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Ruins are randomly generated structures that can spawn in space or in lavaland. They can be cosmetic or contain danger and loot.

Lavaland Ruins

All lavaland ruins protect from ash storms, even if they're not enclosed by walls.

Inhabited Ruins

Ash Walker Nest


Ash nest.png

About: Home to the Ash Walkers, this nest is built with runed metal floor and walls. It contains the Ash Walker Tendril, necessary to make more Ash Walker eggs, and a few Gutlunches, which will eat gibs and can be milked to gain nutriment.
Inhabitants: This ruin could potentially offer unlimited spawns, shown by the number of visible ash walker eggs. Ash Walkers start with three eggs, and produce more by dragging mobs to their tendril. Ash walkers are a type of race similar in apperance to unathi, but with the added ability of being immune ash storms. They cannot understand human language, and instead communicate with their own.
Hostility: Ashwalkers are usually very hostile, killing everything and everyone they come across in order to drag them to the tendril and create more eggs.
Access: No access restrictions.
Leaving: Ash walkers are expected to leave in order to kill to expand their race. The ruin offers several crates which will give you access to light sources, basic farming and digging equipment, medical items, tools and an RCD (useful for crossing lava). There are also several spears laid out to assist the ash walkers in combat.

Free Golem Ship


Free golem ship.png

About: This is a ship that crash landed on lavaland, awaiting the day its inhabitants will return from hibernation. The ship initially contains several crates of mining IDs and equipment. They also have ore crates, a filled toolbox and some medkits. There is also a land claim, which can be used to rename the Golem Ship's area. On the ship there are also an Ore Redemption Machine, which will smelt the minerals collected by the golems while giving them mining points; an autolathe; and a modified mining vendor.
Inhabitants: The inhabitants of the ship are called Free Golems, Golems that were created and then given freedom by their owner. The ruin starts off with 4 golem spawns available to use. To create more, there is a Golem Creation Disk on a table. When uploaded to an autolathe, it can create Golem Shells. These shells, once printed, need to then be finished off with 10 sheets of any material.
Hostility: Golems are not harmful by nature, seeking to kill only hostile wildlife on lavaland. If attacked by any creature (miners included), they will assume them to be hostile and defend themselves with lethal force if needed.
Access: The modified mining vendor requires a mining ID with sufficent points to use. The ore machine requires a mining ID to use.
Leaving: Golems are expected to leave their ship to gather materials in order to expand their technology, to survive for longer in lavaland. They have a large amount of basic mining equipment to start themselves off, and can easily build their own RnD area to make more advanced equipment.



Hermit ruin.png

About: The remains of two emergency escape pods, crash landed on lavaland's surface. The only survior is one trapped inside a malfunctioning cryostatis sleeper. North of the pods is a small patch of sand which is capable of growing plants for food, light and protection.
Inhabitants: There is a single inhabitant on this ruin: A lavaland hermit. Hermits are known to seclude themselves from others, and after years of cryostatis it's a mystery what this one will be like.
Hostility: Hermits are not hostile.
Access: No access restrictions.
Leaving: The ruin is equiped with plenty of equipment to assist with leaving the safety of the escape pods. There is a vendor with a short food supply, glowshroom seeds for light, a space suit, a breath mask and plenty of oxygen and a medical kit. You won't do much good against any monsters you find though as the little protection you are left is a survival knife.

Seed Vault


Seed vault.png

About: Seed Vaults are ancient structures created with the intent of spreading life on other planets and ecosystems. The seed vault contains extremely advanced hydroponics equipment, allowing the inhabitants to grow plants without constraints. The Plant DNA Manipulator can scan the potency gene up to 100 instead of 50, and there is an Unstable Mutagen dispenser so the podpeople can mutate plants at will. On a table there are several Floral Somatorays as well. Vending machines offer seeds and tools, while water can be acquired from the sinks.
There is no backpack inside, but the biogenerator can be used to produce leather satchels.
Inhabitants: The seed vault contains four preserved terrariums, which can be used by ghosts to spawn as a podperson. Podpeople cannot generate more podpeople, but cloning is possible through replica pods.
Hostility: Podpeople are non-hostile.
Access: No access restrictions.
Leaving: Podpeople cannot breathe the harsh air of lavaland and thus are confined inside until they grow an oxygen-healing plant or they acquire internals from a visitor. They can grow weapon-like plants to combat the monsters outside, such as death nettles.

Syndicate Base


Syndicate base.png

About: A large base created for syndicate research. The base offers many different areas: Telecomms, medical, virology, engineering, atmos and a bar.
Inhabitants: This ruin offers six spawn locations for inhabitants. Jobs include; a "comms agent", who sits in the telecomms room, listen to telecomms and confuse the other station as much as possible; a "bartender", who sits in the bar serving the rest of the crew; and a researcher, who focuses on researching chemicals and viruses.
Hostility: Syndicate agents are very hostile, and won't hestitate to kill intruders on sight.
Access: No noteable access restrictions.
Leaving: The base is surrounded by lava, making it impossible to leave without outside help.

Beach Biodome



About: A pleasant beach enclosed in a reinforced shell, separating it from the lavaland hellscape.
Inhabitants: This ruin offers three spawn locations for inhabitants. The inhabitants are all named "Beach Bums" and speak their own language. The first Beach Bum is a bartender, and spawns in a room behind the bar. They are in charge of making and serving food and drinks to the other Beach Bums, and any other visitors they may find! The second Beach Bum is a lifeguard, and spawns just above some stairs by the water. They are in charge of keeping order on the ruin, and making sure no one falls into the water! The third Beach Bum is a bodybuilder, and spawns by some gym equipment to the left of the ruin. They are there to do weights and run about the ruin, have fun with it!
Hostility: All three Beach Bums are peaceful people and won't engage in violence.
Access: Only the bartender can access the food and drink storage.
Leaving: If the beach bums want to leave the biodome, the anterooms contain masks, oxygen tanks and pickaxes. It's still dangerous, due to monsters and ash storms, but it is survivable.

Animal Hospital



About: A mysterious animal hospital crash-landed on Lavaland's surface. No one remians besides the few that are due to wake up from cryostasis.
Inhabitants: This ruin offers 5 spawn locations. All of these spawns are doctors that live to manage and run the hospital.
Hostility: All of the doctors are peaceful people and won't engage in violence.
Access: No access restrictions.
Leaving: If the doctors want to leave the animal hospital, they spawn with breath masks and enough oxygen to get them to a safe location, with a spare oxygen tank located just east of the spawn-points. There is also a pickaxe south-west of the hospital to dig through rocks. The hospital offers plenty of basic medication should they happen to run into dangerous monsters on their journey.

Swarmer Crash


Swarmer crash.png

About: A Syndicate shuttle had an unfortunate stowaway...a swarmer. This ruin features nothing except for a swarmer beacon.
Inhabitants: The swarmer beacon produces swarmers every 15 seconds for a while. Once the maximum capacity is reached, the swarmers must reproduce by themselves.
Hostility: Swarmers are mostly non-hostile, preferring to destroy buildings and objects rather than mobs.
Access: No access restrictions.
Leaving: Swarmers are expected to leave their ruin in order to locate materials so that they can reproduce further.

Xeno Nest


Xeno nest ruin.png

About: A small maze filled with alien weeds, walls and eggs. Night vision goggles can be found in the main nest where the queen lives.
Inhabitants: This ruin starts with NPC alien mobs; in the main nest: 4 sentinels, 1 drone and 1 queen; in the rest of the ruin: 6 drones and 4 hunters. If a person or monkey gets infected by one of the eggs, they will burst into a player-controlled lava.
Hostility: All of the xenos are hostile.
Access: The main nest is sealed shut by resin walls, breakable with brute force.
Leaving: Player-controlled xenos do not have to leave the nest, but if they wish to do so it should be to deliver live or infected bodies to the queen. Xenos can choose to move their nest elsewhere if they wish to do so. They are not lava or ashproof, and deal little damage to lavaland monsters, but quickly regain health when standing on alien weeds.

Normal Ruins

Biodome Clown Planet


Clown planet.png

About: A puzzle ruin that has definitely been created by a mad clown. The entrance is on the top, through the disposal chute; it'll lead you in the brown top section, which is made of permanently-lubed floor. Be careful not to slip into the lava! To progress, you must reach the right small room, where you can take a chute to go outside or continue to the left. Going towards that path will lead to the bananium-floored section, which is not lubed and actually safe to cross; you can then go into the treasure room from there.
Threats: There are multiple NPC clown mobs both inside and outside of the ruin. They are usually not harmful, but won't hesitate to attack you if you try to harm them! The ruin also includes lava inside the ruin, be careful not to slip into it on the lubed flooring!
Loot: The treasure room contains several valuable items:

  • Staff of the HonkmotherHonker.pngwhich shoots slipping bananas that move through walls.
  • A pair of mk-honk prototype shoesClown prototype.pngthat create banana peels on each step as long as they're fueled with bananium.
  • A rainbow slime extractRainbowslimeextract.pngwhich can be injected with blood to make a consciousness transference potion.
  • A bluespace banana peelBananapeel bluespace.png.

Biodome Winter



About: For those getaways where you want to get back to nature, but you don't want to leave the fortified military compound where you spend your days. Includes the recently introduced I.C.E(tm).
Threats: There are a few threats included in this ruin. Two hotile undead eskimos will attempt to kill you with spears should they see you, luckily they can easily be killed with a few KA shots. The temperature of the ruin is very low and will slowly deal damage to you every second you spend in this ruin unprotected. To gain some protection against this, be sure to wrap up warm using the clothing provided!
Loot: The back room of the ruin contains a single valuable item:

  • An antique laser gunCaptaingun.pngwhich, when taken, causes the entire ruin to go into lock-down. Hope you're prepared!

Wishgranter Cube



About: A wishgranter cube surrounded by indestructable walls.
Threats: No threats.
Loot: If you manage to use the wishgranter cube, it will provide you with genetics powers (hulk, x-ray, telekinesis and cold resist) and grant you an objective to hijack the emergency shuttle.

Cult Altar



About: A place of vile worship, the scrawling of blood in the middle glows eerily. A demonic laugh echoes throughout the caverns.
Threats: The ruin is surrounded by lava.
Loot: There are several cult items scattered about this ruin:

  • A ritual daggerRender.png.
  • A veil shifterShifter.gif.
  • Eldritch longswordsCultblade.gif.

Dead Ratvar


Ratvar ruin.png

About: The remains of a monstrous war machine.
Threats: The ruin is surrounded by lava.
Loot: There are several cult items scattered about this ruin:

  • A ratvarian spearRatvarian spear.png.
  • Some brass materialSheet brass.png.




About: When you get what they have, then you'll finally be happy.
Threats: No visible threats.
Loot: This ruin holds little loot, but the loot it does provide can be very powerful:

  • An envy knifeRender.png, which makes the attacker take on the appearance of whoever they strike with it.



Pride Ruin.png

About: A long hallway surrounded by mirrors.
Threats: No visible threats.
Loot: This ruin holds little loot:

  • A Pride's mirrorMirror.gif. It allows you to change your race, but teleports you to space as soon as that is done. You better be prepared! Remember: If you weren't one prior to changing your race, you are not an antagonist!




About: A plus-shaped ruin filled with Gluttony's walls. The ruin is littered with empty food wrappers.
Threats: No visible threats.
Loot: This ruin has two important loot items:

  • A veal renderRender.png, which spawns 20 cows once used.
  • A syringeSyringe.pngfilled with Gluttony's blessing. To reach this syringe you need to become fat enough to pass through Gluttony's walls. The syringe is a one-use syringe that slowly turns the user into a morph. Remember: If you weren't one prior to becoming a morph, you are not an antagonist!




About: A long ruin, the path bends throughout. At the end of the ruin is a note from Sloth.
Threats: No visible threats.
Loot: This ruin has no noteworthy loot.




About: A room filled with large amounts of wealth. The room has an arcade machine either side and a slot machine at the back, tempting you to play.
Threats: No visible threats.
Loot: This ruin offers several loot items amongst the coins and space cash:

  • A cursed revolverRevolver.pngthat transports the user into a soulstone if they manage to shoot themselves with it.
  • A die of fateD20.pngwhich is obtained by winning the slot machine. Each use of the slot machine that does not win you the die deals cell (clone) damage to you. Once rolled, the die provides either a positive or negative reward. After the first roll it becomes a normal d20.

Die of Fate rewards

Roll number Reward Description
1 Dust Turns the user to dust.
2 Death Kills the user.
3 Swarm of Creatures Creates hostile Creatures around the user.
4 Destroy equipment Destroys all items on the user.
5 Monkeying Turns the user into a monkey.
6 Cut speed Makes the user slower.
7 Throw Throws the user, giving them a stun and brute damage.
8 Explosion Causes a small explosion, similar to a fuel tank explosion.
9 Cold Gives the user a cold virus.
10 Nothing The user rolls the die perfectly, so nothing happens.
11 Cookie The user recieves a cookie. The cookie of fate!
12 Healing The user gets healed fully.
13 Mad dosh The die creates a large amount of money.
14 Free gun The user recieves a revolver.
15 Spellbook The user recieves a one-use, random spellbook.
16 Servant The user recieves their own personal butler.
17 Traitor kit The user recieves a box, complete with a collection of syndicate items!
18 Captain ID The user recieves a spare captain ID.
19 Resistance buff The user recieves slight brute, burn and cold resistance.
20 Wizard The user turns into a wizard, complete with a spellbook and objectives.

Fountain Altar



About: A long hall with a fountain at the end. The fountain has a warning on the side. DANGER: May have undeclared side effects that only become obvious when implemented.
Threats: No visible threats.
Loot: At the end of the hall is a healing fountainHealingfountatin empty.pngthat grants the user healing once drank from.

Pizza Party



About: Little Timmy's birthday pizza-bash took a turn for the worse when a bluespace anomaly passed by. What you see here is the remains of that party.
Threats: No visible threats.
Loot: No noteable loot.

UFO Crash


Ufo crash.png

About: A crashed alien ship.
Threats: No threats.
Loot: This ruin offers a few rare items:

  • Alien surgery toolsSaw alien.png.
  • A box of alien handcuffsHandcuffAlien.png.
  • Walls and floors made of alien alloySheet abductor.png.

Space Ruins

Inhabited Ruins

Normal Ruins

Abandoned Teleporter



Description: This lonely half built teleporter is a sign of a proposed structure that for one reason or another just never got built.
Threats: No threats.
Points of interest: This ruin features a teleporter that requires rebuilding and powering in order to use. Useful for returning to the station if you are lost in space!

Abandoned Zoo



Description: In case society crumbles, we will be able to restore our zoos to working order with the breeding stock kept in these 100% secure and unbreachable storage facilities. At no point has anything escaped. That's our story, and we're sticking to it.
Threats: A few threats: A hostile space carp, basilisk and a few bees.
Points of interest: There are a few items that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to get, such as the temperature gun or the medical hardsuit.



Description: Oh my god, another giant rock!
Threats: No threats.
Points of interest: There are a few different asteroid layouts available, two are featured here. A few rare items can be found on some of these.

Small Derelict


Description: A once-bustling tradestation that handled imports and exports from nearby stations now lays eerily dormant. The last received message was a distress call from one of the on-board officers, but we had no success in making contact again.
Threats: A few threats, including plenty of creatures (hatchlings).
Points of interest: Guns, medical kits and a lot of crates.


Bus Ruin.png

Description: There seems to be a pair of buses that pulled over for repairs. Their shipment sure seems to be filled with a strange mix.
Threats: No threats.
Points of interest: Two busses and a few items, which include a pAI and space suit.

Crashed Clown Ship


Description: For centuries the promise of a new clown homeworld has been the siren call for countless clown vessels. Alas the clown's lust for shinanagans means that successful voyages are almost unheard of, with most vessels falling to hilarious consequences almost immediately.
Threats: No threats.
Points of interest: A lot of rare bananium. Honk!