has no attacks.


For details on megafauna, click here.


For details on lavaland elites, click here.

Necropolis Tendrils

Huge spikes of organic matter, from the base of which crawl out countless monsters. Each Tendril only spawns one kind of monster, between legions, goliaths and watchers, every once in a while, up to a maximum of three living monsters per tendril. The tendrils themselves are fairly fragile and will die in a few well-placed shots, if you can fight through the other mobs. Once killed, it will drop its loot, shake the earth around it for a while, and then spawn a huge chasm around it, destroying anything that did not get out of the way in time. Chasms are deadly even after formation and should be avoided.


Difficulty: Medium to Very High

Speed: None


The tendril itself has no attacks. Instead it spawns other mobs at a fast rate, the attacks of which are listed previously above.


When killed, they spawn necropolis chests which can contain a variety of useful artifacts.

The Wildlife - Sentient

You're not always the only sentient being on the planet. Aside from the lovecraftian horrors living down there you may also find several groups or factions of beings on the planet. Some hostile, some friendly.

For more information on these, click here.


A small group of podmen were observed living inside a sealed vault. They appear minimally armed and seem to avoid leaving their home.


Threat Level: Minimal

Hostile: Non-Hostile


An unidentified flying object was seen crashing by Recon Team Charlie during expedition #8. Alpha team on expedition #9 located a group of golems, the golems appeared utterly uninterested in their surroundings all things considered.


Threat Level: Minimal

Hostile: Non-Hostile


It appears a group of Basiliscus Lizretus, also known as Lizardmen, live on the planet, they are hostile to all intruders. These 'ashwalkers' only started to appear when mining operations started, they are agile but lightly armed, wielding primitively forged armor and spears. They seem to follow a being of greater strength than the others, described as the Chieftain. They also appear to also have a hostile relationship with the wildlife, having been observed killing and dragging wildlife corpses away, as to why they need these corpses the recon team is unable to ascertain.


Threat Level: Medium

Hostile: Hostile

Outpost Vets

A bluespace anomaly ripped these poor souls from their home planet, and threw them into this hell hole. You can call it bad luck or maybe you can call it fate. They don't seem very prone to Nanotrasen rule however, as their highest ranking officer abides to his or her own rules. It'd be risky to try to strike a deal with them, but overall they seem non hostile.


Threat Level: Minimal

Hostile: Non-Hostile

Syndicate Scientists

Multiple facilities have been spotted by recon officers, but they are usually boarded up and appear to be abandoned. No expense was taken to collect information given that they were hidden behind large gaps of lava. Any attempt made must be recorded, and reported back to Nanotrasen. We don't know what could be behind those walls. Rumors have spread that there are scientists behind those walls, and others opened up that the Syndicate is targeting Nanotrasen again.


Threat Level: High

Hostile: Hostile

The Ores

These are what you should be looking out for, generally try and get a good mix of the more exotic ore types. Mine gibtonite by hitting the ore with a mining tool then hitting it with your scanner. Don't wait too long or it will explode!

Name Wall Raw Ore Point Value Processed Ore Frequency
Iron Ironwall.png Ironore.png 1 AniMetal.gif Very Common
Sand Minefloor.png Sandore.png 1
Very Common
Plasma Plasmawall.png Plasmaore.png 15 Plasmadone.png Common
Silver Silverwall.png Silverore.png 16 Silverdone.png Semi-Common
Gold Goldwall.png Goldore.png 18 Golddone.png Semi-Common
Titanium Titaniumrock.png Titaniumore.png 50 Titaniumdone.png Uncommon
Uranium Uraniumwall.png Uraniumore.png 30 Uraniumdone.png Uncommon
Diamond Diamondwall.png Diamondore.png 50 Diamonddone.png Rare
Bluespace Crystal BluespaceCrystalWall.png Bluespace Crystal.png 50 Bluespace Polycrystal.png Rare
Dilithium Crystal DilithiumCrystalWall.png Dilithium crystal.png 50 Dilithium Polycrystal.png Rare
Gibtonite Gibtonitewall.gif Gibtoniteore.png N/A N/A Uncommon
Bananium Bananimumwall.png Bananimumore.png 60 Bananiumdone.png HONK!


Some ores can be smelted to produce alloys.

Plasteel Metal r.png
Obtain by: Smelting plasma and iron.

Plastitanium Plastitanium.png
Obtain by: Smelting plasma and titanium.

Who Needs What

  • Scientists at least a bit of every ore. In exchange they may upgrade your protolathe, allowing for you to get more advanced mining items.
  • Roboticists need diamond, uranium, silver and gold for building mech parts. Give them enough and you've indirectly helped out most of the departments on the station if the Roboticists are competent enough to build helpful stompy mechs for everybody! Too bad the Ripley is the only good mech for mining.
  • The Quartermaster may want mineral sheets to trade them in for bonus supply credits. Plasma in particular is both common and valuable.
  • Everybody could always use more iron, glass and plasteel, but especially Roboticists and Station Engineers.
  • The Chemist and Xenobiologist will all appreciate having extra plasma.
  • A competent Virologist can use several sheets of uranium to create incredibly powerful healing viruses.
  • A Clown with Bananium is a grateful and dangerous ally.
  • The Bartender can use a few sheets of uranium or iron to craft some of his rarest cocktails.
  • The Atmospheric Technician, though only a select few, can use dilithium crystals to incredible effect in their fusion reactions. If an atmos tech asks you to supply a few, you might want to pay attention.

Secrets of Lavaland

While on the planet, you may come upon artificial structures. They can have items ranging from magical artifacts, to other lifeforms, to alien facehuggers. If you are at all unsure, always let your mining buddies know using :u before going in, as some ruins can be very dangerous.


  • Going in pairs or in groups while mining decreases your likelihood of dying from fauna. This increases your lifespan while mining, but decreases the amount of ore mined generally.
  • Alternatively, go completely solo to lower the chance of friendly fire, increase your mining speed, and so you can keep the mining treasures for yourself.
  • If you aggro a megafauna, run AWAY from the mining outpost. Most megafauna can be easily outpaced but have a much higher aggro range while and shortly after chasing someone, and it becomes incredibly difficult to leave the planet when an ash drake is lounging around in the mining shuttle.
  • Your mining satchel will automatically pick up ores as long as it is on your immediate person (in pockets, on belt, in hands, etc.) If you are dragging an ore box, ores will automatically be dumped into that instead.
  • Minebots are great at distracting monsters. Just walk near and bash the distracted target with your drill. They can take quite a beating, though goliaths can take them down pretty quickly if you're not quick enough. Plus they collect all the crap gibtonite left.
  • The Proto-kinetic Accelerator can destroy electrified grilles without needing a pair of insulated gloves.
  • The Proto-kinetic Accelerator will obliterate a space carp in one hit while in space.
  • The Kinetic Crusher is a robust melee weapon even on station.
  • The Head of Personnel may reward you with all access if you resurrect Ian.
  • If you're expecting trouble on the station, consider taking out a window on the mining shuttle and bringing an RCD before you return to make a quick getaway so you're not trapped like a rat in a cage.
  • The mining drone can be repaired with a welding tool, but not in the middle of a fight. A goliath will always win in a one on one fight with a mining drone.
  • Life improving things:
    • Explorer suit upgrade : Goliath plates can be added to both an explorer suit, aswell as the hood that goes with said suit. Each part of the suit can hold 3 plates, stacking to 30% on each plate added. The plates will stack until they reach 60%, which may help you live in case a goliath grabs you.
    • Security Jumpsuit : This gives a +10% melee resist to everywhere but your head. Nag the QM or HoP to give you one.
    • Augmentations : Augs are useful for miners, as healing with a welder is ultimately easier. Plus they work differently than armor when it comes to protection, instead reducing all brute damage taken by an augmented body part by 5 (4 for burn). Downsides : EMP vulnerability and inability to heal augmented body parts normally.
    • Getting your hands on a Mining Satchel of Holding is a game changer. You're able to hold an infinite amount of ores with just a small satchel, which allows for ore gathering at much higher speeds.
  • Kinetic accelerators can be used as infinite tools to navigate space, since every time you fire, it'll throw you in the opposite direction.
  • Dual Kinetic Accelerators allow you to do much more immediate damage, at the cost of slower recharge speed. Doing dual Kinetic Accelerators is advisable for new miners fighting megafauna, due to it allowing one to focus on dodging longer.
  • Hierophant can be manipulated and brought to the corners of the arena to smash ore for you in great yields. Just make sure to bring an ore box if you wish to do this without a satchel of holding.
  • The Ore silo can be unbolted and put on the mining shuttle then re-bolted for quick access. This saves you from taking the shuttle all the way back to the station just to dump your ore before going back.

Dead Space

A traitorous miner has a lot of advantages. The treasures on lavaland are among the most powerful and dangerous of any jobs. Certain minerals you'll find have more "specialized" uses - uranium structures will irradiate people, plasma can start fires, gibtonite goes boom. Robotics are generally willing to make you a mech, which you can use instead of fighting fauna to murder people on station. Megafauna and tendril treasures can be more powerful than even your uplink. In addition, lavaland is isolated, hard to get to, dangerous, and as expansive as you're willing to dig out. There is plenty of room to fight a guerilla war against the ones foolish enough to pursue you. However, you also have the weaknesses of being suspicious when on station, and the best loot is dangerous to obtain and/or time consuming.

Tips for Traitoring

  • If you're a miner and you have to kill another miner; there's a really easy way to block communications one way so he can't call for help.
    • Grab a multitool, go to the mining communications room.
    • Use the multi tool on the relay and make sure the relay isn't sending, meaning your headset won't go to people on the station.
    • Kill your target with their shouts for help unheard.
  • More than one uranium wall is hilariously deadly, as they give off a pulse of radiation every couple of seconds. This pulse makes other uranium walls in range pulse as well, and they all run on their own timer.
  • Tiers 0-1-2-3 can gib bodies, remember mining suits take 50% of damage away from bombs, so strip miners you want to make disappear forever first.
  • Ripley is a fairly robust murdering tool, if you can, convince robotics to put a gravity catapult on it. SLAM PEOPLE INTO WALLS. THE SUFFERING NEVER ENDS.
  • Space is your best ally. Your weapons are more lethal in space, and anyone who wants to chase you will need access to a jetpack and EVA gear. Make people fight on your terms by blowing up the station with various Gibtonite charges, or bust in, stun and drag targets into space.
  • Survival Medipens and Legion Cores are extremely useful to counter the stations foolish attempts to kill you.
  • Stuns are the bane of any miners existence, using your TC to counter this is advisable.
  • Though the hierophant staff loses its offensives capabilities on the station, the Hierophant's Antenna, which can be purchased as a traitor Miner, will allow the staff to work as it would normally do on lava land.
  • Without the hierophants Antenna it is still a very strong and prominent kidnapping tool. You could stun your target and teleport them off the station onto a different Z level in seconds alone onto your playing fields and to crew it would seem as if they got erased from reality by a Chrono Legionnaire.
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